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4 Reasons Pelvic Floor Exercises are Essential



d Reasons Pelvic Floor Exercises are Essential

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Do you have a strong pelvic floor? This article talks about how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and why that might be important to you.

When it comes to hitting the gym, most of us picture bulging arms and legs. We don’t think about our pelvic muscles. In fact, this region of the body is just as important as strengthening your abs and glutes. Exercising this area of the body keeps you healthier into old age, particularly for those women of menopause age. Here is what you need to know to strengthen your pelvic floor.

How to Train Your Pelvic Floor?

A set of Kegel weights can help you train your muscles. You place these into the vagina using lubrication. You then tighten and lift your pelvis to squeeze the balls. You hold the contraction for a few seconds and then release. You can even insert them and go about your day. These weights were popularised by Fifty Shades of Grey and similar TV shows. Men can complete these Kegel exercises without weights.

The 4 Reasons Pelvic Floor Exercises are Vital

How important is it for you to train those pelvic floor muscles? These 4 reasons should help you decide.

1 – Sexual Function

As humans age, they begin to lose control over the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles surround the pelvic area, supporting the bladder and bowel. A healthy pelvic floor area means healthy bladder and bowel functioning… but it also affects your sexual functioning. Both men and women can experience a lack of libido, pressure on the bowels and bladder, and other uncomfortable downstairs issues that prevent sex.

2 – Bladder Control

Your pelvic floor muscles are those which your body relies on for bladder control. When your pelvic floor weakens, other organs can press onto your bladder and make you feel uncomfortable. You could be back and forth to the toilet all day just because the walls that separate your lower organs aren’t strong enough. Strengthen your pelvis to improve your bladder weakness problems later in life. This is especially true of women who have experienced pregnancy.

3 – Bowel Control

When elderly people experience bowel control problems, it is usually because of issues with the pelvic floor. When the muscles that surround the bowel weaken, they can start to relax too much throughout the day. This results in leaking bowels which cause embarrassment. It’s uncomfortable to sit in such a state, and it makes the person feel undignified. Exercises on your pelvic floor muscles now can save this potential issue in old age.

4 – Preventing Prolapse

In the worst cases, the area can prolapse, and the organs start to move outside of the body. When prolapse starts to happen, the organs bulge around the genital area. The urethra becomes extended, meaning you will have problems urinating correctly or fully. This leads to a late in your lifetime parade of running back and forth to the toilet and feeling uncomfortable downstairs.

Pelvic floor exercises are an important part of overall health as you age. Is it time you started doing your exercises?

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