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These are messages you send to your partner to express how you miss them badly. these messages really work if you guys are in a  distance relationship.

😊Everything you do is a wellspring of bliss for me. I can never be tragic when I’m around you.

😊I stay here the entire day hanging tight for the second I’ll see your face, and possibly I’ll get an embrace. It’s so frustrating that everything finished a fantasy.




I miss you messages and quotes

I have never loved another person as much as I love you, and I can’t wait to finally close the gap between us. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d end up with someone as wonderful as you. I’m missing you!

♥ Every day I’ve been gone, I’ve missed you. You are ideal for me, and when I return, I will demonstrate how much I adore you. You are the light in my life, and you keep me going when things get dark. I really miss you!


The world feels so empty without you, and I long for the day when we can finally close the gap between us.

I’m counting down the minutes until I can see you and hold you in my arms again.


I miss waking up next to you in the morning and looking into your eyes as the sun shines through the curtains.


You are a blessing in my life, and I don’t want to be without you.


You are my everything, and there is nothing I will not do to ensure that we are reunited.

I wish you were here so we could share all of these wonderful experiences.


When you aren’t beside me, the world doesn’t seem the same.


Every song I hear reminds me of how much I miss you and wish you were here with me.


I’m hoping for the day when we can be together again because every moment without you is heartbreaking.


I miss you in ways I never imagined possible and can’t wait to see you again.


How can I tell if this is true love? Every time I have to say good-by, it hurts.


I miss you terribly, despite the fact that you have never left my thoughts or dreams.


I despise the feeling of needing to say something to you but being unable to do so because you are not present. I’m missing you.


Let us make a promise to never say goodbye. Let us promise to always be together, even when we aren’t.

Since you’ve been gone, life has left me with empty spaces in my heart. I am unable to speak, walk, eat, or even breathe. I just want this to be over. I want you to return, baby.


I am so fortunate to have you, but I am so unfortunate to be so far away. I’m missing you terribly.


My poor broken heart requires only your touch. It would solve all of my problems at once.


My life is a bright blue sky with warm sunshine and a colorful rainbow when we’re together. When we’re apart, my life is a never-ending dark night. I wish you could be here with me.


Life is amusing. I felt like the luckiest man in the universe when I fell in love with you. I’m heartbroken right now because you’re so far away from me. My love, I wish I could see you soon.


The sunset without you is like the sunrise that never was. My lovely girl, I miss you.


If someone gave me a bucket of ocean water for every time I think about you, the world’s largest ocean would be empty by now.


Even though we are far apart now, I know I am always on your mind, just as you are always on mine.


I’d rather spend the rest of my life kissing you than suffer the agony of missing you just one more day.


I’ve earned a master’s degree in Missing You since you left me. If our meeting does not happen soon, I may be awarded a PhD.

Your love is as light as air. I’ll never be able to stop wanting more and more, but I can’t have it because you’re gone and I miss you so much.


I want to spend every second you’re here with me. When you’re not there, every second feels too long, and my only solace is to fantasize about you.


It feels like home with your arms around me, and I’m so homesick right now. My Love, I miss you!

I’m not sure why I miss you so much. And I’m not sure why my heart longs to see you so much. Perhaps it’s because I adore you.


If you think of me on a dewy morning, a sunny afternoon, a gloomy evening, or a lonely night, know that someone else is thinking of you as well. I really miss you.


It’s difficult to wake up when you’re not in my arms. I’m missing you, love!


The world loses its beauty when you are not by my side! I’m missing you terribly!


Baby, you’re a safe haven for my wounded soul, and I’m homesick right now!


It’s the worst torture to go through the day without seeing your lovely smile!


I miss the warm hug you used to give me whenever we saw each other. It hurts me that you aren’t here, and I miss you terribly.


I can’t get you out of my mind. My heart cries for you every time I think of you. I really miss you.



Even though I am surrounded by many people, I still feel empty when I am not with the person I love. My love, I wish you were here. I’m missing you terribly!


If I were a musician, whenever I miss you, I would compose the greatest symphony!

Being away from you for a day is equivalent to being away for a year; please return soon, darling.


When you’re not with me, the sun goes out and the world loses its equilibrium.


Even though you are far away, I remember the sound of your lovely voice and the scent of your soft hair.


Every day, I feel happier because the thought of being a day further away from the last time we met, and a day closer to the next time we meet, makes me happy.


