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types of prostitute

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be treating the different types of Prostitutes. Before delving in-depth on the types of prostitution, you need to know what prostitution is all about in detail.

What is Prostitution?

Prostitution is a business where people engage in sexual activity to earn money or profit. It is one of the world’s oldest profession/career. Prostitutes were also found in the bible even before the birth of JESUS. Other terms used in describing prostitution/prostitutes are commercial sex, Harlot, hookup, a whore, puta, slut, sexual service.

A person who engages in prostitution is called a prostitute. Every prostitute usually has a price tag, which may be able to be bargained.

These are the names of what some countries call a prostitute.

a.In Nigeria a prostitute is often referred to as Ashewo, Olosho, Okpò etc.

One thing so many people don’t understand is when you have sex for the purpose of gratification, then it becomes PROSTITUTION. You don’t have to work in a brothel before you become a prostitute. Just your attitude and approach towards sex can make you a prostitute.

According to WIKIPEDIA, there are over 42 million prostitutes in The world. Prostitution is very deep and wide because through prostitution quite a number of ladies turned to porn celebrity.

Types of Prostitutes

1.Brothel Prostitutes

A brothel is a House of prostitution. It is a house where people exchange sex for MONEY. All these sexual activities are usually bargained at the brothel (depending on the time and how the person wants it ). Getting a brothel is illegal in The United States but the only Licensed brothels are targeted at Nevada.

In various brothels across the countries, people that engage in prostitution are usually not within the states where the brothel is found. Ladies who are found in brothels are shameless about their career.

2.Hotel Prostitutes:

Due to the face that running a brothel is against the country’s policy, many lovers of PROSTITUTION have switched to a different location.

Nowadays, prostitutes give out their contacts to hotel receptionists to make themselves readily available to any customer that would want to entertain them.  In some hotels, people pay a little fee before they could get a girl to lay with.

Hotel Prostitution is very common nowadays because when you go to a hotel and demand for a harlot, they would always give you a positive response.

3.Club House/Casino/Bar Prostitute:

Over 40% of girls found in clubs are prostitutes. During the old days, clubs were meant for the MARRIED. Now you don’t need to get a contact from the receptionist or go to a brothel.  All you need to do it to go to a club and make your choice. The CLUB is now a center for immorality.

The first step of into prostitution is going to a bar/club (where we have social gatherings)

4.Escort Agency Employee:

These are agency of personnel that deals with a prostitute. All you need to do is to get the contact of an escort agency, call him/her bargain and make your choice on the woman you want to carry.

Escort agencies are usually high in the price, unlike brothel where you pay as you GO. Escort agencies usually provide services most especially for the RICH and The FOREIGNERS.

The price is usually high because the money is usually divided into two; One for the prostitute and the other for the escort agency. The escort agency would be the one to pay the wages to the prostitute.


These are ladies who make themselves known and available to the public. They are open commercial-sex-workers. They are mostly found in cities/urban settlement. They are found in streets, junctions, roundabouts, and prominent roads in  Cities.

They solicit customers who are passing on the road either by foot or automobile. Streetwalkers are one of the cheapest prostitutes you can find amongst all other types of prostitutes.  Many who are into street prostitution are drug addicts, or even into pilferage. (so some may want to have sex so they could use the money to buy addictive drugs)

Those who are into street prostitution can go to the extent of performing their services in the car, roadside, dark corners, hotels, alleys, or doorway depending on the bargaining strike.

Streetwalkers are the most dangerous set of prostitutes to toil with. Research has shown that over 65% of prostitutes that get arrested are streetwalkers.

6.Relationship partner or Spouse Prostitution:

This may seem ridiculous but YES!! There are girlfriends that want you to give them money before or after having a sexual affair with them. This is prostitution in DISGUISE. Likewise, any woman that starves his husband for sex because of materials things or money is also called a prostitute.

Some girls may even want to date a guy just because of MONEY because she knows she has her body to sacrifice in exchange for it.

7.Porn Stars:

Porn Stars are persons that engage in sexual activity through a media with the aim of entertaining viewers and making a profit. They go far as having sex on a LIVE CAM. They are so many porn companies that pay any potential prostitute who would want to become a porn actress. PORN acting has made so many women rich and become influential in the world.

###prostitution is not the way forward!! You lose value when you do it.  IF you are financially challenged!! Develop a SKILL and follow the success equation then you’ll see yourself smiling.


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