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9 Signs You are Chasing a Church Girl




Last Updated on May 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

A church girl is a female member of the church. A church girl is innocent and naïve and comes from a strong Christian background. A churchy girl has an extreme love for God and the church.

They are very religious and take their faith and belief seriously. They can not be easily swayed and talk into compromise. She is a spiritual-minded person and she always carries her Bible around. She is known as the virtuous lady, free of blemishes, spotless, God’s vessel, God’s hand’s maid and so many other names.

Sometimes it is really hard to get her into a relationship. When you finally do, it is much harder to convince her to get into the sexual side of the relationship due to their belief, that sex outside marriage is a sin unto God.

These days churchy girls are being sorted after in large numbers. This is happening because no guy wants to settle for a lady who parties all night, goes clubbing, is a freak for fashion, a lady who doesn’t know where her Bible is, can’t remember the last time she was in church, doesn’t know how to pray, no guy wants this kind of lady.

They want someone who can go on her knees on their behalf and give them advice when all is crumbling, with her meekness and genuine spirit. This is why they chase the virtuous lady: She has all these attributes. Look at some signs you are chasing or dating a church girl.

9 Signs You Are Chasing a Church Girl

1 she put God first in her life:

As a church girl, she was brought up with the principle that putting God first would make everything else fall into place. She has lived by this principle for a long time, so she will not change now that you are dating her. She will continue to follow that path and expect you to do the same. So don’t be surprised when she picks a weekly church program over that date or outing. I know you might be wondering, why she can’t go to the program next week, this is her, just being her.

2 She wants to see you live in a virtuous way:

Having a strong value is an important part of Christianity. So if you are dating a Christian girl, she would want to see you live virtuously or try to inculcate it in you. She would want to see you both grow on the Christian path together.

3 Over Religious:

Yes, sometimes she could get over religious. For instance, if you want to take that big decision or step and you talk to her about it,  she’ll ask you to pause a bit because she doesn’t feel good about it or maybe she doesn’t believe you, so she’ll need to talk to her pastor about it before you can do anything. churchy girls Always ask their pastor’s permission before taking any step, which might be bad for the relationship.

4 The no sex rule:

Many Christian homes are built on this. The fornication doctrine, no sex before marriage, by going against it, you have sinned against God. Don’t be surprised when your Christian girlfriend gives you this rule, to her it is against her belief and religion so she expects you to follow it.

5 She wants you to decide if you are ready for commitment:

Her belief as a Christian is that you have to be intentional about dating her. She doesn’t want someone who just wants to play and waste her time. She wants someone who is committed. She doesn’t want a player. She wants you to date her with the idea that you will marry her eventually.

6 She wants you to follow God’s calling for your life:

She believes that to be a good partner, you need to be deeply satisfied with yourself and your own life. She knows this and she is willing and ready to direct you to that path. She knows when you can achieve this, the relationship will be blissful.

7 Her dress sense or Fashion sense:

This is another key sign. Unlike other ladies you see daily in skimpy clothes, spaghetti tops, gowns, and heavy makeup, her fashion sense is different. You will never see her in these kinds of wears. Her clothes are modest and beautiful because she believes she doesn’t have to show off her body to look elegant, and truthfully, she is right. Her makeup is always minimal, and she usually likes going natural.

8 Her communication pattern:

Yes, her communication pattern is different. Unlike other ladies who talk about the latest fashion trend, the latest hair, the latest bags and shoes, outings, sex escapades, etc., she is focused on Christ, the church, her spiritual well-being or state, your spiritual well-being, your relationship, and how to build it on Christ together.

9 She looks for growth in your faith:

In this aspect, she follows what the Bible says 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Be not unequal yoke with unbelievers, for what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness. Following this rule, she wants to help you build up your faith. She wants to answer questions like, does he go to church? Does he own a Bible? Does he know the Bible? When was he last in church? Does he know how to pray? These kinds of questions and so many others.

To conclude, if your girlfriend shows these signs mentioned above, then I say you are a lucky man, no doubt about it, so hold onto her tight her kind of species is rare.


Originally posted 2020-12-10 17:48:44.

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