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Cute New Born Baby Wishes



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How To Congratulate Someone on their new baby: Are you looking for how to congratulate a friend, family or coleague who just got a new baby? Then you’ve visited the right website. We have new born baby wishes that you can send to anyone who just became a dad or a mother. Parenthood is what so many aspiring couple are craving for. When they get there it is very important to congratulate them with messages like this.

Welcome Quotes For Newborn Baby Boy

😚 Can I ask if you had a special order from God for your baby boy? He’s so awesome and full of light, dear. May his light continue to shine as brightly as the sun’s rays. Congratulations!

😚 Congratulations on the birth of your adorable baby boy! I wish you and your sweet prince all the happiness in the world.

😚 Oh my goodness! Your new baby is adorable. May his life brighten your world and make all your dreams come true. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations!

😚 Allow God to shower all of His power on the little baby boy so that he can make all of his loved ones proud of him.

😚 New babies herald the arrival of new beginnings. As you enter the next stage of your life, may you find love, happiness, and plenty of laughter Kisses for your new son.


😚 Congratulations on the birth of your new son! May your son bring you joy and love for the rest of your life!

😚 Congratulations on the addition of an angel to your family! That’s going to be one lucky young man.

😚 Goodbye, stomach. Hello, yummy mother! Hello there, Baby Boy. I’m excited about our first playdate.

😚 It’s time to celebrate and get giddy with joy because the hero of the future was born today.

😚 I’m overjoyed for you two! Congratulations on the birth of your new son!

new born wishes

Congratulations Message For Newborn Baby

😚 If joy and happiness were commodities, I’d send you “ferry loads” as you celebrate your son’s birth. I wish you the best and hope that every time you hear his laughter, your family’s happiness multiplies tenfold.

😚 Simply by looking at your adorable sweet baby, I know he will bring you more joy and happiness than you have ever known. He’s a huge blessing in a small package. Take excellent care of him. Congratulations!

😚 After nine months of stress and pain, he has finally arrived. May he fill your cheeks with a never-ending stream of smiles. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

😚 Your newborn is adorable, from his silky hair on his small head to his adorable toes. I wish him joy and love for the rest of his life. Congratulations!

😚 Congratulations on becoming parents to a wonderful baby boy! May his presence always fill your hearts with joy and love.

😚 I wish your family’s littlest superhero the best of luck in life. It is my sincere hope that your newborn son will grow up to be everyone’s favorite in your family. Congratulations!

😚 He’s a gentle and calm baby boy. May he always soar on the wings of joy and laughter. Congratulations! One thing is certain: this adorable baby boy you have given birth to will have a brighter future than the sun because he is completely blessed. Congratulations!

😚 Your new prince is the cutest baby boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. I pray for divine and physical protection for him throughout his earthly journey. Congratulations!


😚 Every story needs a charming prince to come to the rescue. So I’m overjoyed that yours has finally gotten the prince it deserves. Congratulations!

😚 No matter how cold someone’s heart is, it can’t help but melt when I see your beautiful little man; I can’t wait to see him all grown up and ready to conquer the world. Congratulations!

congratulations messages for new baby

😚 After 9 grueling months, the time has finally arrived! Prepare for ninjas, dinosaurs, and knights to invade your lovely home! But, at the very least, your little magical boy will be living in a fantasy world. Congratulations!

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Welcoming A New Baby In The Family

😚 The difficulties you will now face are not only limited to the normal difficulties of raising a child, but as this little man grows, you will have to constantly run around chasing him, because little boys have an insatiable desire to explore their surroundings. That is, however, a good thing! Because he will be prepared to conquer the world at such a young age! Congratulations!

I’d like to wish this fine young girl you now have as a member of your family all the best as she grows up and becomes the man of his dreams. May fortune be on his side. Congratulations!

😚 I have a question for you. How does it feel to hold the future man of the year in your arms while he sobs? Because with parents like you, he will undoubtedly become a great person! Congratulations!

😚 You have done an outstanding job in bringing into the world an absolutely lovely angel. May each of your angel’s smiles bring blessings to your family. Congratulations!

😚 By all accounts, your new baby boy is a tremendous blessing from high. May every moment you spend with him bring you laughter and joy.

congratulations messages for new baby 2

😚 I beseech the Almighty to bestow all blessings on the little prince who was born in this world.

😚 Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, and best wishes to you and your family.

😚 I hope that this day will be remembered by all those who are hoping that the little prince will grow up quickly and have a bright future.

