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Top Casino and Gambling Quotes



Top Casino and Gambling Quotes

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

As of late, more and more people seek perfect entertainment online. It can’t be denied that most Internet users spend their time on social media, but there are also those who enjoy exploring online gaming options. For example, we can see the growth of Michigan residents who like to spend their free time browsing through MI online casinos and other similar gambling sites, looking for the best games and the most optimal promotions.

We also have a similar situation in New Jersey, where NJ online casino sites are gaining more popularity than ever before. Additionally, the impact of this particular online entertainment can also be seen on social media. As a matter of fact, both influencers and “regular” users seem to be sharing more casino and gambling quotes than ever before. 

What is more, casino quotes for Instagram or Facebook have been used by many people around the world without them actually realizing what these quotes are about. Mainly, people find that most casino quotes can be applied to other aspects of their lives as well.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most famous quotes from casino that are so much more than a simple motivation for passionate gamblers.

“If You Don’t Gamble, You’ll Never Win”

This famous quote by Aldous Huxley is probably the main motto of every online or land-based bettor. Whenever in doubt if they should trust their instincts in a casino famous quotes like this one can help any gambler decide what to do. However, what it actually means is that you can never achieve something unless you leave your comfort zone and try something new. 

Even though it may not seem so, but quote like this one can be applied to

  • Gambling decisions
  • Decisions at work
  • Love life
  • And even as trivial as deciding if you want to try out a new restaurant or not. 

Furthermore, these types of sayings are often used as good luck casino quotes for new players who are testing out their luck for the first time. 

“Quit While You’re Ahead. All The Best Gamblers Do.”

Another popular quote on this list comes from Baltasar Gracian. It’s interesting that this Spanish prose writer and philosopher lived in the 17th century. And his popular quote can be used even today by modern gamblers. This saying tell us a lot about restraint when gambling and how experienced bettors should always know when to stop, even when they are on a winning streak.

“Oh, It’s Not Really Gambling When You Never Lose.”

The next quote on our list comes from the popular actress Jennifer Aniston. Even though many bettors would categorize this saying as funny casino quotes, to comfort the players who tend to lose often, there is actually a hidden meaning to it. This quote sends a message that you also learn even when you lose. And that losing is a part of life that is as normal as winning. 

“If There Weren’t Luck Involved, I Would Win Every Time.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the quotes on this list comes from a man who won the World Series of Poker 16 times. And unlike other casino quotes funny reactions can be expected whenever gambling fans hear this one. Everyone knows that luck has pretty much everything to do with winning when you are gambling. However, some people think that for experienced gamblers, luck doesn’t play any kind of significant factor. But this simply isn’t true. No, matter how much they improve their skills, luck will always be a determining factor when gambling. And this is what Phil Hellmuth wanted for all beginners to understand before they start playing in poker tournaments.

“If you never bluff, you’ll rarely get called. If you bluff all the time, you’ll always get called.”

Another quote by the famous poker player is primarily aimed at fans of this card game. What he means is that you should always stay unpredictable. This way, your opponents will never know your next move. 

“Poker, A Day To Learn And A Lifetime To Master.”

Even though this quote by Robert Williamson III is pretty self-explanatory, it can also apply to many other things in life. For example, if you are good at playing football, you can try every day to practice even more to be the best in the world. The true meaning of this quote is that you can learn a certain skill in no time, but you should keep on practicing it to come to the top.


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