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Sex Education

 What to Teach Your Child In Sex Education



sex education

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

The sudden rampage of rape and other sexual abuse of young people is horrible and inhuman. Sex education is something parents cannot overlook. I know that our parents forgot to teach us about sex education. But we cannot afford to make that mistake. If you want to help and save your children from the rape pandemic, then you must teach them sex education. There is a rise in sexual perverts and you must help guide your children through sexual education. I have always said that parenting is about being intentional. You can check out my article on HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD

If you leave your child to chance, then you will raise a nuisance who will make mistakes in life. Likewise, you cannot trust schools to teach your child sex education because some teachers do not even know what to do.

What is sex Education?

Sex education according to Planned Parenthood is high-quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topics related to sex and sexuality, exploring values and beliefs about those topics, and gaining the skills that are needed to navigate relationships and manage one’s sexual health. It is simply teaching your children about their sexual organs and how to use them.

It teaches them how to set boundaries. How to say no? I remember the story of how a man raped twins. How? The man promised one of the twin 200NGN to have sex with her and she agreed. After some time, the other twin came to the man and said I want money as well. She said give me money and also sleep with me. When I heard it, I shivered. And surprisingly, that is how many young people were abused.

However, compare this story to that of another child who immediately told her mom about the man who touched her buttocks. The man was shocked that the little girl of about 3 years could report such an act. The child’s mom said she taught her child to report anyone who touches her in inappropriate places. That is sex education in simple terms.SEX EDUCATION TIPS

SEX EDUCATION: When and what to teach your child

While there is no fast and easy route to teaching your child sex education, I will be providing a guide to know what to teach your child at every stage. It will also take away the anxiety most parents feel if you know what to teach. Because most parents feel uncomfortable, but you must do it uncomfortable and afraid.

Ages 1-4  

  • Teach your child about his/her sexual organs (call sexual organs by their proper names):
  • Teach them the difference between good touch and bad touch: bad touch will be when a stranger touches your daughter’s breast or vagina. Also, bad touch will be when a lady touches or fondles your son’s penis.
  • Teach your child where to sit when an adult carries him/her: let your child know that he/she is not allowed to sit on strangers’ thighs. Because this is how touching and fondling happens.
  • Teach your child to report any unusual touch: at this stage, children are trusting and can easily share their thoughts. Let your child know that he/she can tell you about any unusual touch from family, friends, or strangers.

Ages 5-8

  • teach your child the difference between hug and fondling
  • let them know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate contents (porn, sex movies, and images)

Ages 9-11

  • Let them know the changes that come with puberty
  • Teach them about dating and crushes
  • Let them know about sex and reproduction
  • Let them know about their sexual health


  • Teach them the dangers of pre-marital sex
  • Answer questions that are bugging them
  • Teach them safety and consent

Why teach sex education?

The simple answer is Safety. Your child will be safe from consuming the wrong information from friends, the internet, and even terrible relatives. The sooner you teach them sex education, the sooner you take charge. It prevents your child from malicious, offensive information. By teaching your child sex education, you will prevent them from the following:

  • Inappropriate content in movies, TV shows, and advertisements: the media is full of provocative content that can alter the mindset of your child. If you teach your child sex education, you are helping your child avoid these provocative contents. You have to teach your child the power of graphics over the mind. And let your child understand that it helps sanity to steer away from provocative images.
  • Internet pornography: the internet has a way of luring young people into porn. Some websites trick people into viewing porn videos. Therefore you must teach your child sex education.
  • The rising trend of sexting: sexting is using a sexual word in texting and chatting. However, with sex education, your child can protect him/herself from sexting.
  • Sexual peer pressure: peers have a way of influencing your child. If you do not arm your child with the right information, then his/her peer will do it for you. And the result will cause great harm to your child. It is not unusual to find teenagers daring themselves to try sex or send a nude picture. This is why you have to teach your child sex education.
  • Sexual harassment: if you teach your child what sexual harassment means, then you will help your child stay safe from perverts. Let your child know that your communication lines are always open. Also, your child should know the difference between sexual harassment and what to do in the case of attempted sexual harassment or sexual harassment.
  •  Rape: sex education will help your child draw the line between rape and consent. The cases of rape that the world is facing currently hang on the issue of consent. Let your child know that unless there is consent, then it is rape.

So go ahead. Shun the embarrassment and anxiety. Just teach your child sex education.


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