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Signs a Man Has Not Been Sexually Active



Signs a Man Has Not Been Sexually Active

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Most men are sexually active, but it could be unfair or irrational. Although it might be because they are skirt chasers, other times is a result of their sexual state.

Sometimes it might be difficult to spot if he has been starved sexually or if he is just acting up to get access. It could be hard, especially when you are emotionally attracted to this person.

So if you are wondering whether the guy you are dating right now has not been sexually active, below are some surefire signs that would give you answers.

Surefire signs a man has not been having sex for a long time.

 1. He’s ready to come up at a given moment

A man who’s not sexually active acts very fast while being intimate. He will jump on the bed, and roll over you like a hungry lion. Most times, he would finish so fast, like a creepy tortoise.

Having sex makes him restless, he struggles to put himself together when he is about to be intimate. His sexual appetite could be high since he has not been sexually active.

In some cases, he dominates foreplay, showing his aggressiveness through verbal and non-verbal methods. He’s also willing to talk about anything related to sex, showing his eagerness and openness. For instance, he’s open to the idea of exploring beyond traditional practices, such as dating multiple women or having multiple sex partners.

He may also be open to using restraints, sex toys, watching p0rn, taking enhancers, and other sex-driving activities. He might suggest these ideas to his partner while dating or during foreplay due to increased sexual drive or libido. Moreover, a man who hasn’t been sexually active is most likely ready to make love with anyone willing to do it.

2. He gets short on breath when he sees some skin

However, this sign can be peculiar with men who naturally are easily turned on by women. However, a man who has not had sex for a while usually has a long breath when he sees skin.

Even if it’s a little skin, he breathes so fast like a dog that has been starving. He usually can’t get a hold of himself when he sees a woman’s half-nudity.

This behaviour is a man’s nature deprived of sexual pleasure for quite some time. The visual stimulus registers in the brain and suggests a prompt action. The brain also releases fight-and-flight hormones, such as epinephrine and serotonin, that cause a rise in temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate, possibly causing shortness of breath.

More often than not, the only way to extinguish this feeling is masturbation or making love with someone. But some men have greater self-control than others. They can delay self-gratification and release this feeling once they find the perfect timing and person to have sexual intercourse.

3. He is so anxious to be your hero at any given opportunity

Naturally, a man’s biological makeup gives them this drive to act like a hero. This drive is not their making, it’s a response they react to when it comes.

It’s stimulated by changes around, which secretes some hormones, which most times overwhelms him and affects his actions.

When he is enthusiastic to be your hero, chances are he has not found any lady he can be committed to and also be intimate with.

4. He becomes turned on by sexy movie scenes

Many movies are filled with one sex scene or the other. It’s hard to watch a movie without seeing a scene where two people are making out.

For a guy who is regularly having sex, he wouldn’t react too much to such a scene. But for a man who has been away from sex for a long time, upon seeing a sex scene he would be so engrossed and carried away.

5. He gets physically hard every time he touches or kisses you

A very clear sign he has not been active sexually is the way he handles you when he kisses you and how he touches you. If he hasn’t been having sex, he would kiss you so hard and fast like the rush of a wing.

As you kiss him, you can feel the weight of his genitals and his being wet. When you place your hand on his shoulder, he draws his genitals backwards as if he is protecting himself from a carcinogenic substance.

With these signs, you know he is having a turn, although he might be trying to resist you. He will be so hard on you in such a way you feel the intensity of his cravings he hasn’t been having sex in a while.

6. His internet search history is filled with porn videos

His internet searches could also tell you his sexual state. If his search history or sites is filled with porn videos, chances are he is sex-starved and is craving intimacy. The majority believe people who watch porn are sex addicts. But sometimes it’s not always about addiction. When a man has not been having sex for a while, he is likely to watch porn.

7. He’s stressed and seems too exasperating

If you aren’t having sex you are likely to be stressed and feel irritated easily. The reason is the hormones that are released during sexual intercourse, which relax the brain and body, are no longer secreted.

That doesn’t mean sex is the only means of secreting the hormones responsible for relaxation and pleasure. But sex is a very good way to feel relaxed and stress-free.

This is a fast and easy way to know if a guy has been regular with sex. Observe his body language and the level at which he is relaxed.

8. His gaze seems glued to your posterior and your chest

A lot of women complain about guys who can’t maintain eye contact because their eyes are so glued to their body assets. It’s kind of annoying seeing a guy practically undressing you with his eyes.

Some men can’t get a hold of themselves at the sight of a lady’s body physique. We know some women have a good body figure, a large curvy butt, and large bursts. But that doesn’t mean you should misuse your eyes. Control yourself, man!

However, a man who hasn’t had sex for a long time is bound to stare at a lady’s breast and ass seductively without having the sense of eye control.

9. He has a touchy-feely and his touch kind of ‘burns’

A clear sign he has not been sexually active is the way he touches you so intensely, which is unusual for other men. His touch is usually hard almost like a burning sensation on your skin. Although you can only feel this heat from his touch if you are sexually attracted to him.

10. He becomes a raging baboon in bed

Perhaps you guys have taken your relationship to the next level, and you eventually had sex with this guy. He would be so fast, like a raging baboon, while making out. You can sense something from his energy.

If he hasn’t been sexually active for a while, you will observe it from his body language and rush during lovemaking. He will take off your wears with his hands shaking and kiss you hurriedly like a hungry lion.


A man who has not been in the sex game for a while would exhibit these signs. It is only a matter of time to figure out if he is sexually active or not.

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