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The Five Love Languages of Children



love language for children

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Do you know children also have love languages?

YES!! They do.No matter the age your kids are; they also have emotions flowing inside of them.

Hence, discovering your child’s love language is an important aspect of parenting. Finding your kid’s love language also helps you to know their personality.

It’s very important to know that having 4 kids doesn’t mean you should show the same love language. It is when you have known them to an extent that you’d be able to show them love in the right matter.

Most parents nowadays don’t even know the love language their children possess and it would be a shame not to know what your child likes.

Here, I will share the 5 love languages we have.

All you need to do is to keep on applying them and know the one that works for you then you’d be able to make a difference in your parent-child relationship.

Although the use of all the five love languages for children is not bad. children need all but you need to find the hidden Gold they want:

The Five Love Languages of Children

1. Physical Touch

Physical touch here includes; hugs and kisses which are the most common ways of speaking this love language. You may have made your child angry but petting the child (Using physical touch), hugging, or kissing the child can solve that. Positive words like “I love you” or ‘ I am sorry” always go in hand with this. Physical touch is very powerful in communicating, and showing love to your kids, for example tossing your 10 months old child is another way of communicating love to that child.

One way to know if your child’s love language is physical touch is when you come back from work and all you get is hugs, kisses, and so many touches from your kid(s)

2. Word of Affirmation:

In expressing love, the use of words is very important in role-playing. Words are Powerful!!!! All kids need are words of praise, affirmation, and encouragement, Words that would make your child feel special. Children love to be treated specially, even if your first child is 24 years of age he/she also deserves love and care. Positive words like “You can do it”, “you are all that matters” You are the best Gift God Gave to me”. When you continue using such words, even in their deepest challenges in life, because of those words they hear from you every day it would make them overcome life’s challenges

3. Quality Time:

Some kids are so demanding in terms of attention. Some may want you to give them undivided attention.

Quality time is not Just a Love language for kids but it’s very important.

It would be so bad for a child to feel your absence in your presence. When you spend time with them you would be able to get to know your children better.

Peradventure you’re a working dad who’s staying far from your child(ren) and your daughter’s love language is quality time, It would be very difficult to generate a solid relationship with her because she would feel you don’t love her enough even if you do.

You can spend some quality time together with your kids either by going to the beach, seeing a movie, or reading books together.

Quality time is one of the best gifts that you can give to your child.

4. Gifts

Gifts are a very powerful expression of love. Gifts have always been a symbol of love right from generation. When I was a kid I was always filled with love whenever my dad returns from a trip carrying loads of goodies.

Over 80% of children respond positively to gifts, at the same time you should know that not all children are crazy about gifts. What some need is your time or even physical touch.

5. Acts of Service

Naturally, some people’s love language is actually an act of service. This has to do with helping your child out because your child’s love language is acts of service doesn’t mean you should assist your, child, in washing dishes, cleaning the house, or doing any domestic chore

There are other ways you can express your acts of service such as

  1. a) Helping your child out with his/her assignment in school.
  2. b) Assisting your child to mend a doll’s dress
  3. c) Even Fixing a bicycle.

NOTE; As a parent, when communicating these love languages to your children it is advisable not to overdo it. So that you won’t regret it in the future.


Originally posted 2020-10-22 10:42:35.

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