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Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Relationships are one of the most important things to humans. Relationships like friendship, partnership, courtship, relationships between boyfriend and girlfriend,  relationships between family or business partners. Relationships are what bring people together, without relationships there is no fellowship. So what happens when there is a strain in your relationship, how do you resolve conflict? How do you stop arguing with that special person?

Couples fight, that’s inevitable, but coming back together as one is what strengthens the relationship. It is quite normal for couples to fight, but it becomes a problem when it is an everyday thing. There are ways to come to a mutual understanding.

How To Resolve Relationship Conflicts without Hurting Each Other

Now, resolution of conflict can only be done by talking it through. Talking about it is the most effective way. Now, most people don’t even what to do when starting such conversations because of the awkward atmosphere it might bring. Here are a few ways;

1: Choose an appropriate time to talk:

Choosing perfect moments to talk about it should be the first step. It may be before you sleep at night, it might be over after dinner or before breakfast. It may be at any time. But it. It may be at any time. But it should depend on your partners’ mood, that is how to know the appropriate time to talk about it. It might even be during the argument itself.

2: Try to start the discussion amicably:

Starting the discussion soothingly tends to calm your partner. Starting the conversation with an apology, or acceptance of your fault would be a boost to the conversation. This way you’re halfway through.

3:Use ‘I’ statements, not ‘you’ statements:

Statements like “you always do this” or “it’s your fault” or trying to turn the situation and making it about yourself could be a total turn-off. But statements like “I’m sorry” or “I know I may not be the best…..” or statements like “I totally understand” Make your partner know that he or she is not in this alone. This way there is an assurance from your side that you’re trying to make things work.

4:Try to see things from your partner’s perspective:

When trying to solve that argument in your relationship, try to reason with your partner. Remember that even before the start of that relationship you were just two different people who came together to form a mutual understanding, you both came from free ends to become friends before starting that relationship. This is the basis of every relationship. So seeing from that person’s perspective shows how understanding you can be.

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5: Check the roots:

When couples argue, it may not necessarily be that it’s the latest argument your partner is dwelling on, there may be underlying issues that could fuel one’s anger in your relationship. So asking what the actual problem is, or how that person really feels about the whole situation. This is what makes the conflict close to resolution.

6:Keep tabs on physical feelings:

Now there is a possibility that things might get heated. So when things start to get heated, you both take a chill pill and come back later to talk about it. This is just to avoid saying things that you might later regret.

During a conversation or a full-blown argument don’t use your partner’s weakness against him or her. If you do that there is every probability that you’ve not just lost that argument but you also lost your relationship to a mere argument.

7: Be prepared to compromise:

Coming to a mutual understanding must require you to compromise on both sides. You know this is what your partner likes and doesn’t like, even though it doesn’t seem to please you buy for the sake of that relationship and for the love you have for that person, you have to do it. That is what it means to compromise. Compromising doesn’t make you weak, or it doesn’t taint your pride, it just means you’re ready to do anything for the person you love, that you’re ready to do anything to save your relationship.

8: Consider Therapy:

Getting a relationship therapist makes things easier for you both. It’s a calm environment to actually air your view and you have a judge like a person to help so that makes it so much easier

In conclusion

The basis of a good and manageable relationship, or a perfect relationship is True Friendship and Good communication.

If these two things are involved, love, trust, and commitment come in naturally. That way, you can build a relationship where there is a mutual understanding between both of you. Where you guys can understand each other, pray together, advise each other, work together, partner together, plan together, build a future together.

Learn to establish a friendship before getting into a relationship, that way future arguments can be fixed easily. The idea of being in a relationship is not just for the fun of it. It’s the fact that both parties can agree on one thing and stick to it.

It’s the idea of teamwork, the idea of unity between two people. It’s a partnership that requires commitment, and if there is a strain learn to talk about it. I’m pretty sure you’re reading this because you love that person so much and you don’t want to give up on what you have together. So go fix it and let me know the outcome in the comments zone! Wish your relationship the best of luck

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