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9 Signs Your Husband is Sleeping with the Maid



signs your miad is sleeping with your husband

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Have you ever had any signs that your husband is sleeping with your maid? This might be true because living with someone to whom you’re not related by blood can create a form of attraction regardless of gender.

It is essential to note these signs because so many households/housegirls have sabotaged so many MARRIAGES, all in the name of employment, due to the man subduing the housemaid.

Over 40% of men who have a housemaid living with them cheat on their wives. In this 21st-century man, women select a lot before choosing a housemaid. Many may choose to select a girl who is less pretty than them or local. Not knowing those underlying characteristics is not enough reason(s) for your husband not to sleep with your maid.

Many men don’t select the genre or classes of girls before they would sleep with them, some may say, provided she can turn me On!

This issue of sleeping with the housemaid doesn’t emanate once. It is always a process that graduates from one stage to the other.

1. He Sneaks out of the bedroom at Night

sneaking out of the bedroom at night

source Alamy

Are you a woman who has uncontrollable sleep at night? If yes? Then, it is time to work on yourself and pay attention. Men are one of the most intelligent creatures, so if you’re the woman who Sleeps too much, your husband might want to use this as a medium or opportunity to sneak out of the bedroom to meet with his new ride (Your housemaid).  Most men usually arrange this in the middle of the night (i.e., between 1-2 am) when the sleep is usually intense.

You might have noticed it and maybe confronted him and said: HONEY, I didn’t see you in bed throughout last night? He would reply that he was seeing a movie or that I was praying that I didn’t want to disturb you.

Men are unique sets of LAIRS!!!

2. He defends her all the time

This is one of the TOP signs your husband is sleeping with the maid. In a marriage, the husband is supposed to always side with the wife, but in this case, the reverse is the case.  But when you notice he defends the house help more than you, you must know something fishy is happening.

YES!!! The maid must have done something wrong, but the husband would find all possible means to paint the situation in the support of the maid’s side.

One top secret is that a man always sides with the person he loves the most. If he is having an affair with the housemaid, he wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt her.

When the  Husband and the house help are engaging in background dating, The man would automatically be quick to defend her.

This would make the husband want to shout at the wife unnecessarily, even things that don’t count.

He would channel every fault the wife makes and use it as emotional blackmail to the wife.

In this case, the man would compare the house help to the wife.

3. He Spends more time with her than Usual

Love is magnetic!! When he spends more time with the house girl than usual, it could mean that there is a STORY BEHIND THE SCENE. Some “husbands” would even go as far as helping the maid out in the kitchen. You may wonder… and he’ll tell you he’s checking and mastering some new recipe from the maid.


helping the maid out

After a while, you’d noticed the minimal level of attention your husband gives to you.

Sometimes, the sagas concerning his office, work, project, and lots more would have already been dished out to his maid, and when he came back, he would tell you that nothing happened today.

He’ll automatically become so cold and dull to you because his attention has deviated.

4. She Automatically Becomes Rude to You

One sign of a good and well-behaved house girl is being obedient, but when this happens, she suddenly changes and becomes very rude to you at every statement you make. It is already a sign that your housemaid is sleeping with him.she becomes rude

No Matter how good and nice the housemaid may be to the wife when the bed is defiled, the respect is gone. In this case, you’d see the house help having the guts to challenge the wife.

Some might even have the MIND to pick up a fight with the wife, and you still see the husband making no 2 points. The maid won’t even see you as her boss anymore; she would see you as a running mate or co-wife.


5. He Asks For Less Sex or More.

When you notice a decrease in demand for sex, you have to find out what’s wrong. It could be depression, family issues, or he’s getting more sexual satisfaction from his new maid.

Sometimes, when you want it, he tells you that he’s very tired and lazy. Then he starts complaining about how his boss is stressing him.

When he asks for more sex? He could have tried something new with the maid, and then he would want to experiment with it with you.

When you experience it, even if you are not a sex freak, you have to get to the bottom of the situation.

6. He Buys her gifts

It is a good thing when your husband buys the maid a gift, but when it happens more often, you’ll know there is something behind it. Some men would not just buy the house help a gift but an expensive gift even more precious than what he gives to his wife.buying her gift items

He may do some of these in secret. Gifting an item is always a way of appreciating her for the services offered.

Sometimes, the relationship or affair could be a hook-up (for a sex-sake) or a real relationship. Once you notice it, do the NEEDFUL.

7. Drastic Make Over and Sexy Outfit

This might come as a shock to you! It is overwhelming when you see your house help, whom you brought out from the village into the limelight, suddenly start making more than you do. This could be due to the money she receives from your husband.

wearing sexy outfit

Most housemaids would want to use this to look more attractive and get maximum attention from the man.

All you’ll notice as a wife is improved hygiene.

As a wife, you’d wonder why she is dressing like this to stay at home. You’d probably wonder why she suddenly changed her dress to wear something more revealing.

8. He Spends More Time at Home

When your husband spends more time at home, especially when you are not at home, it could mean something is involved.

As a wife, one thing you should never do in your marriage is to conclude a sign because when you do, it will torment you.

Men are Good planners. You may have experienced or noticed that your husband is not a good planner, but I would confess that if they meant to get whatever they wanted, they would strategically align it perfectly.

Most of the time, your husband may close earlier than you at work to fulfill his target.

9. When he Keeps Looking at her seductively:

Everyone knows that men are always attracted by what they see. When you see your husband looking at the maid seductively, this might be a sign that he wants to sleep with Her.

The man may also look at every step his house helps take, from the dining room to the kitchen. Some men may look at the butt to the extent of when she picks something from the ground.

Your husband might even pour HOT TEA on his face while looking at her(winks). This is the first sign to watch out before taking the relevant steps!!!


## As a Good Woman, do all you can to avoid  your husband eating “the forbidden Fruit”

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