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Why money is not always important in a relationship



why money is not always important in a relationship

Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

It is important to know that money is just a tool and at the same time not always important in a relationship. So many people, especially the men: think that they must be financially stable to chases after women, which is a very wrong idea.

While some ladies this that a rich man is always the perfect man for her. Here are


1.Money can’t save a dying relationship

Money is a tangible part of every relationship but it can’t save a relationship that is dying especially issues of the heart which money can’t buy…Money can't save a dying relationship

Some people think that if they are having issues in their relationship all they need to do is buy their partners gifts or send them money but in a case of a dying relationship which is emotionally tasking to revive because it requires truth, honesty, time and good listening and communication these factors are what money can’t no matter what …

.money can only save a dying relationship if the main reason for the relationship is because of money…

2.Money Attracts False Emotions

The relationship between money and our minds are like two strings knit together. Money has the power to unconsciously remote feelings and emotions. Many relationships today are built on the foundation of money than love itself. Couples may or may not be conscious of this.

We tend to feel we’re in love easily when we get whatever we want. Come to think of receiving expensive gifts, shopping, and whatever it is. Now let’s take a flip to the other side, where the money is the cause of all arguments.

You might feel your partner is not being romantic by buying you a flower or going out to lovely places. All these lead to money matters.

I was in a relationship where our happiness was driven only when we both had money. Most at times, we find ourselves being romantic because the was something to spend with. We always have issues whenever there is a financial attracts false emotion

Happiness can be bought because, when you get her that very nice hair, she’s happy. When you give him an expensive phone as a present, he showers you with more love. When you grant her every money request, you are called the best man in the world.

Other times when he says he has other plans and cannot get your mom a birthday present. And then tell him you have no money while his son a sickbed.

And then you’ll understand what I meant when I say money attracts false emotions.

You could either fall in fall with him or her or it could just be the money. Without pushing harder, we all are familiar with the results of these kinds of relationships.

3. Money Cannot Buy Love.

Money has become an essential part of life. It has made its way into love and relationships. To some, it is only a basic necessity while to others, it is the foundation.

It wouldn’t be an exaggerated expression or a wrong assertion to say that almost everyone works for money. Money is very essential, and a currency of intrinsic value with which debts are payable and new things acquired.

However, regardless of its seeming value, money cannot buy love. Love is a natural feeling of attraction and total acceptance for someone or thing. Love cannot be forced or bought. To love someone, you bear their interest at heart and want the best for them. Money can buy houses, designer bags, shoes, and other material things but not love. Love is not a commodity you can buy from the market or mall. Affection is earned not bought. Love is a natural endearment for someone. Love requires total trust and sacrifice for someone.

Most people have the misconception that money can fix every problem. This has led to failed relationships and marriages as people, for the love of money reach a binding agreement or oath to be together. Money does not heal a broken heart either does it prevent sadness, anger, or fear. True love casts out fear and heals a broken heart. A good number of wealthy people have made known their feeling of emptiness and sadness. This further explains that money is not a key to genuine happiness. True love begets happiness and gives peace of mind. Love is a feeling and not a material item.

4. Money can’t buy love.

Money, as a matter of importance, cannot buy true love. True love doesn’t depend on feeble things as money. However, we must also understand that money is an indispensable factor in a relationship.

Money makes the world go round, and it is vital to the relationship’s welfare. If money is an issue in a relationship, it will still not break it except one party gets greedy. And decides he/she can’t take it anymore.

Conclusively, I will love to ask you this question, do you know the ultimate reason why relationships break is commitment. No matter what the issue is, no matter how terrible the situation is, as long as both couples decide to stay committed to the relationship, it will not break.

Before now, I used to think cheating was the highest thing that can break a relationship. On the other hand, that has overtime proved to be false. I have seen couples with cheating problems overcome it and come out stronger. Therefore, money is far smaller an issue to cheating.

5. Money can’t save a relationship.

Money can’t save a relationship, and I asked Juliet again, just how loud do you need me to scream it. Juliet was a beautiful 27year old blonde. She was a hairstylist with a few career accomplishments to her name.

However, it seems she keeps meeting the wrong ones. That is to say, it was like a plague. All the men she ever dated were terrible eggs. And now, just like in times past, another descendant of Adam has broken her heart. The funny thing is that she thought money could save this relationship.

I have subsequently told people times and again that a relationship is not like a practical science run in a chemistry laboratory where there is a guideline of how the scientist should run things and the outcome is

specific. Also, what works for a relationship may not necessarily work for the other. Therefore, it is only when the persons involved in a relationship are ‘money people’ or money-conscious people that money

can save their relationship.

If you have a money problem, then you need a money solution. However, if you have a love problem, what you need is more love. A relationship is not a business enterprise. Even in a failing business enterprise, only money can’t also save it.

What the business lacks may be proper management, Branding, advertisement, to mention a few. Not all failing businesses need money, but all failing businesses need investment. My point is, a relationship is

not a business enterprise, so you don’t need money to run it. And, that means you don’t need money to save it.

6. A salary doesn’t define a person

The amount of money in your bank doesn’t define who you are but the character does.

Money can make you believe anything, money is deceptive.

If you aren’t alert enough, you will think your man is heaven-sent, whereas he’s a devil in disguise.

Don’t be foolish by the captivating power of money.

7.Your heart doesn’t live in your wallet

One’s wallet cannot inhabit one’s heart, because they are used differently and have different habitation. True, this has a literal meaning, especially in relationships.

Long man dictionary describes the heart as the seat of emotion, it’s also a symbol used to represent love or emotion.

More so, the wallet can be seen as a small case, often flat and often made of leather for keeping money. The definitions above have shown what the heart houses and what the wallet houses, emotions, and money respectively.

However, let’s take this down to a relationship, some people think money is responsible for everything that happens in a relationship.Your heart doesn't live in your wallet

I read through the comment section of a book where it was asked “Money or attention, which do you value most in a relationship?” A lot of people went for money, but in reality, money cannot and will not be the bedrock of a relationship. You are first in love for a relationship to exist, even if you have the whole money you need, what drives you to start a relationship is love.

It is true that these days, there are people who start a relationship because they have money but on the other hand, what causes them to do this is because they feel the other party will succumb because of the money.

This goes to show that both parties are getting it all wrong here. There’s more than more way to give back, if your partner thinks it’s all about money, learn to give back love, doing this helps your partner to learn and have a change of theory.

Your heart shouldn’t be buried in your wallet when it is, your heart turns to a substance which is money that is kept in the wallet and can be bought.

Also, people who fell in love because of money are at a very dread state already, it won’t be dawn on them at the initial stage but with time, they’ll realize it’s worth more than money. Love, attention, care, standards are essentials, all this money can never buy.

It is preferred that your wallet is in your heart then your heart in your wallet. Let’s see it this way, your wallet saves your money, keeps it for you. Therefore, when your wallet is in your heart, it is possible that your wallet can save your emotions, keep your emotions for you and it’s left for you to share it with those who deserve it.

Your heart would also think wise to know those who deserve the money in the wallet. But when your heart is in your wallet, your wallet closes your heart, the heart is blinded by the money and won’t be directed by emotions but money.

In conclusion, your heart shouldn’t live in your wallet, because your wallet can’t feel. Allow your heart to feel the love, not your wallet.


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