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some foolish things we shouldnt do for love

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In any relationship, we must be careful of what we do or say. There are foolish things you shouldn’t do or say to someone you love.

It has become so appealing that after all the fights and things we faced to keep the one we love, we still inflict wounds on them in the long run. Here, I will talk about the foolish things we might think are suitable for us in a relationship that unknowingly hurt our partners.

What are these foolish things?

Foolish things you shouldn’t do in a relationship

1. Forcing your partner to be who/what they aren’t.

Before you can ever say yes to someone, you must accept everything about the person despite the odds. So I don’t see a reason for you to try to convert your partner into who/what they are not. How would you feel if you were the one in their shoes?

Just know that in life, you will see someone better than you and your spouse. That’s why self-discipline is needed to make things work.

2. Being emotionally unavailable to your partner

Don’t let your partner suffer this, no matter how busy you are. It will make them feel lonely and isolated from you, and this can push them to look for emotional support elsewhere. Make time for them, do those things that spark love, and connect the heart more. Make sure there is always room for emotional support.

3. Mocking your partner

Never mock or criticize your partner to make yourself feel better. Some partners are good at this. They might think they are doing them a favour by saying things in the way they like, not knowing that it has already inflicted wounds on their partners that can’t be mended easily. So try to avoid it, and even if you want to say or correct them, do it in a way that won’t make your companion feel bad.

4. Jealousy.

Never instigate jealousy for any reason. Don’t make them feel worthless and not enough to have you around. It destroys the relationship and leaves your partner feeling bad.

5. Deception.

Never try to deceive your spouse in any way, such as making vague statements, hiding the truth, manipulating the truth to suit you, or withholding feelings or information that are important to your partner. It will cost you a lot when they find out.

Trust is very fragile, and if it breaks, it is very hard to mend, which blocks the real intimacy between you two.

6. Cheating

Never cheat on your partner, no matter who the person is. It will leave you unsatisfied and wanting more. Be careful and let your spouse be the best love that happened to you.

7. The “never” “wish” “can’t” and “don’t” words.

It might look like nothing is wrong with them, but these words cause a lot of havoc in a relationship. They include” Never mind, I can’t do it,” ”I don’t care,” “You can’t do anything right,” “Just don’t bother,” “ I wish you were,” and many others.

This makes your partner feel so bad(thinking you don’t believe their worth or trying to cut them off), and it might push them to overreact, and violence might creep in.

8. Comparison.

Never compare your partner with anyone, no matter how bad you feel. Don’t allow this cankerworm to destroy your relationship; it will leave nothing for you to build again.

Sometimes, the way we see things is not how they appear. Maybe your friends’ relationship is going well, and yours is the opposite. No matter how resentful you are towards your spouse, just let them know how you feel rather than comparing them to what they can’t be. If you think your relationship is not going how you want, you can create room for that, but don’t try to manipulate them into what they can’t offer. It is better to play safe than being ungrateful for no reason.

9. Priority

Don’t put your partner in second place; your partner should be a priority. Treat your spouse the way you want to be treated. As far as you love them, make them feel special and let them be your priority and not the opposite.

10. Lack of Appreciation.

Sometimes, we don’t know how much our partners want to be appreciated, even for the little things they do for us. Learn to appreciate your spouse at all costs. It makes them feel special and want to do more, and it creates room for undying Love.

11. Pride and Ego

I am going to hit on this very bluntly. If you feel like you can’t do it or apologize when you do wrong to your partner, then I believe you are not mature enough to handle a family or any leading post. Never allow pride or ego to settle in your relationship; it kills!!!

12. Harsh words.

Never use harsh words on your partner, no matter how angry you are. Even when you have unleashed your anger, find a way to apologize and feel sorry for what you did.

13. Having a hard heart

Never be hardhearted towards your partner. Be flexible, and if you are trying to free your heart from whatever is making you do so, do so.

14. Never feel that you are doing your partner a favor by having a relationship with them

It will only hurt your spouse if they find out. If you are not interested in the relationship, just back out, and don’t make them regret having you around.

15. Causing unnecessary problems.

Never be the partner who causes unnecessary drama or problems in your relationship. A relationship should be the best place to confess and show how you love your partner and how you want to support them rather than add to their pain.

16. Self-centered

This is actually what is killing us now. We want everything to ourselves, and the opinions of others don’t count. If you are selfish or self-centred, it is high time you stop it.. because it will not get you anywhere.

17. Your friends should be important to you, but never make your partner feel less than them.

It is good to have everyone around (your friends), but not when you make them your priority more than your partner. Try to limit the time you spend with them and channel them into your relationship.

18. Keeping records.

Never hold grudges or keep records of wrongdoing. Love keeps no record; it is selfless and peaceful. If you feel hurt, open up to your partner, talk about it, and settle the matter. Don’t even bring up your spouse’s past life. If you have forgiven them, why bring it up? Make sure you don’t harbour them cause it doesn’t spare.

19. Never make your partner beg you for your love.

Why should they, when you said yes at the beginning? If you are guilty of this, please repent cause love is the greatest and simplest thing one should have.

20. Never be insensitive to your partner’s feelings.

Always know when you are leaving the lane and be more careful.

So if you are guilty of these, it is never too late to back off. Try to create a Lovable atmosphere that will keep your love life glamouring and basking in unending love.

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Originally posted 2020-09-08 13:47:51.

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