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 How To Love A Man Unconditionally (Simple Hack)




Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Everyone wants to be loved unconditionally because we know that is the truest form of love. In the relationship scene, it’s the rarest form of love. Everyone wants something from a relationship.

How to love a man unconditionally can be considered one of the noblest courses ever. Most People think that unconditional love doesn’t exist while some think it is unattainable or impossible.

The main issue is that we don’t even have a full understanding of what it truly means and there is a lot of misconception surrounding it. People confuse it with a lot of other things; while others consider it to be unhealthy.

This article hopes to help you answer all the questions you have concerning the subject; and also ways to achieve it. Before we go into learning how to love a man unconditionally, let’s get a full understanding of what unconditional love truly means.


Definition of unconditional love

What Is Unconditional Love?

Whenever the question of unconditional love comes on, the first thought in people’s minds is the love between a mother and her child. Or generally, a parent’s love for their ward; or a child’s love for their parent. This type of love is considered unconditional because the parent wants nothing in return for the love they show. They make a lot of sacrifices for their children even if the child does not like them.

Unconditional love simply means loving someone without expectation. You love the person even if the person doesn’t love you back. You love, care, and make sacrifices for the person without expecting something in return. It is selfless and nothing is really in for you.

In other words, it can also be known as the no-strings-attached kind of love. It doesn’t depend on what the person has to offer but on what you have to offer. It is sometimes called the agape love which is the one God has for the world. Since it occurs naturally between mother and child, it can also be found in a romantic relationship because we all desire it.

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Unconditional Love In A Relationship

In a relationship, unconditional love seems really farfetched. Like something that will only happen in fairy tales and most people doesn’t really do it. Some extreme definitions of unconditional love when it comes to a romantic relationship may include loving without boundaries and limits.

Ignoring oneself and making the other person a priority. Experiencing abuse and still staying with the abusive partner. That is not unconditional love; it’s toxic and unhealthy love. Because it is to your detriment

Unconditional love does not mean you should disregard abuse or neglect or do anything that is to your own detriment.

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Unconditional Healthy Love In A Relationship

Keeping Unconditional love healthy in a relationship involves giving your partner what they want or always agreeing with them but not to your detriment. This is known as the unconditional Positive Regard

A healthy unconditional love in a relationship entails treating your partner with love and respect while keeping in mind your boundaries and limits. You are not harsh or dismissive and you honor and are attentive to your partner’s requests.


It Is Unconditional Love If

If it feels secure and comfortable.

If you don’t feel pressured or intimidated while being selfless then you can say it is unconditional and healthy. If it gives you a sense of security.

If it stands the test of conflicts, hardships, going out of touch, distance, and other life issues people do not have control over.

If it stands the test of life-altering health issues, changes in appearance. It doesn’t leave or fade because the partner became fat or slim.

If it’s altruistic or selfless. It is selfless and only a few times at your own expense. It doesn’t consider the benefits that come with dating this person.

If it accepts and forgives easily. In the face of shortcomings, it accepts and forgives


It’s Not Unconditional Love If

If it becomes toxic. If it negatively affects you or hurts you constantly

If it continuously accepts harmful actions. If you continuously have to accept abuse from your partner. You can love unconditionally without having to stay unconditionally with the person. You can love and accept them from afar if it becomes abusive.

If it ignores issues in the relationship. In the face of conflict, it doesn’t look away from it but addresses it wisely in an amicable manner.

If your needs are neglected. Unconditional love sacrifices but does not give up every need and everything

If there is no compromise. There is no point of compromise like where your opinions merge with your partner.

If every need is on you. Though unconditional love is not demanding it is rewarding. You have needs so many times you should get supported sometimes too

If it tolerates abuse. Like In the point above, you can love unconditionally from afar. You don’t have to stay if it’s abusive because that is toxic.

If it is codependent. Unconditional love is not codependent since that is just pure slavery. If you are better off letting go, you have to let go.

How To Love A Man Unconditionally

1. Always Practice Communication With Him. Talk About Everything

Your communication lines should always be open. It should be clear, timely, and honest at all times. Talk and deal with issues as they come up. Don’t hide anything as it may build up and cause even bigger issues later.  Don’t give room for misunderstanding; ensure clarity in conversations.

When you practice open communication, you can understand both of your needs and know how ho to meet them. Let your communication be non-defensive and be a good listener. Even when annoyed, try to see past the little quarrels and focus on the commitment to your relationship. The larger your commitment to your relationship, the easier it is for you to overlook little mistakes. So give your commitment a big boost.

Strike a balance in satisfying needs. No one person should get all he/she wants; it should be equal.

2. Try To Enjoy Every Moment With Him

Accept that love is not perfect for anyone. Yes! Even celebrities do not have it all figured out. So do not try to pursue perfection rather pursue compromise and acceptance. Accept every bit of everything that comes along. Don’t attempt to fight else you will end up with a loveless relationship. Imperfections such as tears, sadness, and quarrels are what make the relationship what it is. When these imperfections show up, compromise is the best option as far as it doesn’t directly harm you emotionally or physically.

To love a man unconditionally starts with loving yourself. Oftentimes we have seen that people who do not love themselves find it hard to love others. You can’t give what you do not have. Also, accept that individuals and that your man is not perfect; so, you must learn to accept him the way he is not trying to change who he is; although you can help him improve.

In the quest to love a man unconditionally, you cannot afford to lose yourself in the process. Another thing with unconditional love is that you can do it from afar. So if the relationship becomes abusive, you can choose to take a bow while maintaining the love from afar. Even if that is not the case, it could be that the man doesn’t feel the same way. You could give him distance and still love him afar.

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