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15 Beautiful Excuses To Get Out Of A Date When It’s Too Cold To Leave The House



Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Making excuse to get out of a date may seem simple until it’s time to actually make the excuse. There are various reasons you may want to get out of a date, positive or not.

But you have the choice to decide if you want to see someone or not. Some persons can be really difficult and not understanding.

So, even when you tell them you don’t feel like going out they won’t let it rest. That leaves you searching for the best excuse to get out of the date.

From the very cliché ones to less believable, to the practical ones and the very believable lines. We have sourced and listed them in this article.

Whether it’s a blind date, an arranged date, or one you both agreed on; you could still decide to cancel if you are having cold feet.

You may just need to cancel till you are comfortable enough to go out; then reschedule. So here are foolproof and really creative excuses to explore. For single date or group dates.

So Use the one that best fits your own situation. The excuses here are to get you out the date in advance but if you are already stuck in the date and need an escape route, you may need to get really creative with an escape plan.

How To Get Out Of A Date You Already Said Yes To

Let’s Start With The Classics

1. I’m Sick.

This should be the oldest in the book. Suddenly falling ill just before a date is epic. You can’t tell me to come out sickly because I have to stay indoors to take care of myself.

Flu is one of the best of sickness. Then there is diarrhea or even vomiting if fine but Covid is just going too far

2. My Period Suddenly Came.


This has saved a lot of ladies and you are not any different. Always works except the guy is top-class unreasonable.

Some guys can’t even stand the p-word it scares or disgusts them. So why not try it? You could go a bit further by going into details.

Like “I’m sorry I can’t make it; I’m on my period and it’s like swimming in the red sea leaving traces everywhere” I can assure you they won’t want to hang out the whole week.

3. You Are Not Ready.

This is also a classic. Saying you are not ready to for reasons best known to you or depending on how creative you are.

It could be that you are still healing from a hard and hurtful breakup so you are just not ready. Or you feel it’s too soon to date.

This may be true, however, but it could also be an excuse to get out of a date. And a reasonable guy should understand. As a cherry on top, you could tell him you are just looking out for him.

4. My Hands Are Full At Work And Can’t Leave.

This classic works almost all the time. Except the person is your colleague at work or understands the kind of job you do. Even in that case you could get creative and say you are working on a project. It can happen to anyone.

Using this excuse could show your commitment at work. And he could even be secretly impressed at our commitment to your career.

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5. My Face Is A Mess I’m Breaking Out

Men know how serious women take good their faces. For some ladies, if they indeed do have a break out it reduces their level of confidence.

Who wants to out on a date with a face full of pimps? So, this excuse comes really handy. Just say you are breaking out and boom! You are off the date.

Now The Regular And More Practical One’s Excuses To Get Out Of The Date

6. I’m Broke

This works better for guys. If a lady says she is broke the guy could offer to pay. So, if you are a lady, you should try to avoid this point.

7. Just Realized I Have Doctor’s Appointment.

A well-timed doctor’s appointment is a great excuse tool. He/she won’t tell you not to go for a doctor’s appointment.

8. I Have A Family Emergency.

family emergency

This excuse could as well pass for a classic; because it has been around for a while. It’s also really a good option.

It could include family date night, little sister needs babysitting, and so on.

9. I Don’t Really Like You.

Telling someone you are not really into them can be a good excuse to ditch a date. It’s a brutal truth.

Let’s Looks At The Really Far-Fetched Ones

10. My Pipes Are Frozen.

This could work in winter. Say you couldn’t get hold of the plumber so you are canceling.

11. My Hot Water Isn’t Working, So I Can’t Come.

I’m sure no one wants you to show up to a date without bathing.

12. My Pet Died.

Yeah! This works too especially if you are running out of ideas

13. It’s Raining. I’d Get Wet.

Make sure it’s actually raining before using this as an excuse. Say you don’t want to get your hair wet.

14. I Got Arrested.

It may not necessarily be a heinous crime. It may just be beating the speed limit or even mistaken identity. There is nothing anyone can do about that.

15. Got Drunk.

You could claim you got drunk while casually sipping alcohol. And this depends on the person you are telling so choose well. Also, this will sell properly if you were going to drive.

Whatever your excuse is, be sure you are not intentionally hurting the other party. You are important and your opinion about any date is equally important. So if you don’t feel like it, don’t do it.

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