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ika names and meaning

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. Achara- Continuity of life

  1. Achekpe/Chekpe- Smallest at birth
  2. Achọbụ- No need for native doctor
  3. Achụkaogori- Every disappointment is a blessing
  4. Adahonosa- Listen to God
  5. Adede- To embrace
  6. Afam/Efam- My name
  7. Agadagidi- Something great – (Royal name)
  8. Agbaeze- Honour the king
  9. Agbamuche- Unexpected
  10. Agbayeọgọ- Honour an in-law
  11. Agbele-
  12. Agboamaka- Agbor is supreme/good/nice
  13. Agbogun- No killing of (uzun)
  14. Agbọgwe- Allow the poor to live/survive
  15. Agbojiagwe- You cannot change the world
  16. Agbọka- Agbor is greater
  17. Agbọma- Good lineage
  18. Agbonifo- The world will never end
  19. Agbọntaen- World without end
  20. Aghantịn- Would or wouldn’t listen
  21. Aghaụlọ- Home problem
  22. Aghedo- We are watching
  23. Agirigan- The junior twins
  24. Agịdị- Elders
  25. Aigbeogie- We don’t a kill king
  26. Aigberame – Agbera- The father’s word is more favourble/reviewing
  27. Aihiawere- Do not disturb your future
  28. Aizenosa- Yo cannot choose for God
  29. Ajanbọ- Favoured by the deity “Ajan”
  30. Ajụdeọnụ- Make an inquiry/investigate properly
  31. Ajụwẹ/Ajụweze- Do not reject your King
  32. Ajụwebọn- Do not reject your family/lineage



  1. Akiri- Someone that is born at Igbanke
  2. Akoko- Time
  3. Akọwụtomị- Wisdom makes for longevity
  4. Akpakwama- Gathering together
  5. Akpalẹ- Don’t go astray
  6. Akpara- Thunder
  7. Akpenyi- The skin of an elephant
  8. Akperuhu- Strong pillar
  9. Akpẹ-To call
  10. Akpukpọ-Thick skin
  11. Akụmabọ-Favoured by Akumazi
  12. Akwaran-Root/vein, source
  13. Akwete-Something big
  14. Alịagwụ-A community cannot be esterminated
  15. Alịbọ-Favourable land
  16. Alịdumku-Let the community bear me witness
  17. Aliekwẹ-The community has said
  18. Alịemẹkẹ-The community is supreme/Thanks to the land
  19. Alịeze-Kingdom
  20. Alịka-Good community
  21. Alịmele-I am looking at/watching the community
  22. Alịogo-Farm land
  23. Alịọma-Good community/The Community is supreme
  24. Alịonyẹn-One’s community
  25. Alịweri-Let the community take
  26. Alịwụeze-Community is supreme
  27. Alizọ-God of the land save me
  28. Alụgẹ-
  29. Alụka-Struggle is destiny
  30. Amaechi-Who knows tomorrow
  31. Amaka-It is good
  32. Amamkpe-I don’t know how to make trouble
  33. Amaoku-I don’t know what to say
  34. Amarịọm-I know
  35. Amayo-Who did not go, will not know
  36. Amoru-We don’t know whose turn
  37. Anụmusi /Anumukwere-I heard about it before
  38. Aniaguri-Community is indefinite
  39. Anịagụ-An unending community
  40. Animele-We are watching the community
  41. Anugwụọm-I have heard
  42. Anuku-Hear before you respond
  43. Anumele-I am hearing and watching
  44. Anụọnụịhịan-Listen to others
  45. Anwuanyasi-Evening sun/sunset
  46. Anwụrịn-Happiness/Joy
  47. Anyịa-Don’t remember the negative past
  48. Apaokueze-Don’t dispute the King’s word
  49. Arị́michẹn-I am different
  50. Arịmobi-I am not in the Palace
  51. Arịmoku-I am not in trouble/I don’t want to be involved
  52. Arịmole-What is my worth?
  53. Arịmoro-I am not part of a gossip/conspiracy
  54. Asamẹka-I cannot/I am unable
  55. Ashịamẹri-I have witnessed
  56. Ashiẹn-No denial
  57. Asiwẹ-They say – Gossip monger
  58. Asọmụya-I detest shame
  59. Atagụ-Cannot say it all
  60. Atalọ-Keep talking, keep narating
  61. Atụkpọ-Smallish/midget
  62. Atulegun-Fear not/Be courageous
  63. Atụmaye-I have handed over
  64. Awe-I cannot read someone’s mind
  65. Ayidu-No gender choice
  66. Azagba-Make public
  67. Azamosa-Because of God
  68. Azanị-Do not forget your community/Answer your community
  69. Azikiwe-Betrayer is worse than malice
  70. Azọgbulẹm-Do not trample on me to death
  71. Azụbụike-Support is one’s power
  72. Azụka-(do) Strength
  73. Baazim-My father sent me/Oneon father’s errand is hardly guilty
  74. Bama-My father knows
  75. Banebọn-Connect with your family, Associate with your family
  76. Banmẹfọ-Fathom my thought
  77. Banmuche-Discern my mind/thought
  78. Banwụnẹ-My father is alive
  79. Beyeọgọ-Give your in-law honour
  80. Biẹniọsẹ-Lean on God
  81. Buzugbe-Forget about it
  82. Chiejilẹ-Not yet over
  83. Chiejinẹ-do
  84. Chukubuzọ-God first
  85. Dẹin-Royal titile (Agbor)
  86. Diagboya-Stay with me
  87. Dibiẹ-A traditional medicine man
  88. Dikenenwọsị-The wealthy/greatman has no friend
  89. Dikẹnrịẹhi-Destiny determined
  90. Dikẹnrịelu-Destiny is alive
  91. Dikẹnriwe-Greatness attracts enemity/envy
  92. Dumbiri-Live with me
  93. Dumku-Speak for me
  94. Dumnọdị-Stay with me
  95. Ebegbodin-The just is vindictated
  96. Ebegbodu-do
  97. Ebenụwa-The world is here
  98. Eberechukwu- The mercy of God
  99. Eberịmma-A good/nice/conducive environment
  100. Ebichẹn-Live differently
  101. Ebiẹ-Conclusion
  102. Ebigwam-I have lived/arrived achieved
  103. Ebinịmịhian-I am not living for any person
  104. Ebite-Living afar

