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what to text a guy you like

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Joshua Isibor


Feelings can be overwhelming and often difficult to express. What to text a guy you like can pose to be such a hassle! In some cases, you end up typing or writing an epistle with excellent content and still dispose of them for lack of confidence. Communicating our in-depth desires is a feat we all want to accomplish. When we eventually do this, we get an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

When you like someone, things become way messier. The issues of the heart are sensitive, especially in case of love or likeness. For instance, when you are mad at someone, you can quickly get it off your chest, but when it comes to the part of the heart where love is involved, you are tongue-tied.

A guy texting a girl is not the same as when a girl is texting a guy. Same as when confessing love to someone, girls are usually less confident. This is because of the rejection factor. Society has made it look like it’s the guy that should always confess. When a girl likes a guy, she often lacks the courage to speak, so she only drops hints. Fortunately, the guy gets the tip and responds positively; he takes the lead and does the confessing. Then she concurs to it and tells him she liked him all along.


Before texting, you know to understand the kind of person he is: his likes, dislikes, interests, and the necessary social things about him. You may think this isn’t important, but imagine getting a milk candies box for a lactose-intolerant guy. Or, getting all Shakespeare on a guy who knows nothing about poetry. You will miss the entire purpose of the text, which is communication.

Things to consider when texting the guy you like

The main aim of your text is to communicate your feelings to a guy you like. Thus, you must ensure you express your information correctly.

  • What to text a guy you like cannot be too bashful else you may scare him off.
  • Make use of neutral tones at the onset.
  • Don’t flirt with him if you aren’t interested in the possible outcome.
  • I understand the feelings may be overwhelming, but you need to exercise caution.
  • Make it simple but classic and hit the right notes in your wordings.
  • Know him enough to understand what sort of words will get to him and make him want to look at your text with smiles and consideration.
  • Please don’t put him in a problematic situation by emotionally blackmailing him in your text. Instead, make it easy for him to choose and also create room for consideration.
  • In your text, make room for a time. Give the guy time to think it over.
  • Endeavor to let him know you will support whatever decision he makes at the end

To further aid your text, I’ll drop a few examples of texts you can send to a guy you like for a start.

  • You were looking outstanding today. Anyways you look good every day. I just wanted to let you know.
  • Should I be thinking about you? Oh well, here I am daydreaming about you.
  • Hey, I don’t mean to be bold. But being in your arms won’t be such a bad idea, nor would it?
  • You are always there at every turn. Thank you. However, what i’d love most is being there with me.
  • Yesterday was enjoyable. My only desire is to live every day like that for more years to come.
  • Anything from going out to dinner as usual or just staying in at your place and doing something else? It will always be unique as far as you are there.
  • I’d love to express to you all about how attractive you are. I just don’t want to be too obvious about it.
  • Do you indeed exist? Because someone like you looks like a fairytale appearing real
  • I wouldn’t dare watch a scary movie, but I do it with you because I feel super safe around you
  • I can’t fall asleep because you’re on my mind
  • When can I see you again?
  • Do you know, you are the most exciting person I have ever met





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