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What You Need to Know About Joint Pain



Last Updated on February 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Bones form the body’s main structure. Joints are points where these bones connect, with every joint having several structures and features that make it possible for your bones to move smoothly relative to each other. Joint pain is a very common occurrence, and it causes lots of causes. Injuries, weight gain, exercise and ageing can all cause varying levels of joint pain and issues. If you have joint pain, here are some things you need to know about its causes and potential remedies.

Joint Pain Can Vary in Intensity

Joint pain can manifest as a mild discomfort to soreness and pain that causes mobility issues. Chronic joint pain can also vary in intensity, with the distinct difference between it and acute pain being that chronic pain is long term. You have it for more than a few months, and some even have chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

A common cause of chronic joint pain is arthritis, with various treatments like different types of arthritis injections meant to alleviate the stiffness, discomfort and pain associated with the condition.

Minor joint pain can limit activity levels, but severe pain can be debilitating. The pain can also intensify during periods of activity, especially for those who have not sought any medical help.

Cause of Joint Pain

The areas of the body where joint pain is more likely to occur include the back, hips, jaw, shoulders, wrists, fingers, hands, knees, and ankles.

While there are other causes of pain in the joints, the most common cause is inflammation. Inflammation is one of the immune responses in your body and these responses can lead to pain, redness and swelling.

These immune responses can affect the ligaments, muscles tendons, cartilage and bone thereby causing pain where the bones meet which is the joint.

Arthritis remains the most common cause of joint pain, and it does cause inflammation in the joints. Other causes include injuries and several conditions, diseases, and illnesses.

Treating Joint Pain

When treating joint pain, you need to know its cause. If the pain is caused by inflammation, a doctor might recommend pain medication as well as anti-inflammatory medication. In some cases, the cause of the pain is a lack of synovial fluid in the joints. Synovial fluid provides lubrication between joints, keeps them working smoothly and cushions them so they are not running against each other.

In cases where this is the cause of your joint pain, a doctor might recommend Injection Therapy. The doctor will inject hyaluronic acid into the problematic joints to increase the amount of fluid between them, thus alleviating the pain.

Hyaluronic acid injections are safe, effective and act very fast. You can learn more about them at


where you can also see the different conditions these injections can help with.

Preventing Joint Pain

It is possible to reduce the occurrence and intensity of joint pain. Some interventions that work include exercise and movement that strengthens the muscles around the joints as well as weight loss which reduces the strain your weight puts on joints such as the knees.

Joint pain can be devastating, especially when it affects your quality of life and makes everyday activities harder. With proper medical attention and treatments, it is possible to live a comfortable life with few joint pain incidences.

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