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Reasons Why We Wear Clothes



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There are several reasons why we wear clothes. Clothes are not just worn but they are worn for different purposes. Clothes are one of the main elements of human civilization. Although no one can tell the exact date and place of origination of clothes, we like to think that clothes originated from Adam and Eve.

Some of the reasons or purpose for wearing clothes include:

1. To Cover our nakedness

This is the most important reason for wearing clothes. Anyone who is not putting on any clothes would be regarded as a mad man. Right from the time when man’s eyes became opened that they were naked and God clothed Adam and Eve, humans have continued wearing clothes. Wearing clothes makes us look decent and to avoid shame.

2.To Protect our Body from Insects and Trees

It’s very important to cover ourselves with clothes to protect our skin from dangerous insects that would do harm to us. It is a very dangerous task for a man to go to the farm naked.

Also, there are some trees that when you get in contact with them, you’d start itching all over. So putting on clothes helps to avoid the unnecessary drama of scratching your itching skin especially in public places.

3.To Hide the Faults in our bodies

Many people whose physical structure are not attractive hide under the covering of good clothes. For example, a nice clothing can make someone who’s very fat or pregnant to look very attractive. Also for someone who has a lot of scars they deem unpleasant or are shy of showing off, can cover them by wearing long sleeves.

4.To escape the rough weather:

Wearing clothes also helps us to scale through severe weather conditions such as the winter period or the rainy season. During these seasons thick and deep color clothes are used to absorb the incoming cold. And during the dry season or summer when the temperature is high outside, light clothes are worn to cool the body quickly.

5.For Identification

Most professionals like nurses, engineers, and sales rep at shopping malls have a specific uniform that day wear everywhere. People dress so that they would be identified with what they do.

6.To express solidarity with society (And also culture):

For example, black dresses are majorly used for condolence visits. Different cultures have different attires that they wear for different events.

7.Mental satisfaction and to showcase our beauty

Everyone wants to be satisfied and attracted when wearing a cloth. We all are created to showcase our beauty and this is through the aid of clothes. Every dress has a way it adds flavor to our beauty.

8.To protect yourself from germs

This mostly applies to people to work in laboratories and surgeons. They generally cover themselves from head to toes with their protective coats for the laboratory technicians. And the surgeons wear their scrubs to prevent germs from entering their bodies and that of their patients.


Biblical reasons: Biblically, clothes might represent someone’s inner nature or spiritual state. So when someone is clothed in the spiritual sense it means the person is clean or in good spiritual condition and vice versa. The book of Luke 8:27 to 35 gives more insight on this.

Now when it comes to wearing clothes, you don’t just wear clothes for the reasons listed above. There is the question of body type.

Although for guys choosing the type of clothes to wear is relatively easier as guys generally have a common body type. It is not the same for the ladies, as different ladies have different body types.

Before you decide to wear certain clothes as a lady, you have to know your body type and the types of clothes that fit your body type.

Women have different body types and this includes:

PEAR SHAPED (triangle body):

You are pear-shaped when you have bigger hips, your bust is smaller than your waist, your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a fuller butt.


woman in maroon dress standing beside halo light

If your body type fits this description, you need to wear clothes that increase your shoulder and bust areas. In fact, you need to keep attention to your upper body by minimizing the attention to your lower body. Wear clothes that make your butts and hips slimmer.

HOURGLASS SHAPE (curvy shape):

You have an hourglass shape when you have a well-defined waist, you have almost the same hips and bust measurement. Your bust, hips, and thighs may be fuller and thicker too.

If you identify with the hourglass shape, you need to avoid clothes that will make you look like a box. Rather wear clothes that make your curves stand out, draw attention to your waist. Make sure whatever clothes you wear balance your top and bottom. Wear bras that will support your bust and not the ones that will make them saggy. Avoid V–neck clothes that show too much cleavage.

APPLE SHAPE (Inverted triangle):

you have an apple shape if your shoulders and your bust are wider than your waist. Your upper body is broader than your lower body and when you don’t have a defined waistline when you are apple-shaped.

If you have this body shape, you need to wear clothes that generally draws attention away from your hips and legs. Rather, try to wear clothes that bring attention to your bust and neck. Avoid dresses and belts that show off your waist.

ATHLETIC SHAPE (straight shape or boy shape):

You are shaped like a boy if you are not curvy, your shoulders and hips have the same measurement. Your weight is evenly distributed when you have this shape. Your body is long and thin.

For this body shape, avoid men’s clothes and baggy clothes in general that will make you look like one of the boys. Rather, wear clothes that add volume to your figure and makes you look feminine. Wear more of miniskirts and shorts that will show off your great legs. Wear bras that will add a cup size to your bust without it being too obvious.

Finding clothes that fit you is really done through the trial and error process. So be encouraged to try out other different clothes types before concluding on which best suits you as surprises happen. Therefore, take the suggestions above as just some basic guidelines.


women's white long sleeve shirt


women's red, white, and black floral dress

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