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skeleton of the giant


Bony, skinny, he lies flat

Tiny, sunny, his life’s mat

Snoring, suffering, smiling

The skeleton of a giant.

Headless, lifeless, moody

Paintless, pathless, muddy

A giant in shame

A skeleton in pain,

No flesh, no blood.


They call you a thief

You steal in broad daylight.

They call you a liar

You pray in lies,

They call you A fool,

You cheat yourself

They call you lunatic,

You defecate on your body,

Headless Goliath;

Powerless and weightless


Religion has stolen your brain

Politics has cut off your head,

Tribalism has stunted you.

Hate has doubled your foolishness,

The skeleton of a giant

Smiling without a head,

Breathing without flesh

Dead and gone.

Bombs are your sufferings

Skulls are your gifts

Deaths are your achievements,

Mass graves, sing for you

Bigotry rises your sun,

Headless Goliath big for nothing.


Selfishness is your crown

Greed is your palace

Nepotism is your anthem

Division is your pursuit

Kill, pursue, overtake

Nothing more you chant


Blood drown angels

Losses screw saints

Tears ignite doom

Headless Goliath, whitened sepulcher.


Heartless, mean, and gloomy

Dark, wicked, and disastrous

Cancerous, ailments, harshness,

Coarse, fierce, furious

Moaning and grumbling giant

Devilish, barbaric, phosphoric

Wretched giant, rich yet poor


You count deaths

You spy peace

You bomb harmony

And scatter melody,

Headless giant, beast of a nation


Monsters in suits

Aliens in robes

Demons in leadership

Skeletons,walking the dead.


Spirits of war

Souls of destruction

Bodies of tsunamis

Coats of earthquake

Hands of coronavirus

A headless Goliath

Trekking to hell with nations

Whispers of demolition

Conspiracy of silence

A full dose of ungodliness

The skeleton of a giant


They call you monkey and you live in the trees

They call you chimpanzee

And your heart is darker than your skin,

They call you ghost

And you scare children,

Headless Goliath, scary beast.


They call you animal

And you live in cave

They call you slave

And you vow not to grow,

Headless monster.


Ashes make your day

Dust make your night

Graves wake your dawn,

Shameless Goliath.


Oil boils you

Crude crucify you

Dishonesty feed you

District entangle you

Integrity hates you passionately.


Love is roasted

Lust is titled

Your future has shattered already

Headless Goliath, spineless

Weak, baseless.


A robot, remotely controlled

Within and without

Fools, dying for fools

Fanatics defending Lucifer

Extremists; annihilating.


Headless Goliath, hungry and poor

Thirsty, starving, dying

Dead,in short

Lifeless giant

Statue, corrupt,corrupted, corruption.


Thieves, robbers, money doublers

Scavengers, looters, killers

Murderers, chokers, stranglers, strangers

Unjust, unfaithful, ungodly

Woes betide you all.


You plant terror by day

You harvest money daily

You sow horror by night

You reap wealth daily

You dig graves upon graves

Yet you dazzle in gold daily

Woe upon you all.


You make nations your games

Chess, scrabble, draft, ludo

You win, win, and win

You bet and bet and bet

Still, you keep winning,

Headless Goliaths, woe unto you.


You sold your head

You lost your spine

You mortgaged your heart

And rented your soul

Your spirit in wanderlust,

Shameless Goliath, old furniture.


All these deaths shall hunt you

All these souls shall haunt you

All these spirits shall taunt you,

No peace for the wicked

Not even in the graveyard,

Wither thou goest.

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  1. Faith

    November 6, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Great poem! Well-done

  2. Miracle Ezedialor

    November 7, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Thanks my dear

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heart break poems



heart breaks


The first time Theo left.

it felt like a dream

I knew I would never be able to stay without him.

how could I?

how could anyone?

how can anyone stay without the person who completes them.

But I knew he would come back.

he did.

and I opened my arms to him

like a fool I was.

a happy one.

The second time he left

I still felt he’d come back

he was my world

it wouldn’t be intact if he wasn’t here.

it took a while but he came back.

