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200+ cute names to call your boyfriend or girlfriend



cutes names to call you boy friend/gf

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

200+ cute names to call your boyfriend/girlfriend

Thinking of that cute names to call your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you confused about the name to call her? We’ve got some for you to check.

These are the list

Sweetheart              Sugar                       Soul mate

wifey.                 Hubby                               Angel

My love              My happiness                My candy

My sweet pea            My cherry          My chocolate

My everything              My forever         Sugarcane

Strawberry               Vanilla                    Heartbeat

Heart code                   Cookie               My queen

Queenie                    Boo/bae                 Charming

Champagne                 Beautiful             Sweetness

Honey                 Darling Princess           charming

Prince charming                Teddy Bear          Dove

My pride                     Baby boy               Baby girl

Casanova Rare                 Gem                  Diamond

Gold                   Favorite                     My universe

Gorgeous                Fairly Power                 emerald

Pearl                       Peach                       My world

Orange                  Pumpkin                   My knight

Best part                 Honeyplum             Sugarplum

Heart rob              pancake                    Cinderella

Hot lips                          Dearie                       Doll

Bubbles                    Babe                      Fine wine

Pinky                   Sweet fruit              Supergirl

My lover               Sugar girl              Gorgeous

Lover girl                 butterfly           Handsome

World best                  Hero           Honeybuns

Iron man             yummy        Heaven-sent Kitty

Star                Moonlight                My addiction

My ruler                Superman         Superwoman

Treasure               Sunshine               Snowflake

Tangerine               Cakes       Apple of my eyes

Cheese Ball                    Savior                    Salt

My trophy                     Hun                     Sailor

Heart healer          Soul repairer                Ultimate

Rose                  Precious-stone                charms

Sparkle                  Sapphire                      Panga

Slim bullet                 LOML           Sugar daddy

Sweet soup             my           celebrity Superstar

Hottie                 sheep                    Ice cream

Melody            my everyday crush     Snowflake

Joy-giver            Brown Sugar              Dollface

Little cat                     Doughnut                  Lily

Joy box                   Ruby                  super cup




Some Cute names and their meaning

Joy giver:  the one who gives you joy no matter what

Ice cream:  the one whose ways are so sweet

Sweetness:  the one who adds sweetness to your relationship every day.

Mi Amor: Spanish name of my love

Cutie: She is hot and attractive,

Spring: Does she add shading and joy to your life?

Rose: Wonderful, Precious, and fragile like a rose.

Sweetheart: The name for an incredible love.

My dream girl; the one you ever wished for.

Little cat – Playful, charming, and sweetly portrays her – and a cat.

Doughnut – The decision for somebody sweet and round.

Yummy – The ideal word to state when she looks sufficient to eat.

My All – If she means everything to you

Doll Face:  Beautiful and imperfection free is the thing that doll face implies.

Charms:  the one said to have magic powers that enchant your heart.

Hottie: When she is looking hot and attractive.

My world: if she means everything to you.

Cinderella: A fairy godmother, who marries a prince

My Addiction: someone you can do or stay without.

Dearie:  someone who means a lot to you.

Precious stone: Pure flawlessness with a grin that can match even the world’s most delightful gem: a jewel.

My happiness: someone who goes extra miles to make you happy at all costs.

My everyday crush: Someone who’s beautiful to you every day.

Better Half:  This is a normal moniker. An individual’s significant other is their sweetheart or beau that is better, prettier, or better than they are.

Sugar – A great moniker for a young lady that is sweet as sugar.

Wiffy: its slang for wife.

Hubby: This is a slang  for husband.

Superstar:  when he/she seems to be the most popular person to you.

Treasure: someone who’s so valuable to you?

Butterfly: The young lady that has had a wonderful change throughout everyday life.

Dear: An ageless name to call her at any age.

Heaven-sent: a savior to you.

Favorite: someone you cherish or like the most.

My lover: someone you love and care about.

Sheep: certainly adorable.

Creamy: Someone who looks so flawless.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Olùwàfimihan Ariel

    July 11, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Wonderful list of names…
    Thanks for this eye opener to see some lovely names I could call my woman.

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