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Signs Your Wife will Never Leave You



signs she will never leave her husband for You

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Women are known for their patience and tolerance in marriage. They are more intentional about keeping their marriage vows. Even when the Marital challenge is too much to bear, the majority will still want to make their marriage work.

Generally, women are more emotional and concerned about having a blissful marriage. The thought of going through a divorce and having a failed marriage is very frustrating, and it brings humiliation and shame to the woman more than the man.

If there’s anyone who will go to any length to make a home peaceful, it’s the woman. Even if her husband is not giving her everything she needs or wants, there’s a sure probability that she will stay. Perhaps you rarely have time for her anymore, and now you are scared that she might leave you. In this article, I will show you signs that she won’t leave you.

Sure signs that she won’t leave you

1. She will try to get your attention

If she is always doing anything possible to get your attention or wants to be around you all the time, it’s a sign that she still wants to keep you. She loves you and wants you around. She is not giving up on you yet.

2. She avoids quarrels

she avoids quareling

A very good sign that she won’t leave you is if she avoids every occasion of quarrels or fights. For instance, if you just came back from work and your dinner is not ready, you start scolding her, which she would have reacted to, but in this case, she quietly apologizes and promises it will never reoccur.

She will avoid anything that will lead to quarrelling and possibly cause her to leave you. She values you and will never leave you.

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3. She does everything to please you

If she always wants to please you or does things to please you and make you happy, it’s a sign she won’t leave you. She makes sure that what you want is always available, she doesn’t initiate anything that will cause provocation.

4. She compliments you

If she is always complimenting you, appreciates what you do, and compliments your handiwork, it’s also a sign that she won’t leave you. When a woman compliments her man, it simply means she values what he does and who he is.

5. She will confront you

If she confronts you about your attitude towards her. Perhaps you rarely give her attention or provide for her. She will confront you about your change in character and tell you how it’s affecting your relationship and why you should change so as to have a blissful marriage; because she cherishes what you guys have.

6. She will always be around you

playing together

Genuine love is unconditional; it doesn’t discriminate, nor does it abandon you when the journey is tough. If she is always around you, it’s a good sign she won’t leave you, because she’s not giving up on you or your marriage.

7. She assures you of her love.

One of the obvious signs she won’t leave you is if she constantly assures you of her love for you. She will intentionally remind you of how she loves you and will always love you no matter the hurdles you guys might face.

8. She makes you feel important

Does she place you above others in her life? Does she seek your approval before she commences a project, or does she value your opinion more? Then, it’s a surefire sign that she won’t leave you.

9. She is not ashamed of you

If she is not ashamed of you, and she is proud to show you off to her friends, it means she loves you dearly. Even if there’s something about you to be ashamed of, she will still be happy to be with you.

10. She flirts with you

If she is always flirting with you, or she dresses seductively just to make you guys intimate; It’s another sign that she still values what you guys share and will never leave you for another.

11. She always wants to talk to you

If she initiates a conversation almost every time you are around, that is another sign. She will always talk about her day, her experience with people, her challenges, etc. She wants you guys to engage in an intimate discussion with her.

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12. She is interested in your life

If she does everything to make your life perfect, it means she wants to stay. Does she ask you about your plans for yourself, your future, your career, and your office challenges? It’s a good sign.

13. She includes you in her future plans

If she makes plans and includes you in her plans, it’s another sign she won’t leave you. Probably she makes a plan to build a house or plans to visit her family she will include you.

14. She plans for a marriage counselling

If you guys are having Marital issues, she will suggest you visit a marriage counselor who will help you find the cause of your marital problems and resolve them peacefully. This is a clear sign, too.

15. She plans for a vacation

She will plan a vacation so that you guys can be intimate and have time to spend with each other, rekindling the love you once shared.

Final piece

If your wife truly loves you, she will do everything in her power to keep the marriage. No matter the thorns, she will always stick to you and stand by you to wipe away your tears. leaving you will be the last thing on her mind. But even if you are sure she will stay, don’t abuse or take advantage of her love for you and patience. There is also a limit to tolerance, show her all the love you can give and make her feel wanted. The more you care for her and value her, the more she will love you.

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