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How to Survive as a Single Mom




Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Surviving as a single mom is very HARD. Although, most ladies may choose to be single mothers due to one or two underlying factors. Before I give the ways to survive as a single move ill like to give a short definition of a single mom.

Who is a single mom?

A single mom is a woman who raises her child alone without the aid of a spouse or a partner.
Various ways women become single mothers

1. Through choice:

They are women who have proposed in their heart never to marry. All they want is a man who will get them pregnant and probably pay him off. This could be as a result of the experience they had in their family or a choice.
In our society today, this is usually adopted by many celebrities. All they want is to have a child who they’ll raise and nurture without getting married to that person.

2. Through mistake

Wow!! You might actually be shocked by this point… Yes!!, research has shown that a high percentage of single moms we have today are gotten from ladies who engaged themselves in premarital sex.

Premarital sex in turn leads to unwanted pregnancy. When this happens, the man responsible for the pregnancy may just disappear or abandon his responsibility.
Sometimes, a one night stand can automatically make a girl a single mom. Many a time, the lady may not know the guy responsible for the pregnancy.
Mistakes in pregnancy have made so many single moms to live in regrets continually.
Single parenting may not be easy for you, but you will have to keep on pushing on for you to be successful in parenting.. single parenting is usually more difficult when you’re broke!!
Here, I’ll be giving tips on how to survive as a single mom

1.Allow help (don’t be shy)

This is one surviving tip for single mothers that’s very important. Asking for help can be a bit difficult, you should also know that there are a lot of persons out there who are willing to help you in one way or the other. All you need to do is to accept their offer. Help may not always be in the form of money it could be helping you to clean the yard, bring your child back from school, and many more.
It’s very good to take advantage of positive people around you that are willing to help.

2. Seek outside counsel

Seeking counseling may not be seeing a counselor, you can as well seek counsel from those who are more advanced in knowledge and in experience. The mistakes so many single parents make is not seeking the right counsel. There are ladies who are not fully mature psychologically who also get themselves into the  “single motherhood”; they are the one who really needs counseling the more, because of their age and level of maturity.
Also, there are single moms who are above 40 and still behaves like a baby, they too need a counselor.
Another counsel you can seek is from your pastor, or your religious leader because they are blessed with the word of God that can reshape your life.
Finally, if you don’t have friends, family, or anyone who can counsel you, you can get a parent coach

3. Stop comparison

All these surviving tips for single moms listed here are to help you live a happy, comfortable, and a fulfilled life as a single parent. Surviving as a single mom takes more energy and focus, so when you engage in comparing your life with someone else, it would decrease your energy and also cause a lot of demotivation.

4. Remember self-care

Single moms are pretty busy because they work out their ass to make ends meet. While working hard, it’s very important to take good care of yourself no matter busy you are, you can schedule yourself to do exercise, go for medical checkups, and visit the spa.
It is only when you have good health, that’s when you can take care of your child properly

5. Creating a financial plan

Creating a financial plan should be the best thought for a single mom. You should be asking yourself questions like;
How am I going to be rich?
How’s my life going to be in 5years from now?
Can I train my child to the college level?
Can my present income sustain me and my child?
These are the questions you need to be asking yourself, making the right financial plan should be one of your topmost priority in life as a single mom.
You can as well think of how to make multiply stream-source of income.

6. Live your best life

This is one aspect many fail to… enjoying life itself can add longevity to you. People tend to struggle and struggle without enjoying their life and end up 6 feet.
Life should be enjoyed irrespective of how hard the economy is.
You can enjoy yourself by traveling on a vacation, go places, see things, and also explore the world. Staying indoors always would only make you grow old. Living your best life is an anti-aging drug!!!
What are some other survival tips you would recommend to single moms?
Please share your thoughts and comments.


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