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How to fall in love? ( 13 WAYS)




Last Updated on April 20, 2024 by Joshua Isibor


Falling in love is the best thing that can happen to people who share the same goals, passion, sorrow, and happiness and always appreciate their efforts to adjust their flaws. It makes you feel like the world revolves around you, just like in Cinderella’s story: to live happily ever after.

On the other hand, when love turns out bad, we close our hearts and turn our backs on it. It seems impossible to be loved again, and whoever comes close wants to hurt you. Love becomes a horrible rhyme that you don’t want to hear. You shut yourself out from the world and never extend your hand to feel it again.
Sometimes, you wonder if you will ever fall in love again, if there is a second chance, and if you can make it right.
Yes, I can feel your pain. I understand how you feel, but how do you know these answers if you don’t give them a try?

I felt the same way when I got stabbed by my best friend. She was having an affair with my boyfriend. When I found out, it was already too late to revoke what happened. She was already pregnant with him, and this hit me so badly that I thought of committing suicide. It took me time to find myself. It seemed like my world had been shattered. But now, I can proudly say I am in love again.
Your case might be different from being hurt by someone you love. It might be you, your look, your body, and many others. You might be having a hard time trying to love who you are, but no matter how you try, it seems you are not getting it right.

Trust me, I know how it feels to be mocked by friends and family as well. The countless nights you spent crying in your bedroom and how you would stare in the mirror a thousand times.
All I need from you is to believe you are stronger than all these problems that seem to be the center of attraction.
I know you want to fall in love again. Whether with yourself or with someone, I am here to help you do that. All I need you to do is to follow these strategies which will unlock your heart again.

13 Ways to FALL IN LOVE

1. you need to love yourself.

If you want to see yourself falling in love again, this is the best medicine you can go for.
There is no how you will love someone without loving yourself first.
You need to appreciate your strengths, know your weaknesses, and have the right mindset about yourself.
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t make anything right for the other person. You might pretend to be in love, and when it turns out bad, you will end up hating yourself or blaming yourself for what happened.

How do you find self-love? These tips will help you better.
• First, you need to isolate yourself from those bad vibes and loneliness. Then, open your heart to heal from those pains, accept who you are, and whenever you look in the mirror, see yourself as God’s best love.

• Never underestimate what you can do. You can do anything if you believe you can do it.
A friend says,
Believing in oneself is the best way to build confidence.”
You can’t break a wall if you don’t believe you can. Sometimes, we give up on one strike. This should not be you. All you need is to keep hitting hard, and you won’t know when it falls off.

• Know your weakness.
Once you are aware of your strengths, identifying your weaknesses becomes easy. Find your flaws and improve on them, and this will help you build your self-esteem and understand who you are.

• Give yourself the best treat. I appreciate your efforts, and I always compliment you daily. This helps you to feel relaxed and relieved.

2. Accept things about yourself that you can’t change.

Everybody has flaws, but there are certain things we can’t change about ourselves.
For instance, you might have a big head or don’t like your face due to burnt scars or your height.
Instead of hiding away from them, you need to find a way to improve on them. I don’t suggest you go for plastic surgery, but find healthier activities to follow.

Embracing your flaws is the best way to fall in love again. Just know you are already like that and won’t change them for anything.
• Tell yourself you are God’s best image, and he loves you against all odds.

• Always remind yourself that you have great potential and are a great person. You can stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself, “I am the best version of myself.

• You can sign up for healthier exercises for body development, read books on self-improvement, and keep positive vibes around you.

3. Be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you are weak or that you can allow anything or anyone into your life to hurt you. You need to understand your defense mechanism. You might have built a wall around your heart, and letting people in becomes problematic.

Maybe all these happened because of your past relationship, and you don’t want to retake the risk.
Opening up your heart is the key to finding love again, and it can help you understand your fears and insecurities.
You might be afraid of getting hurt, but you must try it. Try to be honest with yourself and know that you can’t have a perfect life, just like you see an ideal person to love.

4. Redirect every negative thought about yourself

This is bound to happen cause everybody has been riding this same boat. This irrational and unrealistic thought comes to our mind, especially when things don’t turn out well.
Negative thoughts will hinder your self-growth because they make you see the bad side of yourself instead of the better one.

However, if you are good at saying, “I can’t do anything well or no one can accept me the way I am,” why not say, “I know I have potential, and I will look forward to the things I can do best.”
Tips that can help you to stay positive:
• Whenever those negative thoughts come to your mind. Try to do something that will take your mind far from them. You can go out with friends and watch movies that boost self-love and good thoughts.

• Try turning those negative statements into positive ones. You can write them down and read them every morning before starting your day.

• Avoid things that trigger them. This might be conversations with friends, books, or movies. Stay positive and bring positive things into your life.

5. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

Sometimes, we get stuck in an unrequited love circle, and it seems we will not get it no matter how we try.
You don’t need to assume that you will not be loved when you have not tried it.
All you need to do is put yourself out there, and when someone rejects you, know that it is not the end of the world.

Just know that love comes naturally; it will surely come to you. All you need to do is open your heart and stay strong.

