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importance of listening in a relationship

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

The Importance of listening in a relationship should not be left untouched. We know one the foundation of every good and successful relationship is communication and without a good listening technique, good communication cannot be established.

This listening skill is important because it expresses your attention to the thought, feelings, and behavior of your partner.

It also establishes trust because your partner believes that you pay good attention to what he says whenever you are talking.

listening clears doubt for example maybe your partner hears something about you and he’s doubting your love, a good listening skill can clear doubt

It also develops patience and tolerance but how?

For example, when you’re in a heated argument or a quarrel, some partners don’t listen to the other side of their partner’s story even if he/she is willing to share and this can lead to physical abuse if not handled properly.

For instance, if the girl is on her monthly cycle, which induces pains. As a guy, you should be sensitive enough to know this is the period she needs your pampering the most.

When she starts crying don’t go asking, she questions such as; What do you want me to do now? Bro, pull her into your arms, give her whatever she asks, and if you can’t afford a particular craving of hers’, cook for her.

Hence when there’s a good listening skill he/she tends to be patient and listen to you.`

10 Ways to Improve your listening skills

1.making frequent eye contact when talking

2.asking questions directly (don’t beat around the bush and expect he/she to understand your point your partner is not a mind reader

3.listening to understand

4.nodding your head to make he/she know you’re following

5.not bringing argument halfway through the talking session

6.Avoiding angry stares and body language…

7. Avoid cutting into the conversation, sometimes, it makes one forget the vital point

8. Be open-minded, refuse to assume anything in your head so that you don’t understand according to your assumption because they say “Assumption is the mother of all fuck up”

9.Try to play according to the emotions, don’t be emotionless, sympathize with your partner if need be, this shows you’re together.

10. Be willing to share every opportunity with her, communication is one, appreciate her talks.

11. Don’t try to be judgmental after listening but make headways.

12. Not making your partner feel inferior.

No one said it’s mandatory to go along with whatever your partner bring to the table

In conclusion, giving them a chance to voice their opinions on certain important issues or, deliberating over vital decisions together, gives him or her a sense of makes them feel relevant and loved.


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Originally posted 2020-07-02 10:31:32.

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