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9 Signs you’re a Control Freak



control freak

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

It’s very easy to detect a control freak around us, but it’s pretty difficult to know that we have this habit of controlling. Before we continue, we need to know who a control freak is.

What is the meaning of the Term “Control freak”?

A control freak is simply described as a person or individual who always wants to take control of every ramification of his/her life or those around him.

A control freak is always an intelligent person who is always manipulative in nature: They always have a way to get what they want. A freak is someone who’s abnormal but doesn’t know it.

I once had a boss when I worked in the oil and gas sector. I had a hard time working with him because of his possessive nature. He’s so crafty and always wants to drain us. He uses words like “No! Don’t do that.” When we ask him why, he’ll say, “I don’t want you to do that.” Sometimes, he’ll want to treat us like kids.

No one literally likes a person who is controlling and who wants to always dominate over others. When you notice people are withdrawing from you, watch out for these signs.

It is good to always be in full control over your life but because you have the opportunity to penetrate in one’s life doesn’t warrant you to be in control of them. The major goal of every control freak is to TAKE CONTROL.

What are the signs of a controlling Freak?

1. Possessive tone

This is the first sign of a control freak. A controlling person always behaves like someone who’s a soldier. He/she wants to be heard and recognized where ever they go. A possessive person uses a COMMANDING tone all the time. They are full of actions and drama.

A possessive tone is good in the sense that it shows confidence, but when it becomes outrageous, it shows that you are a control freak.

2. You Have Trust Issues

One sign of a control freak is that they have trust issues. They only trust themselves. A person who likes controlling someone must have trust issues. That’s why they would want to control and monitor you until they are satisfied. They are always afraid to delegate a task to people because of the trust issue.

3. They feel they are always right because They Can’t Understand Why people see things Differently.

They are blind to seeing things differently. Virtually everyone in the office would see things clearly, but a control freak would refuse to see and accept things the way they should be. I once had a friend during my university days. One thing that made me dislike him is the way he argues blindly. He never wants to get defeated and agrees that he’s wrong. Once you tell him that black is not white, he will never agree. He’ll always want to prove a point. Once you suddenly notice you’ve become MR/MRS RIGHT, it means you’ve started having the seed of a control freak.

4. They always want to have the final say

They feel they know everything. Even if you try to prove a point, they will eventually want to overtake you just to have the last say… They always want to conclude the conversation!

As I said in the beginning, a control freak is an intelligent person. Perhaps he/she is intelligent in his/her own way but not to others. He/she might be a very dull person, but they always appear to be bright in their conversations and very logical in nature. If they don’t have the final say in the long run, to them, it means that the situation is unresolved.

Control freaks always want to occupy the three arms of government (i.e. The legislative, executive, and judiciary).

5. They are poor Team Players

They don’t fit perfectly as Teammates. During my University days, I played football. My team was one of the best. We had a new student who took a transcript to gain admission to my level. Immediately the guy came to my team he always refused instructions given to him, he also never wanted to play the role of subordinate. All he wanted was to be in a position where he would pour out all those controlling traits of His. The new guy always takes a YES for NO, everything we did became an argument, because he wants it to be in his favor.

6. They are always judging and criticizing others

Control Freaks are highly judgmental in nature. They fail to put themselves in someone’s shoes before judging or criticizing. They would judge you in every aspect with little or no-fault. They go as far as judging you in the following areas: the way you talk, walk, behave, eat, and live your life.

They are so quick, they never relent whenever they want to criticize: It’s just like a fire burning inside them, and they feel the fire wants to explode. That’s why they would approach you.

Most of them don’t have a manner of approach.

7. They Try too Hard to Change others

When they want to change you, they don’t even have strategies. They just want to do it on a hard lane. One sign of a control freak is that they invest a lot of time trying to convince people to change. They tend to do this in an aggressive manner.

8. You have trouble maintaining meaningful relationships

No one would proudly tell you that they love a control freak. They never attract people close; instead, they repel. They are people with few friends, and they follow their own kind rules because no one wants to feel inferior around them.

They never enjoy what we call a healthy or professional relationship.

9. They get irritated easily

When a control freak gets irritated, it always leads to anger, and he/she starts exercising his/her power.

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