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Life Of a Pretentious Female Lover- A Story



Life Of a Pretentious Female Lover

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

“Life Of a Pretentious Female Lover”

When we walked up to that altar, right before his holy presence.
At first, I thought the rudiments of that day would always be sure to reserve what I first saw in you, the exact thing that made me stand firm to those scary trying questions uttered by the priests’ but yet still had myself say

Yes, I Do..and finally with you having it sealed with a KISS OF BETRAYAL and right before everyone that witnessed our Union.
I still remember the first day we met when I had a heart emptied of love cause it was just I in search of something else until your sudden unexpected loving presence interrupted swiftly and then made my heart skip saying…

“There’s so much good in you that isn’t meant for just this moment not to talk of a day perhaps”
Show me a little more of your kindness “I yearned”
Let me get to know you more “I pleaded”
Let your happiness revolve around us.. for all I care.
Make me a part of who you are ” That was all I ever wanted with you and of course you know that if souls do exist having mates, that I sure wouldn’t bother losing mine to you so then, I asked you out and you told me you couldn’t make it out;
And so of course, I had thought you were the busy type “wow” Am impressed!
But then I was surprised you later showed up and with you, that day was marked one of the best I ever had in life and so that left me thinking.. if I found such happiness and moments of heartfelt peace within me having had just a day spent with you, then how about spending the rest of my life with you? “I asked myself” and of course, I never planned on letting you go until you say being my wife along with beams of much smiles on ur moonlight face towards me.
“Crazy me”
I had imagined (smiles)
So then I got drunk and had you drive me home..!
Thanks anyway, but then I asked you to stay back and I was surprised to hear you say “Mama” would be worried about you!
I can call her if you want and then have I and my relatives coming to pay off your bride price the next morning and I guess that made you smile.
Well, thank God at least, you pitied my situation and had yourself stay back but then that got me wondering how hard you’d played to get convinced for something you may really had want doing..(smiles)
Then, all I asked from you was just one night with you only to hear you say that if you should do so, it would be your first time..Whoa!! (Glasses felled off) “I exclaimed” and for some hours that got me thinking that if only you’d make me your first and then I made you my woman in return, that you would always be faithful but guess what happened afterward after I had unleashed you,
I meant;
I found out that you’d just been playing a game of “hidden imperfections..” of which I had to find out myself and so did I make up my mind and then finally deserted you disappointedly, but because you still wouldn’t want to admit to your wrongs that “Game’s over..” (sniffed, sobs as he nods hurtfully sitting head bent on the bed)

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