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The Dos & Don’ts of Virtual Dating



The Dos & Don'ts of Virtual Dating

Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

In 2023, the landscape of virtual dating continues to evolve with a significant number of people embracing online platforms to forge new connections. Surveys found that two in every five couples met online, portraying a clear shift toward digital matchmaking. 

As we navigate this new world of digital connections, understanding the etiquette of virtual dating becomes crucial. In this blog, we’ll dive into the dos and don’ts of virtual dating to ensure a positive and safe experience.

Dos of Virtual Dating

Be Genuine and Authentic

One of the most significant attributes in any relationship is authenticity. This rule doesn’t change in the virtual world. When dating online, it’s important to present your true self. Opting for dating sites without bots can ensure that your interactions are with real individuals looking for genuine connections. When a dating site prioritizes genuine user profiles over bots, it creates a more trustworthy and realistic environment. 

A genuine connection also includes avoiding filters or Photoshop on your profile pictures, in addition to how you communicate about your life, interests, and aspirations. Being genuine fosters trust and, over time, deepens the connection you can build with someone. In the virtual world, where physical cues might be missing and the presence of bots can be a concern, honesty becomes even more crucial. Remember, genuine relationships stem from truth and understanding.

Make an Effort with Your Appearance and Setting

Physical presence has its charm, but virtual dating can have its own set of aesthetics that can make the experience enjoyable. Making an effort with your appearance isn’t about being vain, it’s about showing respect for the other person. 

Dressing up a bit, putting on makeup, shaving, or even just ensuring you’re in a well-lit space can elevate the quality of your virtual interaction. Furthermore, consider your setting. A peaceful, uncluttered area may enhance the intimacy of your date. It conveys that you appreciate the time you’re spending with the other person and that you’ve taken the time to prepare.

Have a Plan and Be Creative

Virtual dating might feel restrictive to some, but with a dash of creativity, it can be just as fun, if not more, than a traditional date. Having a plan doesn’t mean scheduling every minute, but having an idea of what you’d like to do can prevent lulls in conversation or awkward silences.

This could be as simple as watching a movie together online, playing an online game, or even having a mutual cooking session where you both prepare the same dish in your respective kitchens. Having a plan showcases effort and can make the other person feel valued. And always have a backup plan. If the movie you chose isn’t available, have another one in mind. Being prepared can create a smooth flow for your date.

Don’ts of Virtual Dating

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

While being authentic is important, it’s equally essential to safeguard your personal details. The online sphere is vast, and not everyone has good intentions. As you get to know someone virtually, be cautious about the amount and nature of the information you share. Avoid giving out specifics like your home address, financial details, or other sensitive information. 

Keeping your data secure isn’t just about avoiding potential dating scams but also about ensuring your personal safety. It’s always a good rule of thumb to build trust gradually and share details when you’re confident about the person you’re communicating with.

Don’t Get Distracted During the Date

Imagine sitting in a cafe, talking to someone, and they constantly look away, fiddle with their phone, or seem lost in their thoughts. It feels dismissive, right? The same applies in the virtual world. When you’re on a virtual date, give the other person your undivided attention. Turn off unnecessary notifications, choose a time when you’re not expecting important calls, and be in the moment. This respect is reciprocal, and being attentive ensures that you truly get to know the person on the other side of the screen.

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Don’t Put Pressure on Physical Meetings

It’s natural to want to meet someone you’ve been connecting with virtually. However, it’s important to respect boundaries. Everyone has their own comfort level, especially when transitioning from virtual to in-person interactions. Avoid pressuring the other person into meeting before they’re ready. It’s also important to communicate openly about your boundaries. The best moment to move forward is when both parties are at ease. Until then, tolerance and comprehension can lay the groundwork for a future relationship.


Virtual dating, with its unique dynamics, offers us a chance to connect with people beyond our immediate surroundings. It promises possibilities but also comes with its own set of challenges. By emphasizing respect, clear communication, and a genuine understanding, we can navigate the world of online dating effectively. Embrace the journey, enjoy each interaction, and remember that every experience teaches us a little more about ourselves and what we seek in others.

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