The fundamentals of Dating


Therefore, Dating is the first school you must attend and graduate from before going into the labor market of RELATIONSHIP, COURTSHIP & MARRIAGE.

It’s also important to note that DATING isn’t something SERIOUS, it’s a CASUAL flow.

Don’t take someone you are DATING as the man or woman in your LIFE until you guys are SURE to be in a SOLID, WELL-DEFINED RELATIONSHIP.

Please don’t allow anyone to ENSLAVE you with the words; WE ARE DATING.

It ‘sIt’s wise also to set a TIMELINE for your Dating with a person.

For example, you might meet someone the first time and schedule a date with them. After about 90 DAYS, you should be able to REVIEW your experiences with them CONSTRUCTIVELY and in the LIGHT of God’s word and make a DECISION to either HANG with them or WALK away.

You shouldn’t go into DATING if you are not looking for who to marry or ready to marry.

Some people have entered into FORCED OR EMERGENCY MARRIAGES today because if PREGNANCY or other misfortunes occurred while DATING and before you know it, they are MAN and WIFE.

Don’t allow that to be your story. Use your HEAD.

DATING┬áis the time to study your mate’s reactions and responses to real issues. It’s the time to check their moral fiber to see if they can withstand storms and how they handle their feelings and sexual urges.

“The key to finding the right mate is first to identify the qualities and

the character that we will hold as our standard without compromise, and then evaluate the potential candidates we meet according to those standards,” says Dr. Myles Monroe.

He also went on to say:

“Out of all the people we know, out of all the friendships we develop, out of all the legitimate “possible” before us, we choose one person with whom we

wish to spend the rest of our life.”

“Couples who do not have similar life goals are not right for each other.”


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