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Child upbringing is one of the most difficult, scariest things parents would have come across in their lifetime.
Bringing up a child, especially from age 0-4 is very important. Because this is the part where the child tends to start knowing about life, and he/she is very curious about things around them and they learn and accept everything given to them. The parent or guardian must take note of that.

When growing up it was realized, that most of the things that happen to a child or most of the knowledge that a child, had when he/she turns 15 was a result of what he/she had learned and accepted at their tender age.

We all know that children do not come with instructions for use. Each parent tries to be the best parent for their child and here are some tips given to us by the Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Olegovich Komarovsky.

Komarovski is one of the most famous and most recognized pediatricians in the territory of the former USSR. He is a doctor of medical sciences, a television presenter, and the author of 15 books on childcare. He presents valuable information about the health and upbringing of children in a very understandable way, which is why he enjoys the respect of many parents.
Here are 14 quotes from pediatrician Dr. Komarovski whose advice has helped many parents:

1. 100% of the adult population knows how children are made, but 99.9% do not know how people are made. Because they are too focused on their gain

2. The psychological well-being of the mother who takes care of the child is the greatest task for the father. Dad is the one whose obligation is to solve problems with relatives and neighbors.

3. A happy child is first a healthy child, and only then a child who can read and play the violin.

4. A happy child is a child who has both a mother and a father, who in turn have time not only to love the child but also to love each other and have a good relationship.

5. Neither a large number nor a good voice of a pediatrician will solve the child’s health problems. This is impossible primarily because his health depends far more on mom and dad than on all pediatricians combined.

6. A child does not owe anyone anything.

7. Personally, when the parents of sick children come to me, I often advise them to get a dog. Because a dog is a real reason to make, parents take a child for a walk twice a day.

8. If your child has been sick all year, if he has not run, going to the countryside (maybe only 30 km from the city grows a forest and a river flows), can have a more positive effect on his health than a summer vacation in the Mediterranean, so let the hotel with five stars.

9. A child should be just like that – thin and active.

10. I am sure that most children are born healthy, but that their health is impaired… parents and medical workers.

11. When a baby is born – a human cub – it is a biological creature just like a wolf, a bear, a piglet… That is why the basic task in the first stage of life is to stick to biology to later move on to, the development of sociology.

12. The essence and ideology of disposable diapers consist of the following: the child does not need diapers! Mothers need him!

13. Happiness and family health is most important. The family should behave not in the interests of the child, but the interests of the family. I cannot imagine my child getting chocolate and not dividing it into four parts.

14. Most importantly: you are not the center of the universe. We as a family – it is the center of the universe. Good people are always, everywhere, and towards everyone good. Share everything good: mood, food, things, etc.
According to research, many parents still find it difficult to cater to their child’s upbringing, which results in so many catastrophes we have today in our society. With the help of this, it can help many parents to bring up their children in a way that will positively add to society.

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