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Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be treating several reasons why you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex. It universal rule is to NOT date your friend’s ex!!!

Sometimes love blinds to the obvious. I’m not trying to justify it because it is not always love that drives people to do that. It could be greed, selfishness, revenge, wanting to hurt someone, or just for the heck of it.

Being in a relationship should involve things like mutual respect, loyalty, appreciation, mutual understanding, love, and that sort of stuff. I do not mean friends with benefits or anything in those general Affairs included.

If your friend’s relationship ends because of anything, they have to get over it even if they don’t understand what went wrong, or why.

To help them get over it they have jobs, Television, food, friends or alcohol, cigarettes, weed, work, or whatever good thing or vice comes to mind.

They will ultimately get over it, although some do not. You might see it or you might not. That is why you should not under any circumstances date or go into a physical or emotional relationship with your friend’s ex! In regards to your sexuality and your gender of course. You can still be best bud or bestie can still be your friend.

There are countless reasons why this is a bad idea and sometimes, a really bad idea. But I’m just going to put down ten of them and hope it serves as advice and a warning to anybody thinking of trying that. This also goes for those whose friends and their ex separated on good terms.

No, seriously even those guys.


Reasons why you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex

1. You could be seen as the villain

Your friends and even some people will see you as the villain in their relationship. Your friends and people around you will think you have been playing the role before and during their relationship started and ultimately ended.

Even if you were indeed playing the role.

No one wants to play the villain in any story.

2. You being the hot topic of gossip

And I don’t mean in a good way unless you like being called a boyfriend or girlfriend stealer, husband snatcher, backstabber, evil witch, hoe, whore, you get a general idea.

3. The Awkwardness

Imagine having a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife sitting in a room with you while their ex who just happens to be your friend is in there with you. Oh my God, the levels of tension, the levels of awkwardness! I would throw myself out the window! Seriously.

4. Question of character

Your character will be questioned in secret and openly in public. People will question your every move and motive when you are around others especially those in a relationship or about to start or end one.

5. Question of friendship

This is not only from the people around you but also your friend, who will feel betrayed, backstabbed, stupid, get the wrong idea, and question your friendship. Even you will do the same. Feeling that your friend cannot be happy for you. Even if you two are trying to tell each other something important.

6. Destruction/fracture of the friendship

When either one of you cannot communicate with the other the friendship will fracture or get destroyed. Even if you two talk it out, your friendship will not be the same again. Until that is, the object of your dispute leaves. And sometimes that doesn’t happen. You both will be no more than strangers to each other.

In some cases, the emotions turn to hate and prejudice.

7. The ex could be using you

Unfortunately, this happens more than 50% of the time. It could be to make their ex jealous, want them back, hurt them emotionally, or show off to them and their friends, for money, connections, sympathy, etc. More times than not it is to cause division, the awkwardness between you, your friends, and them.

Believe me when I say that it does not feel good to be used by anyone. No matter who they are, in any scenario.

8. The ex will still have thoughts of your friend

Even if both you and said ex do have feelings for each other and want to test the waters. There is a chance the ex will still be thinking of your friend and not you. Which can cause jealousy, hate, annoyance, irritation, emotional depression, and hurt. And you being there to witness it and feel it. None of you will be happy even if your friend moves on entirely, there will just be the two of you in an unhappy relationship.

9. Being seen as the person who cried wolf

If something were to happen to you, abuse, mental and emotional deterioration, family problems that cannot be solved, or God forbid, your death in any of these cases, no one would care. Although some might, those who may genuinely care, those whose hearts have not turned their backs on you and those whose job it is to care. The others will say you got what you deserve. That you made your bed and now you have laid in it.

10. Crime of passion

This might consist of these scenarios: your friend going after your ex, going after you, or both. Your partner putting you down for a dirt nap and going after your friend to either see if they will take them back or put them down for a dirt nap as well or you committing suicide and taking either your friend, your partner, the ex or both with you. Either way leads to one, two, or all three of you dead.

Such crimes are on the rise now and it is not unbelievable for these scenarios to play out.

Those are just some of the reasons you shouldn’t date your friend’s ex. Whether as boyfriend or girlfriend, husband and wife. Friends with benefits or not.

Aside from love and whatever might be floating around in your head. Think about what you are doing or about to do. I know most of you have thought about this and some of you have yet to think about it.

Let these few reasons advise, warn and keep your head straight. I think anyone who does do this is crazy but each one has his or her views. I’m just stating mine.


Originally posted 2020-09-21 12:37:34.

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