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How To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship



How To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Is it possible to devise ways to prevent cheating in a relationship? I mean, not just to avoid cheating but to prevent your partner from cheating? Some folks would be quick to discard this article as a fairytale.
Many partners have adjusted and gotten used to cheating in their relationship. Many enter into relationships as serious as marriage with the mindset that cheating is normal in every relationship. They are consciously expecting their partner to cheat. “After all, are there existent ways to prevent cheating in a relationship,” they say.

You must have also heard people say, no man can stay content with one woman, he will surely get involved with another woman outside. A group of men or a school of thought also believe that women are hard to be satisfied sexually and financially, hence they will never be able to stay with one man.

As true as these facts might sound, I am unapologetic to tell you that it is not true. A cheat-free relationship is possible. A pure, faithful, and committed relationship is also very possible. All you need is to come across “the how-to preventing your partner from cheating in a relationship”.

The people that came to the above conclusion did so from their bankruptcy of knowledge and wealth of poor experiences. Knowledge and experience are indeed two different things. Some experiences can be avoided if you have the quality and quantity of knowledge needed. You fall prey to several negatives when you don’t have a good bank of knowledge.

A pitfall is mostly inevitable when you are ignorant of it, but knowledge makes you conscious and careful. It guarantees your safety from troubles, that is why I am writing this from my heart to yours. It is my greatest desire that you have a sweet relationship where peace, love, and joy abounds. Such a relationship is not possible where there is cheating. It is like a death in the pot.

In as much as the partners might try to cover it and make themselves feel it is all fine, or adjust to the situation, there is always this faint joy. You are bereft of stolen peace and happiness because you are conscious of the fact that your partner doesn’t fully belong to you. Without your permission, you are sharing your partner with someone else. How sad!
Whether you are in a relationship or not, you deserve a wholesome relationship filled with love, trust, faithfulness, and peace. And it is very possible. You can have it! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Reasons why people cheat in a relationship

1. Lack of self-control:

self control and self discpline

source: vanguard

It appears as though it is easier for women to keep themselves than men, in terms of sexual urges. A lot of men cheat today because they could not keep their sexual desires in place. Some women also cheat because they couldn’t control their desires or lust for more money than their partner can provide.

2. A set-up:

this is a rare case but also a very possible one. There have been scenarios where a partner was forced to cheat by the boss, clergy, or someone respected. Other forms of set-up could be a jealous individual targeting to destroy a relationship by placing any of the partners in a position where cheating is inevitable.

3. Love/ lust for another woman:

sometimes, a partner could develop feelings for another person even when the relationship is very healthy. This is why you need to be very close to your partner to watch out for such developments. This happens a lot of times.

4. To hurt or punish their partner:

Some partners in a bid to hurt the other person could decide to engage in extra sexual affairs.

5. To fan their ego or satisfy their sexual curiosity:

several men, don’t only have excess sexual urges, but their sexual curiosity is top-notch. Some of them engage with different women to satisfy that curiosity.
Ways people cheat in a relationship
1. Through pornography
2. Patronizing runs girl or prostitute
3. Sex chat
4. Lustful thinking or imagining having sex with another person
5. “Dating two persons at the same time”
6. Side chicks/ mistresses

Impacts of Infidelity in a relationship

1. Affects intimacy:

The intimacy level between the partners begins to drop. The spark and desire you had for each other are not the same. And your relationship is only existing based on a logical foundation. it is almost as if both of you are strangers bound together.

2. Reduces trust level:

cheating places you in a position where you cannot even vouch for your partner. You expect only the worst of things from your partner.

3. Reduces the happiness in the relationship:

There is no way true happiness and joy can exist in a relationship where there is little or no trust. Cheating is never a pleasant thing, no matter the type and reason behind it.

4. Affects self-esteem:

Never enter a relationship with the expectation to be cheated on and try to feel comfortable in it. It can rob you of your self-esteem and make you feel less of yourself, less valued, less loved and anything less.


Ways To Prevent Your Partner From Cheating In A Relationship

Our fathers tackled cheating in their time by marrying a bundle of wives. Once they notice a particular maiden they are interested in, they discuss it with their wife/ wives and after reaching a point of understanding, the man is on his way home with his new wife.

