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How To Handle a Cheating Girlfriend



How To Handle a Cheating Girlfriend

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Being cheated on can be so devastating. You will tend to question your sanity, even start doubting yourself. Anger, embarrassment, hatred, mistrust, heartbreak, betrayal, low self-esteem are some, if not all the emotions that come with it.

Time heals all wounds as they say. At first, it feels like you can’t move on and your heart feels like a sword pierced through it but I am here to tell you that it is definitely going to be okay-not immediately, but definitely soon.

There are right and wrong ways to break up with your girlfriend or forget everything and forgive her if the love is strong enough. Who knows, your relationship going forward might be more rewarding.

Here Are Tips On How To Deal With a Cheating Girlfriend

1. Confirm Your Suspicions

Don’t just jump to conclusions if you are getting your information second-hand, it is probably a half-baked truth.

Gossip has never made a situation better no matter how much you trust the source. You will be able to handle the situation like a boss if you have the right Intel.

There are some people who like to take advantage of one’s trust. Those who cheat will likely play on that small part of you that wants to believe them and ignore all red flags. To be beyond all reasonable doubts get evidence if possible catch her red-handed to avoid denial. Above all trust your instincts.

2. Question yourself

If you have a Cheating girlfriend, sit down and ask yourself some questions. In this scenario, you have to be very honest with yourself;

-Has your girlfriend ever cheated before now? Some persons see cheating as a lifestyle that cannot be controlled, they find it difficult to be loyal to one person. If the problem isn’t coming from your relationship and has to do with fidelity issues from your girlfriend, which isn’t personal, it will be easier to accept and let go.

– What made your girlfriend cheat? Reasons for being unfaithful mean a lot so you can know where, when, or why it all went wrong. Although some just claim that cheating is cheating, nothing is attached. It may be that you have been too busy and never had time for her. You will have to accept that you have not been the perfect boyfriend and it will definitely hurt.

3. Keep Calm

It will look so very tempting to lose your temper and then start sending random, angry texts. Try to calm down before you do anything drastic. Also, avoid public drama or raising your hands at her, instead go take a jog or do something else to cool off steam.

4. Avoid Making Decisions Out Of Fear

There is no formula or instructions to make reference to when it comes to making right or wrong choices about your cheating girlfriend. Don’t let fear make the decisions for you, follow what your heart tells you. It is not wise to stay with someone because you pity them or because you are afraid of being single nor is it a great idea to leave someone you love because you are scared they will hurt you again. To make the choice that feels right to you, take as much time as you need.

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5. Reach Out To People

Try to stay connected to your friends and family to help you understand your feelings better or vent out your anger. Let them know what happened and ask for emotional support.

6. Give Each Other Space

In the wake of finding out if your girlfriend is cheating, you tend to be very emotional. You both need some alone time to think things through, then think of what you want and what you are not willing to give up.

Understand that the most important person is YOU, so endeavor to take care of yourself. Try to keep yourself from getting hurt than you already are, eat your best meals; do your favorite activities.

7. Think Of An Open Relationship

Some persons practice Polyamory. According to Wikipedia, it is the desire or practice for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the informed consent of all partners involved. This means that they find it difficult to stay with a single partner, consider if you could handle an open relationship if your girlfriend falls into this category.

If you and your girlfriend decide to try it, make sure you are both clear on the boundaries and expectations but if you are not comfortable with being in an open relationship going further might be damaging to you.

8. Consider The Future Of The Relationship

In the end, you need to decide whether or not you can move on and forget the cheating. Sometimes, needs or desires lead to cheating. If your girlfriend has a different sexual orientation or appetite, then both of you may simply not be compatible.

Another thing that can lead to boredom is boredom. One of the vital things to a long-lasting relationship is trying new and adventurous things but if you have tried and the interest is not there, it is a sign that things are simply not working out anymore. However, have it in mind that the issue of infidelity will lead to tension and mistrust. It will likely take a long time for things to feel normal again.

9. Get Tested

It is imperative for you and your girlfriend to get tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs) after she cheats as they are often careless about engaging in safe sex.

Even if both of you were using protection, it doesn’t,100%, protect against all sexually transmitted infections. It only takes a short amount of time and the peace of mind that comes after being declared free is priceless.

10. Seek a Therapist If You Need It

Getting an expert opinion from an outsider can be the gateway to healing. If you want the relationship to continue after the cheating, go together. A therapist can help couples iron out difficult issues together.

If your girlfriend is reluctant about seeing one, go by yourself. You can still work through some issues even without her presence.


Believe in yourself, you deserve better. Don’t let anyone make you feel less important. Quoting Lucille Ball,” Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”.

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