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Moving In with Your Partner? Here’s How to Keep it Stress-Free



Moving In with Your Partner

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Moving in together can seem like a big step. In some ways, it is as you’re committing to this person as your quasi-roommate. We know that cohabitation can be a stress-inducing transition for many couples, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, sharing your home can bring you closer together in so many ways.

If you’re ready for this next step in your relationship, read on to find out how you can make moving in together feel like a breeze.

Invest In Furniture Together

If money is an issue, do not rush out and buy everything brand new. Pick up furniture from consignment shops for pieces that are just as comfortable as their new counterparts without breaking the bank.

If your apartment or house has any built-ins, such as cabinets or shelving units, don’t feel there is any sense of urgency in changing them or painting them until both styles are incorporated into the mix. You don’t want any of this headache in your first few months living together. These kinds of upgrades will be more fun when it’s something new for both of you.

Make a Plan

In the early stages of your relationship, you probably didn’t think about combining living spaces. Staying together might seem like a natural next step, but it can be a big one. Give yourselves enough time to get it right. Discuss your biggest concerns and figure out what you can do to make things easier for yourself and each other.

If you can’t agree on how exactly you’ll share your space, that’s okay. Just make sure to let each other know exactly how much time you will need before moving in together so that you both have enough preparation time.

Donate What You Don’t Need

You don’t have to keep everything you bought, especially when relocating across the state. For example, if there are five pieces of furniture you don’t need any more that were purchased in separate purchases, you can donate them to the local while they are still in decent condition.

You may get a few more dollars in your pocket. The more furniture you have at home, the fewer rooms it will take up. Less stuff means less clutter.

Talk About Household Duties

In the past, when people lived together and shared finances, it was easy to divide up household chores equally. However, when relocating to a new city, your finances may vary, so you will want to discuss any changes in this regard.

If you believe that the chores you performed previously should be split differently, then make a list of how you want that arrangement to look and discuss this with your partner. You will want to harmonize equally for both parties to feel validated as equal household members.


Moving in with your partner is a big step in your relationship. It means you trust them enough to share space with them daily, hopefully someday, forever.

Instead of seeing it as a source of stress, look at this as an exciting opportunity to grow closer with your partner while streamlining your costs and improving your home life. After all, the more time you spend together, the stronger your relationship will be.

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