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How to Know When You’re Ready to Get Married



How to Know When You’re Ready to Get Married

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

Choosing to get married is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in life, and you want to ensure you’re getting hitched to the right person. Divorces are rising, and almost 690,000 marriages ended in divorce in the United States in 2022. Knowing that you’re ready to tie the knot is critical for your future if you want to overcome the odds and build something lasting.

Many couples believe they’re ready for marriage, but there are clear signs you should look for before presenting a wedding ring to your significant other. These signs can help you avoid a marriage fraught with conflict, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this enlightening guide to the signs you should look for before you get married. Continue reading to move closer to your dream marriage proposal today!

You Love Yourself

Having a love for oneself is critical when preparing to get married. Loving someone else is challenging if you’re unhappy and discontent with yourself. You must find happiness within yourself and your life before tying the knot with your significant other to have higher odds of a successful marriage.

Marriage aims to unite two lives rather than ending one or giving it up. Finding happiness means you won’t seek a partner who fills the voids in your life. You should seek a significant other who you can add to and who adds to your life meaningfully.

You’re Love Motivated

Another clear sign that you’re prepared to enter a union with your significant other is when you find yourself motivated by love rather than an agenda. The biological clock waits for no one, and it’s possible that you or your partner could make decisions for the wrong reasons.

Many couples deciding to get married and have children discover that it was a massive mistake after the fact. Rushing into a marriage because you’re tired of waiting could set you up for heartbreak and unfulfilling life.

Marriages based on reasons or motivations other than love are likely to fail. Establishing your marriage on true love for one another will be a platform for your success.

Marrying someone for the wrong reasons is nearly as bad as marrying the wrong person, so check your motivations at the door. Ensure you understand the important things in a marriage to build a happy and long life with your significant other.

Your Partner Brings Out Your Best

You should seek marriage if you discover that your partner brings out the best in you when you spend time together. The goal of a marriage is to grow together and help both people become their best selves. It’s a definite sign that you should get married when you both realize you bring out the best in each other.

It’s the ultimate test that shows how strong your bond is with your partner. You’re not marrying a piece of paper or a dream relationship checklist. Focus on the person before you and how they make you feel.

Look at how you’re showing up for your partner and how they show up for you. If you’re feeling confident and comfortable with who you’re becoming, it’s a sign that you should propose marriage to your significant other.

You Don’t Want Your Partner to Change

Hoping your partner will change before your marriage is a significant red flag and one you should never ignore. Dating on potential is one thing, but marrying on potential is a massive gamble with your mental and physical health and finances.

Look at your partner through the lens of when they disappoint you or fall short of expectations. Dive into any lingering doubts about your partner’s ability to become the person you hope they’ll be.

Understanding the trade-offs will help determine your readiness to marry this person. You can formulate your decision based on the likelihood that they’ll get it together and become an equal partner in your relationship and marriage.

You Share Values

Sharing values is essential to build a marriage that will stand the test of time. Only marry your partner after discussing your long-term dreams, aspirations, and values. It’s the best way to find out if your partner wants kids someday and what they picture their marriage to you looking like.

Talk about whether you want kids in the future, religious beliefs, gender roles, and financial goals. Getting on the same page allows both partners to move toward marriage and life goals equally. If you align in all of these areas, it’s a good sign that you should get married in the future.

You Can Disagree

Disagreeing with your partner is scary, especially if you’re conflict-averse. Disagreements will happen in a healthy relationship, and viewing these situations as a chance to grow and reach a mutual understanding is crucial. In most cases, conflict brings both people closer together in the relationship.

Focusing on disagreements with the viewpoint of both people against the problem will help you work through it and come out stronger on the other side. A lack of conflict resolution skills will damage and possibly end your relationship, so work through your fear of disagreement before buying a wedding ring.

Understand Commitment

Commitment is an intimidating word, and it’s wise to understand what you’re getting into when you make a marriage proposal t your partner. No matter what comes, you commit your life, health, and wealth to your marriage and significant other. Facing good times and bad will show if you’re committed to each other and ready to get married.

Decide if You’re Ready to Get Married Today

Choosing to get married is a decision that will have a ripple effect throughout your life, so it’s essential to determine if your significant other is the one before making a marriage proposal. Understand your commitment and overcome your fear of conflict for a successful marriage. Find out if you share long-term goals and values to decide if you’re ready for marriage.

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