How to deal with a nagging partner

Nagging partner

A nagging partner can be defined as a complaining partner, a continually fault finding partner. Nagging is an annoying attribute which can be exhibited by both gender i.e women and men. Nobody wants a nagging wife or husband, it becomes worrisome when your once very warm and soft-spoken partner becomes a nag.  A nag who whines at any slightest opportunity. Nagging and complaining takes away the attractive part of an individual, how captivating he or she was in the eyes of their partner. Nagging doesn’t just happen overnight something lead to it, a woman or man doesn’t just wake up in the morning and start nagging.

Sometimes the bad character or attitude of his or her husband or wife may lead to it. Imagine repeating or advising about a particular thing over and over again with no changes.

Let us please change that notion that only women nag, men nag a lot too. Nagging is one of the imperfections of humans unlike other imperfections it can be managed. men and women who nag have a want they need to satisfy.
And when satisfied, they stop nagging. Nagging could be for a specific reason or general issues. If it’s a specific reason, then it’s fine, but if it is a general issue then there is a problem because it is quite hard to stop this kind of people from nagging. Constant nagging is a form of domestic violence on it own and might affect psychologically.
Let check out some ways to deal or cope with a nagging partner.

1 Be quiet and calm:

Two wolves can’t lead a pack, so whenever your partner is nagging or complaining it is best to keep quiet and stay calm, I know some will say but am the man, a more reason for you to be calm and act like the man that you are. Your partner is not nagging because he or she enjoys it, they are doing it because they want you to pay attention to that point or part they are complaining about, so it is better you keep quiet and understand what she or he is driving at.

2 communicate with him or her:

after your partner is done complaining, they become very quiet and calm, this is the best time to talk to him or her. Start of by saying sorry and a little compliment, bring up the topic with a cool and calm voice, try not to sound pissed or annoyed if not it may do more harm than good. Talk about how to tackle the problem he or she is complaining about. Talk to your partner with love and respect.

3 Listen:

while trying to communicate with her about her everyday nagging, remember you are both doing this when tempers are down, try listening to her every point, so as to know where and when to make amends.

4 make amends:

this is the next step when she has poured out all her heart or his heart to you try to make amends. For example, if she is always complaining you don’t like helping with the kids, why don’t you try and start assisting a little if it is just the kid’s homework, you would definitely see a change, am not trying to say it will drop abruptly, it is a step by step process and when she starts seeing your little contribution, the nagging will reduce and with time it will stop.

5 It takes patience and willingness of the couple to listen and reset:

The most paramount way is for the couple to reevaluate their communication pattern and make effort to make it work out together.

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