He follows the same pattern for every new maiden he gets attracted to. The system continues until he is tired or financially incapable of having another woman.

This pattern was very much accepted and appreciated by the wives. More times than not, they are comfortable sharing their husband with a total stranger. As long as they have a little of him, they are satisfied. Love wasn’t a factor to be considered then. The top factors in the equation were finance and attraction.

Once the man has an attraction to a lady and the finance to add her to his train of women, everybody had to understand and accept the situation.

However, it is so much different from our time. The love factor is highlighted sometimes above all other factors and it is highly reverenced. No woman wants to share her man, and neither does any man want to share his woman. Everybody wants to have their partner to themselves alone. But it doesn’t eliminate the presence of attraction; a force that can pull a man to another woman without his permission.

So, how do we eliminate the impact of all the above-stated factors plus attraction and have that wholesome relationship that we desire? How can you make 95% sure that your woman or man is fully yours and none other?

Below are six hows for you to apply.

1. Be more understanding than argumentative:

Normally, you will expect your partner to be faithful to you especially when you have been faithful yourself. And this is what makes cheating painful; the fact that you gave yourself wholly to someone and the person is sharing himself/ herself with someone else. In return for your wholesome sacrifice, you are getting only half or part of your partner. It can be very hurtful.

In as much as we have listed reasons why people cheat, it is not to give an excuse for a cheating partner but to give the hurting partner a platform of understanding. In case you are wondering why your partner is being unfaithful, you can take some understanding from there.
Do not allow the hurting part of you to overshadow your reasoning and push you to make quarrels and fights with your partner. Try to talk with them and understand their desires, and what motivated such acts.

Don’t allow your pain cause you to ruin your relationship. In a case whereby, your partner has not shown any sign of cheating, you have the opportunity to build an understanding relationship with him/her. Quit arguing all the time and be more understanding. Align yourself with your partner’s pattern of reasoning and you will be thickening the bond in your relationship.

2. Try to be your partner’s closest friend

Be that person that your partner can comfortably tell their issues. This starts with practicing point one. When you are more understanding, your partner feels comfortable and relaxed to tell you things about him that no one else knows.

They might even begin to pour out secrets that will help you track down signs of unfaithfulness. Being your partner’s closest friend will also increase the fondness between the both of you and keep cheating at bay.

3. Meet their needs as much as you can

Do not sleep on their needs or demands when you know you can meet them immediately. Support your partner financially, emotionally, and otherwise.
Statistics show that the cause of breakups is most times financial issues. Your partner will not be

4. Always look attractive and sexy to them

The law of attraction is one thing you must not be ignorant of. Your partner will stay stuck with you once you are forever attractive to him. Nobody wants their partner to grow old on them, you should not be looking way older than your partner, especially as a lady. Get dresses that will make your partner savor and desire you more when both of you are alone.

Wearing wrappers or old clothes and walking about the house is a no. looking sexy and desirable to your partner is not wrong.
Turn his head in your direction when you are alone the way you know potential side chicks will.

5. Make your partner more comfortable: respect him/ her

No guy or lady will want to stay intimate with a person who they are not comfortable with, no matter the volume or love they have for you. Deal with the odors and any other possibly discomforting issues.

You must also be respectful. Respect the privacy of your partner. Don’t go around checking their phone or policing them, because you want to be sure they are not cheating on you. Also, respect their sense of reasoning and decision.

6. Pray for your partner:

Sometimes some forces beyond your control could be having control of your partner. You cannot police your partner up and down or keep nagging just to prevent them from cheating. Prayers help and go a long way than any of your efforts. If you have a cheating partner, you could pray that their sexual urges be arrested, you could also pray that God touches their hearts and make them better persons. If you continue to pray this prayer, you will be surprised at the results you will get.

Nothing is magical and changes in one day. If you have a cheating partner already you will need to apply all the tips with extra pressure. Don’t make it too extra in other not to appear suspicious. However, you will need to do all in wisdom.
Allow wisdom to guide the tenacity with which you push these tips. Do not forget that people are different. Don’t expect an immediate result, be patient and understanding.

Congratulations if you are not in a relationship at the moment, or you don’t have a cheating partner. You are guaranteed a wholesome relationship by applying these tips.


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