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Ways to Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship & Sex Life



Last Updated on October 1, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

Your relationship with your partner or spouse is one of the most important ones in your life, if not the most important. When you first got together, you wanted to be with them all the time. You called and texted each other the whole day. You thought about each other day and night.

The passion was not only mental and emotional. It was also physical. You might have done it every day, even several times a day.

So, what happened?

This article will talk about the reasons we lose passion and provide tips on how to reignite it.

Routine Sets In

As time passes, routine sets in, and the passion starts to fade. Things just aren’t new anymore. This tends to happen in the first or second year of the relationship.

Real Life

Real life happens, to put it succinctly. At the beginning, your partner was your focus. With time, you began to prioritize other things, like work or hobbies. If you had children together, they became priority. Maybe your other family did. This happens, whether justified or not.

You might have started struggling with a health issue or financial problems. These complications can take the gloss away from the relationship, reducing it to a dull matte.

You Stopped Trying

Relationships take work. If you’ve been on autopilot, loss of passion is an inevitable consequence. This includes neglecting one’s physical appearance. You or your partner simply might not look as good as you did at the beginning of the relationship. This results in loss of interest.

Another factor is resentment. If your partner committed some sort of transgression, you might hold a grudge or vice versa.

Ways to Reignite the Passion

Letting go of the grudge is an obvious step. Before you take it, though, it’s important to communicate. Talk about how you feel and try not to get into a fight. You need to work together to restore the passion.

Make Your Sex Life a Priority

Make your partner your target and goal. Prioritize them over your work or hobbies for a change. It will do wonders. Make time for them consciously – it’s one of the kindest gestures. They deserve your attention. Take a trip together or just do something cozy and comfortable at home, like cooking or watching a movie.

Get Physical

Passion has three components – don’t neglect the physical one! By this, we mean regaining intimacy to reignite the spark. Kiss them, hug them, or squeeze their arm gently. Touch and caress them when you can – as long as the situation is appropriate.

Rekindle Sexual Interest

There is no shortage of ways to rekindle sexual passion. You might even be familiar with most, but you don’t want to try them for some reason. Maybe you feel embarrassed or are worried they will reject you. Don’t let that stop you. Spend time on foreplay, don’t be afraid to use sex toys. Be curious about their body, make sex a priority, and vary the positions. Silicone dildos for example are popular body-safe sex toys which you can buy online at

As you work on this, try to remember the passion you had. What provoked it? It was more than youth and novelty – if that had been all, you would have split up by now. Remember the intensity and the good times. Think about what you used txo do and try doing it again. Your partner is the same person. You can relive those experiences.

Show Curiosity

We ask questions and want to know everything about our partners at the start of a sex life. You can have that again. Ask them how their day went – it’s as simple as that. If they answer with a simple “ok” or “terrible,” don’t give up. Ask what they liked or hated about their day. If they start complaining about something, don’t blame them for whatever happened, even if you feel it was their fault.

Not wanting to listen to your partner is a big problem. It’s also impossible to expect them to want to listen to you.

Show Appreciation

Show appreciation and gratitude for the positive things they do. Make it a point of saying “thank you” or making a compliment whenever they do something to deserve it. This will make them feel special and cherished again as they did initially.

Be Romantic and Flirt

Send them a loving text, buy flowers, make breakfast in bed, give them a massage, leave love notes, write a poem, flirt, or tell them what you love about their personality. A little bit of flirting never hurts a relationship. Make more eye contact, send a naughty text, tease and touch them, and smile.

Change Things Up

All couples need variety. If you always go to the same bar, try a new one. Go to a different restaurant or go for a walk in a new place. Start going out on dates if you stopped. Set aside one night a week or every ten days to go out with your partner.

Surprise Them

A surprise now and then can also work wonders for passion. You could buy a surprise gift, get off work early to see them, send an unexpected message, or plan a surprise meal out. You could also drop by unannounced at their work to see them – just make sure it won’t be awkward for them.

You Need Work Too

It’s not just the relationship that needs work – the people in it do as well. Both partners need to build self-esteem and confidence. You need positive energy to feel and look your best and reignite the passion.

We mentioned grudges and resentment earlier. This issue kills passion like nothing else. You need to think about why you’re holding a grudge and if it’s warranted. In other words, is it worth destroying the relationship over? Once you work out your feelings, discuss them with your partner. Sort out any grudges they might be harboring toward you.

It Comes and Goes

Fluctuations are present in every relationship, and you can’t expect lust and passion the whole time. It’s only a problem when they’re never there.


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