I would never know how strong my love for you is if you were never apart from me. I adore you more than you can comprehend.


I always think of you whenever I hear a text message, doorbell, or phone call. I hope to see you again soon.

Without you and your love, my life is incomplete. I’ll be waiting for you to return and complete my life once more. I adore you and miss you terribly.


I’m hoping to see you as soon as possible because the loneliness I’ve been experiencing has become unbearable. I really miss you.


I wish I were in your arms right now! I’m dying to see you, honey!


When your fingers are not intertwined, the space between mine feels too large! I’m missing you!



When I’m in a crowd, I think about how much I miss your beautiful smile.


The sunsets here are spectacular, but my heart aches because I can’t show them to you.


It’s lovely here, but not as lovely as you and having you with me to share it with.


Counting the seconds until we’re back together doesn’t make my loneliness go away. I really miss you, honey.


You must leave my thoughts and enter my arms, where you belong. Please return!


When you’re not here, I feel incomplete, but when you’re here, I feel more than whole.

I can’t wait to close the gap between us and tell you how much I adore you in person.


You complete me, and I can’t wait until we can see each other again in person. There are breathtaking views all over the world, and I want to share some of them with you.


All of these lovely sights remind me of the angel who awaits me at home. I miss you terribly!


I think about you all the time while I’m away, and I hope to see you soon. My heart is empty without you, and I long for the day when it will be filled once more. I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are my soulmate.

I will always return to you, no matter how many oceans there are in the world. I never imagined I’d be so fortunate to have you in my life, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can take your hand in mine.


Your love is a miracle, and I can’t believe I’ll be able to hold you when I come back.


I am head over heels in love with you and can’t wait to see you again. Without you, the world is not the same.


Please don’t forget about me; I’ll be back as soon as possible to wrap you in my arms. I’m missing you.


You are the love of my life, and when I return, I promise we will be together forever.


I miss you message for him

When you are not present, I feel exposed to all of the world’s problems, difficulties, and misfortunes. I’m missing you, baby. I really miss you.


Honey, I crave your touch, I long for your love, I miss your smile, and I can’t imagine living a single day without you! I really miss you!


When I think of you, I feel sad and lost because you aren’t here to make me happy! Can you please come to me so that I can stop missing you?


A house without you isn’t a house at all. When I miss you, I remember our sweet memories. No one can take your place, my love. Your absence dulls, dissatisfies, and saddens my life. I’m missing you.



I saw you on a sunny day, on a rainy day, and under a star-studded sky. These days pass and remind me of you. I’m missing you, dear.


Hey, love, when you’re not with me, the clock ticks slowly, and each second becomes more painful to bear! I miss you more than you can imagine!


I’d like to have you by my side. You have no idea how much you mean to me. The agony is unbearable. There isn’t a single second when you aren’t on my mind.


When you’re not here, I’m like a puzzle with missing pieces. Fill the void in my life by completing me. Baby, I’m missing you.

You see, there’s a huge void in my heart that can only be filled by the love you give me every day. So treat it as an emergency and come over to me. I desperately need your love. I really miss you.


I think about you when I’m awake. I dream about you when I’m sleeping. You are present in every aspect of my life! How can I not think of you?



Dying in your love is preferable to living without you. I miss you terribly, my dear; I adore you. Please return to me!


I miss you when I say that. It’s an understatement, to say the least. You have no idea how I feel right now or how much I miss you.


I wish you were the moon and I were the stars so that missing you wouldn’t be such a problem. But for the time being, I am completely missing you.


I miss you with every beat of my heart, with every blink of my eyes, Please come back, or I won’t be able to cope, I love you a lot!


I’m hoping there’s a cure for missing someone because I’m in desperate need of it right now. I believe you are my only source of relief. I need you right now, honey.

My tears have dried up, and my emotions have numb. My smile has faded, and my life has turned gloomy. Meet me soon, and wipe away my tears. Hug me tight, baby, and pull me out of this mess. I’m missing you.

I was startled to hear someone speaking to me. I looked around and saw no one. Then I realized it was my heart telling me, “I miss you.”


When I’m missing you terribly, I look up at the sky. I know I won’t see you there, but it’s comforting to know that we’re both under the same sky. What’s the deal with you being so far away from me?