Theo left me again.

this time I knew it deep down that he wouldn’t come back.

I knew.

but I wouldn’t let go.

I knew even if he came back he wouldn’t really be mine.

cause anyone who owns a favorite toy, would know when it’s been mishandled by another.

I opened my arms to him

but not my heart…

he had to leave

I was done being the

“Fall back plan.”




I am happy

really happy

the lady looks at me.

she’s my therapist.

I smile, a really big beautiful smile

that’s how it feels in my head

but she doesn’t smile back.

I am happy

my heart’s still good

I don’t need these speeches.

I don’t have nightmares

I am good. perfectly fine. to be honest.

she keeps staring at me really intently.

I think I see a slight smile.

“I’m not going to hurt myself”

I say at last.

I stare back at her

hoping she would see that I’m really honest.

But deep down of course

it’s all an irony.



Been cold

been really cold lately.

but I hear someone say the weather is really hot.

I wonder if it’s just me

who feels this coldness.

The same feeling I got

the day you decided

you wanted out.

but that wasn’t the words you whispered under your breath.

“I am tired. tired of you”

these were the words

then you walked out my dorm room without looking back.

And all I could feel was. Nothing.

nothing at all.


Love and sadness:

I’ve known love and sadness

known grief and hate.

in the years past

I’ve come to realize that I’m still learning to accept losses and pain.

Because I’m only human. I feel emotions

it’s important to feel these things

it’s perfectly normal.

after all, is felt and done

you eventually learn to leave with it all…

the love. the sadness. the pain.

cause we all know there’s no love without pain.


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Needed You Poems




Something about you:

There was something about you

I remember it all like yesterday.

something about you so carefree

the way you laughed easily

the way you’d smile

of course, you were the real deal.

“all for you,” you told me.

I smiled

I believed you.

but look at me now

searching for a place to hold

searching for a hand that fits mine.

why did you make me believe

if you were going to leave anyway?


past tense:

I have been

I was here

I used to be there.

there was a time

a time I used to wait

a time I used to think if it wasn’t her

there would be no one else.

I used to need her once. back then

what I failed to realize was I myself was someone

people needed too!


Just Because!

never have I ever.

it was the first game I played while sitting very close to you.

I could smell you

the Cologne. it smelled of everything promising.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face

and the smell lingering in my nostrils.

I gave you my number

I didn’t hesitate.

me, who always believed there was nothing like love at first sight. i am in Love.

I knew I would need you over and over cause

no matter how many times we’ve fought

we always ended up together, tighter. needing each other More.

and even if you decide to leave now.

I wouldn’t let you

I would go through it all with you.


Never knew




didn’t know why she needed you.

doesn’t want to acknowledge it

but for a fact she knew,

couldn’t you even tell?

that light in her eyes when she saw you,

couldn’t you see

couldn’t you tell

that it was your voice she needed to hear before

her day ended

couldn’t you tell that it was you she needed?


Used to

it was the middle of the night

there was something about the weather.

something about the way you laid

down next to me.

it used to feel right.

stormy nights

windy nights

cold nights

hot nights

you were always here with me

your body. Soul. Everything.

but tonight

this night.

your hands wouldn’t curl themselves around me.

even in your sleep, you are no longer here with me.


To need

what was it about her

that he couldn’t place

he couldn’t get a hold-off.

that he couldn’t forgo

she had come tumbling down into his arms

one look at those shiny eyes

he was undone.

never had he ever thought that

a woman would strip him bare

when she left his bed mid-summer.

he knew then that to need someone

to love someone would take a lot of waiting. Hoping.


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In this World, I see millions of division
All to God in the name of religion
There shouldn’t be this much difference
As God’s love for everyone is immense

Everyone is the same, no one is different
And in each and everyone God is present.
The more we create a difference
The more we degrade our essence
Oneness is the only way to success
Only togetherness can bring happiness.

In the spirit of togetherness and humanism
Love, love can bound us as one citizen
Every difficulty we can fight
If every one of us will unite
Every problem can be solved in oneness
As there is immense strength in togetherness


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