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Gold Digger Alert: 14 Signs She’s Only After Your Money



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Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

There are many signs a girl would display and you’ll just know that she’s after your money. The only way you won’t recognize those signs is if you are already carried away by love.

Of course, love is the most beautiful thing on this earth. But when falling in love, we have to be very careful and observant.
When a gold digger is desperate, she’ll do all she can, to get what she wants at all costs.

Gold diggers don’t have a specific way they dress or look; they may be very poor or even rich. Rich?? Yes!! Humans are insatiable; there is nothing you can do to fully satisfy humans.

A gold digger is any person who enters into relationships with people purely to extract money from them. An example is a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man, for the sole aim of sharing in his wealth. A gold digger’s quest is just to get more wealth.

Getting to know that she’s only after your money might be quite difficult especially when you are very rich. Because that’s the most difficult time to find true love. Many men fall victim to this. I’ve seen so many men who are suffering in their marriages because they got married to gold diggers who are only after their money.

What mostly happens here is that they get married to those girls when they are in abundance. When they face a little problem, they’d now see the true colour of who they truly married. If you are already a victim of these gold diggers, then this article is purely for you.

The best advice I will give to you is for you not to jump to any conclusions based on one sign. A girl may truly love you and she may be unknowingly acting as a gold digger. Not to worry, true love always stands the test of time.

The road to obtaining true love is always rough and narrow, so you don’t have to always get angry when things are not working well. There was a time in my life when I hated the thought of relationships because all the girls that I met were always after my money. So I decided to take two years of break from dating. Yes!!! Because it’s frustrating when you have a lot of ladies around you who are all after your money.


1. She Is Very Demanding

This is one of the most popular signs that she’s after your money. Most time you might even notice this after meeting her for the first time. I’ve met a lot of girls who are always demanding one thing or another. This includes a top-up complaint or the fact that she’s running out of data.

A girl that is too demanding is not the best for you!! Just because all you’ll get always get is complaints or demands for money. “Baby, can you help me with some money, I’d like to travel to Kansas to see my parents”? “Honey!! Am so famished can you take me out for lunch” “Sugar, I’m so bored!! Can we go to the cinema the way we did last week”? “Honey, I need a top-up can you help”? Doesn’t it sound stressful?

The truth is that most of these requests may not be true. She may just want to use the money for another presumed urgent need. Bear in mind that a girl who loves you wouldn’t want to drain your finances.

2. She Only Suggests Expensive Things And Luxuries

A girl who’s after your money will always aim for high-value and costly places, gifts, trips, restaurants, and so on. Peradventure you guys went on a vacation, she would suggest only a five-star hotel.

When it comes to going out on a date, she would always want to visit the most expensive restaurants. A girl who truly loves you would ensure you can afford what she mentions before asking. “Baby, can we visit ShopRite? And that is if you can afford it”. These are the words of someone who truly loves you.
Even though she may also like to visit the most expensive restaurants, she will be content with what you can offer.

3. Not Interested In How You Make Your Money

When you start spending above your means for her, she’ll never ask how you get the money. A lady who truly loves you and values your relationship will be concerned about it.

Baby, where did all this money you’re spending come from? I hope you’re not into anything criminal or fraud. That sounds like a girl that likes you. A girl who is not after your money would always be afraid when you spend more than what she used to.

4. She’s Materialistic And Expensive

Everything about gold diggers is expensive even when they do not have up to $500 in their bank account. But be rest assured they’ll have expensive designer bags, gadgets, and shoes.

A gold digger won’t go for something cheap! The worst part is that these days, they look prettier and more presentable than those independent girls we have in our society. Sadly, this is the type of lady some men like because they want to conquer them and show them off as trophies.

5. She Lacks Meaningful Career or Aspirations

A gold digger will never be serious about anything about her career. She’s even ready to marry any day anytime as long as you have money. Whenever you raise topics about her getting a job or a career, she’ll always feel reluctant. This is because she is being satisfied financially by you.

6. She Attempts To Trap Men With Pregnancy

This is done mostly by ladies who are from poor backgrounds. Whenever they have the opportunity of having sex, they would tell you that they prefer it raw and that they want to feel the real you. When they finally get pregnant, they’ll want to use it as an opportunity to tie you down for marriage. So, they’ll have financial security for themselves and their unborn kids.

This technique has worked for many while some failed with it, in which they ended up becoming a single mother. Gold diggers may tell you that they are using birth control pills after you have agreed you aren’t ready yet. It may later turn out to be a lie because she’s looking toward a future financial advantage.

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7. She Doesn’t Pay For Anything

When it comes to bills, even if it’s as low as $2, she will never try to pay. A lady who’s after your money feels you should take care of all responsibilities and bills including hers.

You will notice she has never contributed a penny to any outings or dates. If you see this attitude in her, it could be a sign that she’s after your money.

8. She Is Stingy

This is similar to the previous point. Some ladies think they are wise and use manipulation to avoid paying their bills. They mainly act like it is your responsibility to foot their bills. Meanwhile, she has never bought you a pin before.

You should be careful of ladies like that. Relationships are all about giving and taking not taking alone.

9. She Gets Angry When You Don’t Buy Things For Her

angry girl when you didnt buy anything for her

Gold diggers usually have these anger issues when you don’t buy things for them or when you disappoint them. No matter how you try to soothe them later, they won’t budge. They won’t listen to you until you find a way to compensate them.

A girl who’s after your money would want you to compensate them with something else or even money, no matter how little is it.

10. She’s Always Talking About Her Problems

Here, she’ll start cooking up pitiful stories just to extort money from you. A girl who is after your money has no time to deliberate on your problem. She’ll never lay any emphasis on your problem or proffer solutions to it.

Everything is always about her desires and wants and not yours.
Her problems seem unending. Today, she may tell you her mom is in the hospital, and tomorrow, it is another problem.

11. Money And Sex Becomes Top Priority

“Money and sex” is the combo for a gold digger. In all your conversations, “money and sex” can never be exempted from the discussion. The best tool for a gold digger is sex because that’s only what she has to offer. Sometimes, your girlfriend may seem or sounds like a prostitute or slut. You need to pay attention to it!

12. Interested In Your Bank Details

A girl who’s after your money always wants to monitor your bank account transactions. How do you spend your money, and with whom? Or who else you’re sending money to?

She will hate it whenever you help someone out. Whether it is your sister or a friend, as long as it is not her. This is because she always wants to have full possession of your property as well as be the only beneficiary.

13. Less Concern About Your Family

If you’re dating a girl and she doesn’t ask after your family from time to time. it means that she doesn’t want to be emotionally attached to you. That may be a sign that she is only after your money and not in your life to stay.

14. She’s not sacrificial

There are little sacrifices that every partner must make for their relationship to boom. A gold digger will never do such because she’s self-centred. She will always think about herself and how she can benefit more.

What other signs do you know that portray she’s only after your money? Share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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