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Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively?



Why Do Guys Kiss Aggressively?

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Have you ever wondered why your man or guy kissed you so aggressively? To the extent that you keep asking why he did that. Have you experienced the hotness of aggressive kissing and the doubts it leaves in your heart? The pushing to the wall? Lips-locking? Neck-licking? Weird lizard-tongue darting? Unending kisses on your body: your ear lobe, neck, cheeks, chin, nose, and other parts that take your breath away?

The part that comes like a missile from all these ancient wars? Like he is going to eat you alive? The vampire bite? Ouch! That hurts! Lol! I doubt you still want more or want to keep it slow and steady.

You know your guy is a good kisser, but you don’t understand why he kisses you so aggressively without letting you kiss back. You keep wondering what is wrong and why he keeps doing that. You try to talk to or make him see that you are not getting the messages he is trying to communicate, but he chooses to keep doing that. You are not alone on this. We understand that feeling it gives and all those questions in your heart.

In this article, we have extensively researched different personalities and come up with eight (8) reasons why guys kiss aggressively and some healthy tips to help you control it.

What Does it Mean to Kiss Aggressively?

Some researchers said that aggressive kissing, in some way, is a form of showing love, romance, passion or affection, sexual attraction or activity to others, or a way to run away from their partners or problems or control their anger, jealousy, or pains

Aggressive Kissing is when a kiss becomes forceful, belligerent, violet, combative, or aggressive.

Some might end up biting or inflicting wounds on your lips while doing so. Aggressive kissing comes in different forms.

On the other hand, kissing is an expression of love, emotions, passion or affection, romance, respect, greeting, good luck, or sexual activity. It symbolizes your deep love for a particular individual and how connected you two are to each other. 

To kiss aggressively means there is more to what the person is trying to communicate than kissing, which shows love and affection. Not all aggressive kissing is terrible, and some can also mean expressing oneself romantically and deriving satisfaction from sexual intimacy with your partners.

8 Reasons Why Guys Kiss Aggressively

1. Urgent Need for Sexual Satisfaction with You.

I called this the “long-distance urgent” kiss. This occurs when you two haven’t seen each other for a long time, and you two have been involved in these romantic chats and all these “I can’t wait to see you” butterfly feelings. The desire, the urge, and the sexual appetite that have not been fed for a long time might push him to kiss you so aggressively that you beg for breath. 

Let me tell you a secret: my boyfriend is one hell of a guy who can put you in the mood while kissing aggressively. This is one thing that shows that he has been thinking about me and has this unquenchable desire to have me by his side. And when he does that, you know that kind of white-hot passion that fused a couple and promised to keep their bond toasty for a long haul. I really can’t get enough of that.

So, if your guy kisses you like this and you have been practicing a long-distance relationship, it means he misses you so much and desires to have you again and again.

Although not all guys can kiss so aggressively, even though they haven’t seen you in a long time, some can control their feelings very well, while others’ inability to control their sexual urges makes them kiss you so hard. And some guys always do that whenever they are about to ejaculate. To reach his peak of releasing sperm, he might need to kiss you violently to help him do so, and after that, he will resort to that gentle, lovely bird.

2. He might Still Be An Amateur in the Game

Ouch! I know how it hurts when your guy keeps kissing you, and you do not get anything at all. Like he keeps making those “husky” sounds that want to make you throw up and scream, “Get your mouth off me!” Well, not everyone dating is a pro at this kind of thing.

Some need to learn, and this also happens in marriage. Not every guy can kiss well or know what to do in that situation. The only thing he can do then is kiss you so aggressively, thinking he is doing it right. To you, we know he is getting it all wrong.

All you have to do is understand that he is still an amateur in this game, and you need to sit him down and tell or teach him how to do that. You can recommend a kissing movie or download some good videos on kissing on YouTube. Remember, don’t scare him off like a scared little cat while doing so. Just play the good girl and have that love every amateur wants to have.