143.Eboh-Mordern Civilization

  1. Ẹbọigbe-The just is vindictated
  2. Ebọm-My lineage/kinsmen
  3. Ebọnma-The wish of the family
  4. Ebọnzim-I am sent by the family/At the instance of my family
  5. Ebọzi- I am sent by the family/At the instance of my family
  6. Ẹbụ- Song/Junction
  7. Ẹbụ- Somebody born in Ebu/Junction
  8. Ebun-Armpit
  9. Ebumdọn- I am not holding you responsible
  10. Ẹbụriẹn-Let the junction or entrance be smooth
  11. Echenim-I least expected it
  12. Echinẹn;Ekinlẹ-There should be no blockage
  13. Edukẹ-A tiger
  14. Ẹfaku-The oracle has spoken
  15. Ẹfanagụ-Names are exhausted
  16. Ẹfanrịmma- Good Name
  17. Ẹfaonyẹche- Name shapes one’s life/A name has an influence on the bearer
  18. Ẹfedi-When the opportunity comes
  19. Efẹizọmọ-Wealth of the Royality
  20. Ẹfẹlẹhi-Dare you not honour your God
  21. Ẹfenwẹmgbe-Wealth has no time
  22. Ẹferịuku-Wealth in inheritance
  23. Ẹfọamarinụya-No situation prevents hunger
  24. Egbọnimalị-I lean on the gods
  25. Ẹgbarịn-Common sense/wisdom
  26. Ẹgbịngban-Barrier/set back/obstacle
  27. Ẹbịrịgban- Barrier/set back/obstacle
  28. Ebọegbọn-Family failed to intervene
  29. Ẹgbogidi-A royal title


  1. Ẹgboko-Thick forest
  2. Egbọnimalị/Egbọn-Depend on the god or the land
  3. Egbule-Don’t harm on bill
  4. Egbuliwe-Don’t harm out of anger
  5. Ẹgbulọ-Decorator
  6. Egede-A musical drum/band
  7. Eghebi or Eṅẹbi-
  8. Eghomezunikpe-My money is not for litigation
  9. Eghooazoku-Money has no capacity to answer calls
  10. Egiliwe/Egiliwebi-Do not live with malice, anger
  11. Egọntin-Always listen attentatively
  12. Egun-Fear
  13. Egunanimku-I am afraid to talk
  14. Ẹhianụịta- God hears story
  15. Ẹhibọ- Favoured by God
  16. Ẹhiedu- Guilded by angel
  17. Ehiemẹkẹ- Favoured by guiden angel
  18. Ẹhiginwa- God provides children
  19. Ẹhijene-My guardian sent me
  20. Ẹhijẹnkọ-My guardian angel will go
  21. Ẹhika-God is supreme
  22. Ẹhikọdị/Ẹhikọrị-One’s destiny
  23. Ẹhikwe-One’s destiny agress
  24. Ẹhima- Destiny knows
  25. Ẹhimatalo- Destiny should not be exposed
  26. Ẹhiọbụ-Guardian angel is the doctor
  27. Ẹhiọma- Good destiny
  28. Ẹhiọmakọnị-Good destiny is not scarce
  29. Ẹhionyẹn-One’s destiny
  30. Ẹhiọsun-Destiny is deity
  31. Ẹhiwariọ-Plea for one’s destiny/Plea is to destiny
  32. Ẹhiwụikẹn- Destiny is strength
  33. Ẹhiwụọgụn- Destiny is medicinal
  34. Ẹhizim- Sent by one’s destiny
  35. Ẹhụhụọ- Book/leaf
  36. Ẹhụikẹn- Good health
  37. Ẹhurịkẹn-do
  38. Ẹjenierulọ- Safe journey
  39. Ejimẹ-Twins
  40. Ẹkaedọnzi- The hand repairs
  41. Ẹkaeze- The hand of the king
  42. Ẹkamagụlẹ- My hand will not finish
  43. Ẹkammẹnim- The work of my hand
  44. Ẹkaonyẹwẹhẹ- One’s  attitude depends on how one is treated
  45. Ekaosẹn- Disrepect is detestful
  46. Ẹkawụnwaeze- The hand is an upspring of the king
  47. Ekeleụtụntụn- Morning greeting is not respect
  48. Ekhaitor-
  49. Ekiarịka-Theirs is still much time to determine the future
  50. Ekiegilẹ
  51. Ẹkọmaye
  52. Ẹkpede
  53. Ekpeneru
  54. Ekpenike
  55. Ekpenishi
  56. Ekpenisi
  57. Ẹkpụ-Joint
  58. Ẹkụ- Fallow land
  59. Ekufu-Unreserved speech
  60. Ekugum- I won’t say all
  61. Ekukọma- Take not as you speak
  62. Ekwuemuka-Gossip accepted
  63. Eledan-Looked down upon
  64. Eledu- Watch to the end
  65. Elekẹmẹn- Watch properly
  66. Elekeokuri-Watch the trend of argument/Not the way the speech looks like
  67. Elelegu-
  68. Elelegwu-
  69. Elemẹnya
  70. Ẹlẹwu



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