😚 Oceans of love are being sent to the newborn baby boy who is the little hero. Wishing the newborn baby boy the best of luck in the future.

😚 Congratulations to the new parents and lots of love to the little prince.

Welcoming Quote for new Baby Girl

😚 I wish this little newborn baby girl wonderful dreams, and may the Almighty always be with him to help her fulfill her dreams as she walks through life.

😚 I praise the Almighty God for sending one of His most amazing angels to bless your lives. I wish you and your sweet angel endless joy… from today until the end of time. You are truly abundantly blessed. Congrats!

new born wishes 4

😚 We are delighted that you have finally given birth to a brother for your daughter. It is our hope that he will bring much joy and laughter into his sister’s and your lives. Congratulations!

😚 May the birth of your daughter herald the start of a new era of blessings and true happiness in your lives. Congratulations!

😚 Welcome to the world of sleepless nights and constant diaper changes. Congratulations!

😚 Your long-anticipated princess has arrived. May his presence fill your life with joy, laughter, and happiness. May all of her days on this planet be filled with sunshine and divine blessings. Congratulations!

😚 I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the birth of your new daugher. May she mature into a strong, kind, and successful woman.

😚 You have been blessed with a bundle of joy that will bring you joy for the rest of your life. I wish your daughter a bright future filled with joy and great accomplishments. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations!

😚 Guys, this is incredible news!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! May she grow to be a priceless gem in this world, and may she live a life filled with grace and happiness.

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😚 Congratulations and best wishes on the birth of your baby girl. I wish your little angel nothing but success and good fortune for the rest of her life on this beautiful planet.

😚 Finally, an heir to your throne has been bestowed upon you. May he grow up to be ten times as brave and beautiful as his parents. Congratulations!

😚 I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful work you’ve done. You have created an incredibly beautiful angel. May he live to be one of the most influential people this world has ever known.

Welcome Status For New Born Baby Boy

😚 May the birth of your new son bring you and your family all the blessings you have wished for. Congratulations!

😚 Nothing is more beautiful than a child’s birth. Cheers to a caring mother, an eager father, and the cutest baby boy in the world!

😚 Congratulations on the arrival of your son. May his beautiful tiny hand reach for your finger and fill your heart with joy every time he smiles at you!

😚 You have a bright future ahead of you. Part of it is due to the bundle of joy you are clutching close to your heart.

😚 We are all overjoyed because so many people have sent their best wishes to the little prince who was born among us.

whatsapp status for new born baby

😚 The warmth and ecstatic joy I feel as I congratulate you on the birth of your son could never be surpassed by a thousand years of sunshine.

😚 The arrival of your new baby is only the beginning of many good things. I’d make a list for you, but part of the fun is finding out what surprises baby boy has in store for you.

😚 I would like to congratulate the proud parents of the newborn prince and wish him the best of luck in the future.

😚 May your new baby boy’s giggles bring you wide smiles and fill your hearts with immense joy. Congratulations!

😚 My mouth dropped open when I saw your new son. He is nothing more than an angel. I wish him a life that is a million times brighter than Venus. I’m glad God chose you to be the parents of such an amazing angel! Congrats!

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Funny Congratulation wishes for A New Baby

Funny Congratulation wishes for A New Baby

😚 I’m looking forward to seeing all of your new social media posts about your new baby!

😚 Congratulations on your new baby; we’ll do something special in 18 years.

😚 Don’t be concerned about the difficulties of raising a child. It’s as simple as running a marathon, doing your taxes, and wrestling an octopus all at once… every day.

😚 Congratulations, mummy, and daddy… Let the commotion begin!

😚 You did, after all, raise a Charmander to a Charizard, so I’m confident you’ve got this!

😚 Welcome to Parenthood, the only place where you can experience both heaven and hell at the same time!

😚 Raising children is both a joy and a form of guerrilla warfare. Congratulations and have a good time!

😚 Congratulations on being 9 months pregnant with your new baby!

😚 Congratulations on the successful fusion of your ancestors’ DNA.

😚 I just wanted to say congratulations on your new alarm clock.

😚 Congratulations on the purchase of your new toilet machine.

😚 Tell your parents I’ll see them in 18 years and welcome to the new world, little one.

😚 Good-bye, tummy, and hello, mummy!

😚 Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of poop joy!

😚 Congratulations on the birth of your wonderful new baby, and please accept my condolences for your lady parts at this time.

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