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19 Advantages Of Dating A Gamer And How Should You Handle the Relationship



Last Updated on August 2, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

When it comes to dating a gamer, one always has certain apprehensions about the availability and devotion of the partner.

Gamers are loyal to their games, and they seldom have days off gaming. Amidst all this, you may worry about the kind of relationship that you are putting yourself in as there are many myths associated with gamer boyfriend dating. Unavailability tops the list.

However, we are here to debunk all of these myths by enlisting the many advantages that come as a package with dating a gamer. The list could be never-ending but we have enlisted just nineteen!

What Things Should You Keep In Mind While Dating A Gamer?
But before we jump into the advantages, there are a few things that you should also keep in mind. First of all, your gamer boyfriend is indeed dedicated to his gaming and he needs a space of his own.

He can not be there with you 24/7, and this thing is not only exclusive to the gamer boyfriend, rather giving a little space to a partner is always healthy in a relationship. Secondly, do not ever try to change his habits. He is a gamer and if later in a relationship you have any problem with him gaming then you can not certainly make him quit gaming.

So, always go for a relationship with a gamer when you accept him along with his passion for gaming.

How Does It Feel Like When Dating A Gamer?
Dating a gamer is cool, to be honest. Gamers are a complete package because you get to learn so many things from them.

Also, they are the cool kid in the block who is very much liked by all of his friends. When you are with him, he will introduce you to a whole new world. That is for sure!

1. You will get space

Nothing can be greater than having your own space. Your gamer boyfriend will be occupied with his gaming every day for a while. During which you can do whatever tasks you need to get done with.

Also, it will provide you with a good amount of time to invest in yourself and with your friends. Gamer boyfriends are never nagging and you get to have a healthy relationship.

2.Playing games has made them a fighter

He will fight for you. He would not let go of you when he loves you. He will stand by your side no matter what. Gaming has taught him one thing and that is to never give up. You can expect all kinds of support from your gamer boyfriend.

3. No fear of them cheating on you

Your gamer boyfriend has no time for charting around with other girls. He hardly has time to shower all of his love on this one girl in his life. He is busy,

and he is already occupied in a world of his own. He is more interested in bigger things than flings and casual stuff. If he is with you, you will be the only one for him.

4. You will find yourself laughing when with them

Gamer dudes are funny. They are not show-offs. They are humble and hilarious. They are good with words that are meant to make you laugh. When they are jot thinking about their games, they are thinking about you and the ways to make you laugh.

5. They are a kid at heart

Just like kids, they are innocent and pure in intentions. They might want your attention in its entirety. They want all of you and they always make an effort to make the best out of life for you.

6. They know all kinds of tech-savvy things

Your laptop is having a glitch? Well, no worries! Your gamer boyfriend is tech- savvy and knows how to fix the minor and major errors in every device.

7. Playing video games has made your boyfriend patient

He is a good listener. He is patient even when you are not. He knows sometimes things need time to cool down and they certainly know to handle your temperaments.

8. They are passionate

They are passionate about their games and everything they love. You stand at an important place in his life if you are with him.

9. You get to play video games

He will introduce you to some of the most interesting gaming and you two will spend quality time together. Gaming can boost your serotonin hormone which triggers happiness.

10. They have a broad imagination

Gaming has rewired their brains in such a way that they can think and imagine big. They have created a world of their own. It is a skill. He will certainly make your relationship interesting by using those big imaginations.

11. They are intelligent

Yes, they are intelligent! Gaming makes brains sharp and attentive. An intelligence in man is very important for the relationship to work because that way you two are more capable to fix the minor and major problems in your relationship. Also, he can sense your mood anytime.

12. They are low maintenance

They are happy with the bare minimum. You do not have to put on much effort. They will cherish everything that you do for them.

13. They have great communication skills

They listen. They understand. They are always there for you. They have good emotional intelligence so that comes in handy.

14. They are good with following instructions

Usually, guys are bad at taking signals or following instructions. Not with the gamer boys! They are attentive and they know how the tasks are to be done.

15. They are always learning new things

They are ever-evolving and that makes them so interesting. You will never feel bored in your life. You will notice the evolution of ideas in your mind too.

16. They are good with kids

It is a myth that gamers are introverts. They have good emotional intelligence and they can be very loving with the kids. The kids love them because they introduce them to the world of cool games to play and many other things.

17. They are good with their hands

Their hands move fast and they know what to use and where to use it. Gaming makes them efficient and they know the art of touching and gesturing.

18. They are multi-taskers

They can do various things at a time. They will be making your life easy with their multi-tasking skills.

19. They are afraid to lose you

They do not like to lose. They will always strive to keep what they love. They have a fighter in them and hence they will make every effort to keep you in their lives. You are never taken for granted.

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