I miss the sweet hug you give me whenever you see me. I wish I could be with you right now. I really miss you.


My pillow can no longer compensate for your shoulder to rest my head on and your tightly wrapped arms around me. I’m missing you.


I went to the doctor about my “missing you” disease. He prescribed two hugs and one kiss from you three times a day. You must now provide me with my medication. I’m missing you! I never thought I could have a feeling other than pain, I never thought I could have a feeling other than pain, I am losing myself thinking about you not being here. I’m losing myself because I miss you.


Nothing hurts more than being ignored by you. Please approach me and give me a tight hug. I really miss you.


My heart aches when I wake up in the morning and can’t see your face. In those moments, I want to run and hug you, but I can’t because you’re not here. I miss you terribly, dear.


The defeated mind has wandered off somewhere, thinking of you. No matter how hard I try, I can never forget you. Right now, my heart yearns to spend time with you. I’m missing you.


I now understand that the illusion of the mind is a huge one. That’s why I’m still looking for you. I miss you no matter how busy I am.

I miss you messages for him

When I think of you, I get lost in a sea of thoughts. I won’t be able to forget you for a single second. Could you please return soon? I’m missing you.


When I think of you, my heart aches. I keep replaying those beautiful moments in my head in my head. I want you to know that I will always love you and that no one can ever replace you.


I can only see one face when I close my eyes. When I’m lost in thought, it’s only you; I miss you so much, dear!


The times we spend together keep me going in life. But, if the truth be told, loneliness is eating me alive, and I’m not sure how long I can go on like this. I really miss you, dear!


My mind is racing and I desperately want to hear your sweet voice. How can I explain the language of the mind to you? How can I convey the depths of my passion to you? If you only knew how much I miss you.


I can’t stand the distance between us any longer. Without you, I can’t think of anything else. I’m missing you.


I don’t know how to express how much I adore you. The time I spent with you was some of the best of my life. I’m missing you.


I enjoy hugging you, but I despise letting go. I enjoy saying hello but despise saying goodbye. I enjoy seeing you approach me, but I despise seeing you walk away. I’m missing you.


I feel incomplete without you by my side, Your absence makes me feel left out; I can’t help but wish I could be by your side. Thank you for being by my side; I love and miss you so much!

Every second without your arms around me, your hands on my shoulders, and your sweet smile before my eyes takes my breath away! I’m missing you!



When my soulmate isn’t by my side, my life feels empty. Baby, I miss you more than words can express! Please return soon!


How can I put into words how much my heart aches when I’m not with you? Will you come and relieve my pain, honey? Because I’m missing you terribly! How many days have passed since the last update? I can’t stop thinking about you. What wouldn’t I give to go back to the good old days? How can I explain what’s going on in my head to you?


You were the reason I smiled every single day. So how can I smile when my only reason isn’t present? I wish I could smile again. I’m missing you.


I miss you so much, I miss you, I can’t pay attention to the hugs and sweet kisses, the love and attention, the care and affection, I miss you, I can’t pay attention!


One of the most difficult feelings is missing you; I can’t work, I can’t eat, and I can’t live my old life. Bring back the joy and come back, I miss you so much!


Thinking of you is the best part of my day. But the most difficult part is missing you. I wish I could be with you again.


There could be millions of people out there. However, your love is ideal for my soul. I’ve come to stay with you forever, and I’m not going anywhere! I love you, but I’m missing you.


We haven’t spoken in a very long time. When I think of you, tears well up in my eyes, and I miss you so much. But every time I recall my favorite moment with you, I laugh with tears in my eyes.


I cry a lot when I think about your memories. Humans’ desires in life have no bounds. Longing has no end, but for me, it is limited to you.


I can’t remember how many nights I sat wide awake in my cold bed because your warmth has vanished from my life! My love, I miss you!


Even though we’re thousands of miles apart, my heart only beats for you, and my soul longs for your presence. I adore you and miss you so much, Baby.


Every breath I take without you by my side is a breath I don’t take! I miss you more than the flowers miss the sun, darling!


I adore you more than I adore myself. In my world, it’s always just you and me. I adore you and miss you terribly.


A fish with no fins and a bird with no wings. A crab with no claws and a cat with no paws. I can’t live without you, and you can’t live without me. I’m missing you.


If you feel the wind on your face, know that I have sent you a thousand kisses, because I miss you every day!





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