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  7 Unmistakable Signs He is Losing Interest in You



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 There are signs he is losing interest in you but If you pay attention, it would be easy to know. No matter how much he tries to hide it, there will always be clues and unmistakable tell-tale signs that you are no longer his spec. It can be heartbreaking to still love a guy without getting the same affection in return.

So, in order to save yourself from such situations at their attendant mental stress and heartbreaks, make sure you pay attention to signs that tell you he has lost interest in you. Let’s see some common signs that he has lost interest in you.

Signs He is Losing Interest in You

1. He no longer calls or texts you

If he no longer calls or sends you those romantic text messages,  that’s the number one sign you should look out for. Once a guy loses interest in a girl, calling or texting becomes difficult for him. Thus, when a guy who always finds time to call or text you stop making any effort to stay in touch, know he has lost the feeling and wants to move on.

If he still loves you, nothing will make him stay a day without talking to you to know how you are doing. A guy who loves you would always crave to talk to you and hear your sweet voice. If he doesn’t call or text, he is simply telling you he is no longer into you.

However, it is always important you know if all is well with him. If something is eating him up such as the loss of a family member, financial problems, job loss, business failure, or health problems, that could explain why he has not been in touch with you.

But once you find out nothing is going on in his life that justifies his new behaviors, then it is a big sign he has lost interest in you.

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2.He makes excuses when you try to see him

If he loves you, he will seize every opportunity to hang out with you. If he no longer shows interest in spending time alone with you, it is one big sign that he has lost interest in you. Nothing can take the place of spending time together in a relationship. If he always finds a way to avoid hanging out with you, he no longer finds you attractive.

It is one sign you cannot afford to miss. Unfortunately, many ladies simply choose to ignore these obvious signs and end up heartbroken. If he doesn’t make any move to hang out with you, try to get him to hang out with you. If he tells you he is busy with work or other kinds of stuff, he is no longer interested.

3. He stops flirting with you

A guy who wants you will flirt with you at every chance he gets. This is an obvious sign if he has been flirting with you all along but suddenly stopped. Watch out for those obvious flirting signs he has always given you such as; eye contact, the sexy smile, touching you occasionally, etc. If you can’t see any of those signs, then it shows you are no longer attractive to him.

4. He snaps at every opportunity

A guy who loves you will always care about what you think about any issue on the ground. If he starts snapping when you make a suggestion or finds fault in everything you do, it shows he has lost interest in you.

If he has always been the listening type, but suddenly begins to get irritated whenever you have something to say to him, it shows he has lost interest in you. You can try to talk to him about his new behavior, but if he still doesn’t show any interest, it is time to move on with your life without him.

5.He flirts with women in your presence


A man can’t be in love with you and still flirt with other women when you are around. If he flirts with other women in your presence, it shows he doesn’t respect you anymore. If he is still into you, the last thing he would do would be to look at another woman or make a pass at her when you are with him.

If you notice he is staring at another woman when you are with him, he is simply no longer interested in you. If he makes passes at another woman in your presence, he has already started shopping for a replacement.

6. He shows no interest when another man makes passes at you

A man who is into you will get jealous whenever you make mention of seeing someone else. If he feels unconcerned when a man shows interest in you, he simply wouldn’t mind losing you to the new man.

A man who loves you will be protective to a fault and can’t bear the thought of another man getting close to you. If he feels it is no big deal if you hang out with other men, he wants nothing serious with you.

7. He starts finding faults

A guy who is hitting on you may not easily start pointing out your faults to you. But not so for a guy who has tasted all there is to taste on your body. If a guy who has had his way with you begins to lose interest in you, he will suddenly start getting irritated at every little thing you do. What usually happened without him getting offended will suddenly start pissing him off. Once he starts complaining about things he overlooked in the past, it is a warning sign that he is not losing interest in you.

When a guy starts losing interest in you, it is always difficult to hide it. Even when he tries to pretend he is still interested in you, there is no way you can miss the clues if you pay adequate attention to what he does and says around you. Sometimes what he says may not convey his lost feelings for you, but his body language will always give him away.

As a lady, you have to watch out for these signs to know if he’s losing interest in you before the heartbreak becomes worst in future

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