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10 habits that destroys a relationship

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

YES!!! There are bad habits that destroy a relationship…Being in a relationship is hard work. A relationship is stressful. A relationship is all shades of a headache. However, relationships can also be fun, cool, and interesting only if you know what to do.

Do you know how you work for an employer and are committed and efficient? How do you give your job 100%? That is how you should treat your relationship. Your level of commitment should be 100%.

In this article, we will be exploring eight habits that destroy a relationship. These are things you probably didn’t pay attention to before or simply overlooked.


Habit 1

Disrespect: respect is life. It is a way of showing that you have regard for the person, especially if it is your partner. Many have ruined their relationships because they lack respect. Respect comes in the conversations, in the activities done together.

How often do you disregard your partner’s counsel? How often do you tell your partner to keep quiet? How often do you belittle your partner’s efforts? Check it. You might be disrespectful.

Habit 2

Lack of commitment: you must give your relationship your 100% attention. You are either in or out. You will have bad days. You will have depressing days. There are days you will feel like jumping out. Exhausting, annoying days that question your sanity and make you want out of the relationship.

This is where commitment comes in. If you are not committed to your relationship, you won’t spend quality time with your partner, and quality time is an ingredient of growth in a relationship. Thus, you should be able to tell yourself that your relationship can work because you are committed.

Habit 3

Stinginess: some people are so stingy. Stingy with compliments. Stingy with gifts. Stingy with giving a helping hand. Some people are just good at receiving and accepting. It ought not to be so. Giving and receiving should be a mutual thing in your relationship. It is not for one person.

Habit 4

Negative words: in as much as possible, stop saying the wrong things about your partner. Stop nagging about your partner’s errors and flaws. Stop lowering your partner’s esteem. Nagging breeds contempt. Learn to bridle your tongue.

Habit 5

Rigidity: Do not take the position of a-know-it-all in your relationship. You must be able to learn and unlearn. We die when we stop learning. Some people are so fixed in their ways that they don’t listen to other people’s opinions. This shouldn’t be the case in a relationship. Grow with your partner and be open-minded.

Habit 6

Discontentment: Ever bought a gift for someone who didn’t appreciate it? It hurts big time. Gifts or acts of gestures, no matter how little they appear, must be accepted with a heart of gratitude. The little things you have today can become so much tomorrow. Consciously appreciate your partner’s gestures and efforts.

Habit 7

Comparison: this is a quick killer of relationships. If you are comparing your relationship with that of your friends, you are treading dangerous ground. Do not be deceived; no relationship is perfect.

Habit 8

Grudges: I know you were hurt the last time, but grudges will ruin your relationship. Remember, relationships thrive on communication while grudges block communication. Learn to forgive your partner in advance. Make a conscious effort to forgive your partner.

Habit 9

Insecurity: ever had an insecure partner? It is exhausting. When you are insecure, you suspect and distrust your partner, which can suffocate your partner, thus ruining your relationship. If you have trust issues, kindly deal with it before it ruins your relationship. Kindly get help.

Habit 10

Lying: if you are in the habit of lying to your partner, kindly stop it. Nobody likes being taken for a fool. Build trust in your relationship and not insecurity. The day your partner discovers that you lie, then your relationship might start a journey of a slow, painful death. Lying ruins trust in every relationship.

As earlier noted, your relationship thrives as you work on it. Give it the same effort you give your job. Do routine checks to see destructive habits that are directly or indirectly ruining your relationships.

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Originally posted 2020-06-15 21:35:31.

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