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How To Get Out of a Date Without Being Rude



how to get out of a date without being rude

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Planning a date with someone you are not into can be quite excruciating or unappealing. You might not want to displease your date, but the fact is you are not ready, and going for such a date can screw the expected special moment for your date. So to avoid such a problem, here are some tips on how to call off the date without being rude.

Useful tips on how to get out of a date without being a Jerk

1. Decide if you want to text or call

Decide how you want to call off the date, either by sending a text or putting a call across. It depends on what fits you or is convenient for you. Doing so will not send the wrong picture or upset your date. But it’s advisable to put a call across because it’s more respectful, shows you care, and shows you don’t take him/her for granted.

2. Apologize

Always begin your text or call with an apology, the word sorry goes a long way to calm people’s nerves and anger. I make sure I start my apology text with am sorry, then I give reasons for cancelling the date. Be brief; don’t give details; your date life doesn’t revolve around them. Just give a reason to back up your excuse, whether it’s true or not.

3. Explain

explain why

give your reason for canceling the date

Explain the reason you want to get out of the date, your reason should sound genuine, the last time I couldn’t meet up with my date was because I had an urgent appointment that came up that same day, so I called him and explained why I can’t show up, so I rescheduled another date with him. Such an explanation shows that I respect him and am interested in him, and I am sincerely interested in him. We still hang out, so give a proper explanation, and you are good to go.

4. Make Up An Excuse

You can decide to come up with an excuse, and you can tell a white lie, but being honest and sincere is the best principle to apply here. You can give an excuse for school work, migraine, illness, doctor’s appointment, or boss appointment, say something convincing enough so that they won’t feel stupid for planning to hang out with you.

5. Set Up A Plan For Your Raincheck

If you are canceling a date and you want to see the person again then you may decide to plan another date for a raincheck. Don’t get worked up or beat yourself up for cancelling a date. You don’t owe them anything, but you can show some respect and kindness by planning a raincheck to cover up for the last cancelled date. This should only be done if you actually want to be with your date, and you should never force yourself to hang out with someone you can’t stand. Still, don’t make them feel sidelined, ghosted, or rejected.


6. I am not in the right headspace to date

Sometimes dating can be so demanding, and it needs a lot of your time and commitment, so if you think you are not in the right headspace or frame of mind to date, then let the person be aware, and don’t pretend to be comfortable with hanging out with them when you are not, let your date be aware of your present state and how you feel about dating at that moment, being polite and sincere is better than jilting your date.

7. I have issues to handle.

You could say you have things to take care of or issues to deal with that require your time and attention, so going out for a date would make you unstable or put you in a bitchy state, and the date might end up being messed up.

8. I need to fix my life

This is another good one that works well, and it sounds direct and real. No one will want to hang out with someone whose life is messed up or a charade. Be free to say you need to fix your life first before going on a date and how not putting your life in check will affect you guys.

9. I don’t feel a spark

This might sound hurtful or spiteful, but it is very important before accepting to go on a date, especially if you really want something real and not a casual date. That spark (love chemistry) is what connects you guys. If you don’t feel any spark, don’t force it because it’s something natural that occurs. Just say you don’t feel any spark, so you can’t hang out.

10. I just got out of a bad relationship

A bad relationship can tear you apart and get over it, it can sometimes take forever for some people, which will definitely put you off balance. Explain that your previous date wasn’t good and that trusting someone so soon is difficult for you right now. You need time to put yourself together and be emotionally stable before thinking of another date. Anybody in their right senses would know your reason is fair enough and they might not call you again.

11. We are better off as friends

Some people are better of as friends than as a date, you might decide to keep this one as a friend and nothing beyond that. Say you want to be just friends, (friend zone) and nothing more, and your reason for refusing to date them is not because they are not your speck or not good enough for a date but because you see them as someone you can build a real friendship with but not a romantic date.

A little more piece

Cancelling a date could really hurt your date, so before you accept to hang out with someone, be sure you are ready emotionally, physically, and in the right headspace to hang out. Don’t ghost or jilt your date for some flimsy excuse. It’s bad to hurt people, especially when they are sincere about their feelings for you.

If you can’t hang out say it immediately then accept and keep them standing for no genuine reason, honesty and sincerity remain the best policy, treat people right the way you want to be treated.



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