3. Nature of Their Job/Work.

Yeah! This is one of the reasons why some guys kiss aggressively: the nature of their jobs/work is getting in the way. Imagine a truck pusher or weightlifter or someone who does a hard job daily starting a slow, sweet, tender, luxurious, sexy give-and-take kiss with you. He might turn out to drag your neck and suck the hell out of you, thinking you are enjoying it.

It is advisable to slow him down and get your breath. Lol! I’m kidding. You need to let him know that you are not his work or job but someone who looks like him. You are a human, not a doll or a teddy bear. Let him know this is not a war but a long, romantic love story. I bet he would get the message and take things slowly next time.

4. He might be looking for an opportunity for it.

Guys are opportunists, and they love the shock that comes with it—kissing you when your mind is somewhere or when you are busy with another thing. Or when he has been ignored or stranded for a kiss for a long time. He might give you this smile, and next thing, he leaves you asking some sort of question. Before you know it, he kisses you so violently and flees.

On the other hand, some ladies love that part a lot. Sometimes, it depends on the message you give to him whenever he does that. Whether you love it or not, this makes him go deeper every time he finds the opportunity to kiss you. And I tell you, it would be so aggressive and hot.

5. when offended or as a form of apology.

Some men, naturally, have the attitude of dominating when they are angry or sorry for whatever happened, especially in this couple’s conflict. They use this as a medium to channel their agitation, anger, pain, obsession, and jealousy or apologize when kissing you. And that kiss always turns out to be an aggressive one to think of.

Peradventure, they may see it as a form of punishment or apology towards you. In this lady’s group I am in, someone said:

Some guys won’t say sorry or change their minds when they are angry but will kiss the hell out of you, depending on the situation.”

This is the only way he knows how to do so, and it is up to you to decide which one he is trying to pass on to you.

6. He probably wants to get away from You

Some guys engage in this kind of kiss when they want to run away from you. This leaves you so pissed off, and the worst is they don’t want to hear or listen to whatever or how you feel about it. 

One thing you need to know is to find out what is wrong. Why does he want to get away from you? Where are you not getting it, and what is the reason he is acting like that? This will help you know the next step to take.

7. They might be busy or not in the mood for it.

When a guy is not in the mood for a kiss, he tends to give you a quick, aggressive kiss to avoid offending you. At that point, he is trying to please you, not himself. This might be some problems he faces in his life, at work, or other things that give him a headache.

It would be best if you did not worry about this, but try to find out why he is acting that way. He might initially hesitate to tell you, but just let him know that you love him and are always there for him. He might open up to you, and this helps a lot.

8. He gets the wrong message that you’re enjoying it.

This is also one of the reasons guys kiss so aggressively without getting the entire message. It occurs when you, as a lady, tend to enjoy aggressive kissing, but your partner can’t do it right because you are passing the wrong message to him.

You might know he is overdoing it, but you choose to stay that way even though you are unhappy about it. Your inability to observe your partner’s mood, emotions, and sexual gestures might give them the wrong information about what they are doing.

You can tell him that you love to be kissed aggressively, but not how he is doing it. With time, he will adjust to the pattern you want and give you that hot, violent kiss that makes you want to think again.

A Word from Relationship Seeds.

Aggressive kissing is one of the types of kisses we have seen a lot due to the hunger, drive, and urges that surge it, not minding whether we are doing it right or even getting the message.

It might be amazing sometimes or become a barrier in our relationship or marriage. If you are the type that enjoys aggressive kissing, it won’t be a problem to take charge or teach your partner when he is not getting it right. But mind you, not all partners also enjoy this kind of kiss. You have to make sure you are not selfish or demanding, leaving him devastated whenever you two meet. This also goes for the guys.

Secondly, if your partner is obsessed with that, you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with him, and if you need to see a therapist, you can do so, but only if he agrees. Don’t force him to see anyone, please.

Thirdly, you have to be careful whenever he starts that with you, especially if you don’t like it, to avoid raping or inflicting wounds on you. It would also be best to involve him in slow kissing techniques and romantic lip-locking. This will help him calm down and play with you without dragging your lips out. 

Finally, let him understand that you are his woman, and he can have you at any time without engaging in aggressive kissing. 

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