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Relationship and Marriage  Quotes by Reno Omokri



relationship quotes

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In this article, you’ll get the best relationship and marriage quotes you need not just that would help to improve your relationship life and also your way of thinking.

1. Consult your parents before you make a proposal or accept a proposal or you may have to consult a lawyer after you enter an unwise marriage. Those who say love is blind are not liars. Your parents may see what love has blinded your eye from seeing

2.It is romantic to take a girl you are courting to a restaurant once a week. But if it becomes a daily occurrence, it is problematic and not romantic. A prudent man sees trouble and withdraws, but a fool marries trouble and his money is withdrawn

3.It is a mistake for a woman to look down on a young man because he is poor and she is beautiful. The young man has potential. You have beauty. Your beauty is a diminishing asset. His potential is an appreciating asset. Who should look down on who?

4.Dear women,

Before saying he must have a

* House

* Car

* Be loaded

Before he can even ask for your number, take into cognizance that statistically, there are more women than men. Don’t have low standards. But don’t also have impossible standards!

  1. It’s not like I dont like him, it’s just that he can’t afford my:

* Cream

* Hair

* Nails, etc

  1. This is why some women marry men they don’t love because the men afford what they love, only to discover that without love, what they love wont satisfy!
  2. It is a mistake for a woman to look down on a young man because he is poor and she is beautiful. The young man has potential. You have beauty. Your beauty is a diminishing asset. His potential is an appreciating asset. Who should look down on who?
  3. 3 people, you must not appreciate by word of mouth only:

* Your husband or wife

* Your parents, and

* Your children

  1. For these 3 people, ‘I love you’ must come with ‘I give to you’. If you are giving to others, but not to them, you are a BIG FOOL!

10.Dear women,

Your character made your husband propose, but your body made him look in the first place. Watch your diet. Have a baby and get back in shape. “My eye affects my heart‘-Lamentations 3:51. Keep his eyes fixed on you, by looking your best


Dear women,

No matter how spiritual he is, what first attracted you to your husband was your body. Thus, look after it. Don’t let yourself go, simply because you have found a husband. Spirituality can’t compensate for lack of physical attraction!

12. The most worthless person on Earth is the person that is ashamed of their parents. How can an orange be ashamed of an orange tree? God won’t accept you if you won’t accept your parents. Even if they are local, don’t be too woke to be proud of them!

13.Dear women,

It is better to marry a man who always wants to know how your day went, not a man whose only interest is in how his night was with you. Marry a man who is interested in who you are, not one focused only on how you can please him in …

  1. A good marriage is not one where the husband gives his wife the grace to blow his money

15.A good marriage is one where the husband gives his wife space to grow and achieve harmony

16.Money, without matrimonial harmony, leads to a testimony of acrimony


Dear men,

Your wife is already in your house. Your side chick wants to get in. So, she is more motivated to deceive. Start from her looks. She makes up when she expects you. You have never seen her morning face. She is not better than your wife!

18..Reality Check:

* Being a girlfriend is not a job

* Having a girlfriend is not a job

* Having a sugar daddy is not a business

* Being a gigolo is not a business

Whether ‘escort’ or ‘slay queen’, any job involving the above is not a job or business

  1. Dear men,

* Your wife is your LIFE partner

* Your boss or investor is your BUSINESS partner

* Your side chick is your DEATH partner

Both your wife and boss/investor will add value to you. But your side chick destroys you by feeding your weakness.

20.God created man to be a provider not a beater. The more you provide for your family, the more your family will provide your with the respect that massages your masculine ego. If you beat them today, one by one they will leave you tomorrow!




Dear men,

Money gives power. Strength gives fear. If you want your wife‘s respect, use financial power to empower her, don’t use your fist to disfigure her. Make money and she will call you honey! If you must beat, beat poverty, not your wife!

22.Physical attraction alone isn’t enough to sustain marriage, but you should at least be physically attracted to someone before marrying them. I don’t care how spiritual you are, if you wed someone you aren’t attracted to, the marriage will be unhappy.

23.If your pastor tells you he had a revelation on who you should marry, ask him to close his church and set up a match-making business. Even God doesn’t interfere with who you choose to marry. You alone make your choice and face the consequences.

24.Dont force love. Love is like a jigsaw puzzle. If the pieces are right, they will fit. No matter how you force it, you cant make wrong pieces fit in a jigsaw puzzle. God made a person that fits you perfectly. You wont have to force yourself on them.

25.Never fight for a place in anybody’s life if you want value. Be available, but let them be the ones to create a space for you in their life. If you throw yourself at them, they will throw you away. If not now, then later on in the relationship.


Dear Singles

How do you know have found someone perfect for you? You know, because they too are willing to accept you with your imperfections. An unreal woman should not look for a real man. Fake hair, lashes and skin shouldn’t insist on real men.


Dear men,

If you go to marry a girl and are given an outrageous brideprice list of things you MUST bring, even if you can afford it, note that they will also give you a list if there is a burial in their family. Do yourself a favor. Look elsewhere.

28.Using today’s standards to judge events in more innocent times is not always wise. A girl marrying at below 18 may be statutory rape now, but it may surprise you to note that Mary is believed to have married at 13–14. Balance is needed in judgment.


There is MALE in FEMALE but not vice versa

There is MAN in WOMAN but not vice versa

There is HE in SHE but not vice versa

Proving that women may be the weaker sex, but men need this more refined gender. Lets not compete. Lets complete each other.

30.Scripture says Women are the weaker vessel (dont be mad at me. It’s God’s rule). If the weaker vessel becomes the stronger vessel, the home becomes destabilized. No matter how strong your wife is, dont make her bear the load God created you to bear.


Dear men,

You spend 8 hours a day at work being ordered around by your boss. It affects your ego and makes you anodyne. But no matter what, don’t come back home and take out your frustrations on your wife and children. Bring joy home, not an attitude.


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