6. Don’t play the hard-to-get game.

Some of us love playing this hard-to-get game, especially if we are asked out. Nobody asks you to stoop so low or act cheap, but never make it too hard for the other partner to come in.
Just be yourself and let it flow by itself. Don’t show that “I don’t need you” attitude; it will only scare the other partner away.
For instance, you might go on a date and keep acting as if the other person is pressuring you or wasting your time.
Resist the urge to play games and try to appreciate the other partner’s effort in making your day splendid.

7. Meet new people

This is the time to go out there and meet people. You can’t hide inside your house and wish for Prince Charming or Cinderella to find you.
Hey! You only find the right one for you if you associate with people.
Finding love takes effort, though. Don’t wish to stumble on your perfect soulmate; instead, go out there and find one for yourself.
You can go to seminars, church programs, and friends’ parties, join a club, go shopping, and find where young or old people gather a lot.
This will help you better understand what you want in a partner instead of writing it down and waiting for a miracle to happen.

8. Get a hobby or find out what you can do best.

This is a good start if you want to fall in love with someone who shares your passion or hobby.
You can sign up for an activity related to your interest. For example, if you love dancing, you can join a dancing club or sign up for a class. Find a group in that class and stick together, and you will discover that there is more to life than hiding.
Follow your heart on what you love doing best, and try to update on it.

Making a name for yourself will help you build self-confidence and will easily attract people to you.
Nobody wants to date an idle person. It would help if you got involved in something and met other partners in the same field.

9: Always be kind

Good people attract good things. Show kindness to people, and don’t be a mole in people’s hearts.
Smile always, try to help where you can, never underestimate people, be sincere, and stay away from negative vibes.

9b. Identify the extraordinary qualities you want in other partners.
This will help you stay focused on what you want, and you will know when the person comes around.

This gives you the perception of what you want. For instance, you want someone responsible, honest, good-looking, has a good accent, fears God, has a sense of humor, and many other things.

This would keep you on track and help you differentiate the wrong person from the right one. (Remember, we don’t have perfect ones either.)
I suggest you go for someone with the same goals and passion as you.
Physical appearance plays a part, but it shouldn’t be your top priority because it fades or something might happen.

10:Try Dating again.

You can try to date again. I believe that by now, you might have caught someone who seems interested in you.
You can give it a try if you want to. You might also try signing up for online dating (only if you are ready).
Take it slowly and trust your instincts when you meet your partner. This will help you open up your heart to embrace love.

Note: Opening up is so important in building a close relationship. You don’t need to say everything about yourself on the first day. You might get to know the other partner well. Talk about personality and many other things. Take it gradually and let them know they can come into your life.

11. Don’t be too quick to discharge someone.

You might meet someone for the first time and have already concluded that the person is not good enough for you.
Try to be open and not give in to judgment without checking the person out.
Likewise, on your part, don’t assume you are not good enough for others to have you around.
Stay positive; you might catch some feelings but won’t notice at first. It is a gradual process.

12. Build a lasting connection with your partner.

This is when you finally get the perfect soulmate you have been waiting for.
Building a lasting relationship will continually improve your self-growth and keep you falling deeply in love with your partner.
Few Tips to build a lasting relationship:
• Have a positive, curious mindset.
Always find a way to have fun with your partner, enjoy spending time with them, try to get to know them better, and share your goals and passions with them, likewise theirs.

• Try to take it slowly and don’t put too much pressure; they might see it as a burden to them.

• Establish strong communication.
Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Always find a time to initiate conversation. This helps you two share your hopes, fears, insecurities, happiness, dislikes, and likes, as well as your flaws, motives, and compatibility.

• Find ways to settle arguments more healthily.
This helps when a problem sets in. Instead of shouting at each other, you go for what I call a relationship review. This is where you two sit to determine what is wrong and who is terrible.
Some people called it relationship surgery.
It is a tool that helps in building a solid relationship.

• Always discuss your goals and plans with each other.

• Treat your partner as your hero. Build trust, support each other, and remember that you two are separate people with different lives. Know when your partner needs to be alone and when you do, too(privacy matters so much in a relationship).

• Share new experiences of things you have done. It might be business or places you have been in. This will make your partner want to do more with you.

• Keep moments together. You can go out to have fun, take pictures, visit the zoo, shop, cook, exchange gifts, and compliment each other.

• Emotional availability matters too. Don’t act as if you are not bothered about them. Be there for your partner, and they will always see the true meaning of love.

• Do little acts of kindness for each other.
The little thing you do for your partner is a great way to show your lover you love them.
You can surprise your partner by helping with chores, cooking, etc. You can also bring home gifts, leave a note, and give them the best part of you. These matter a lot in building a solid relationship.

13. Allow your relationship to grow on its own rather than forcing it.

Don’t control the outcome of your relationship. Let it grow naturally, and just be patient.
You can’t force love; it comes at its own pace. All you have to do is wait for it and allow yourself to follow.
If you see yourself controlling it, take a deep breath and remind yourself why you started.
Sometimes, it doesn’t turn out well, but take it as an opportunity to learn, and one day, you will find someone that’s right for you, and falling in love becomes not a problem for you.
Finally, always pray to God to bring you your destined one or someone who will love you the way you are. He knows the best for us, and he will never fail.

I pray you find the best version of yourself and someone who will love you the way you love yourself.


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