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How To Forgive a Cheating Wife Without Stress



cheating wife

Last Updated on May 4, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

A lot of men always ask this question; Can I really forgive my wife if she cheats on me? The answer is Yes!! Forgiveness is possible no matter the gravity of it. God forgives us even when we Sin against him severally, yet he’s always there to forgive us.

A quote says- Don’t let your emotion get the best of you — This is true, but might not really work for a person who finds out that his wife is cheating.

Research has shown that men hardly forgive a cheater, compared to women. Apart from Women who enter into marriages for the wrong reasons, most women never budget to cheat. According to a Survey carried out by Joshua Isibor (The owner of,  he said the following.

  • 6 out of every 10 men cheats in marriage and
  • 1 out of Every 10 women in a marriage.

How to forgive a cheating wife- is it possible?

The answer is Yes, and at the same time no. WHY?, Because of individual differences. It is so difficult dealing with an unfaithful spouse that has been lying to you ever since and as far as defiling the Marriage bed.  When the cheating wife has been caught, everything will change ranging from the smile, conversation, and even sex life.

Anyone who has experienced this would attest to the shock and anger associated with it. when this happens, You’d begin to ask yourself questions like.. did she really cheat on me? How on earth did this happen?  Why me?  How can I forgive my wife for cheating the second time? Do I deserve all these?

Forgiving a cheating wife is much more difficult if you’ve caught her cheating in the past. Over 35% of marital infidelity that has to do with a cheating wife ends up in a divorce.  This is not compared to a woman who is caught cheating the second time, that’s like an automatic filing of a divorce.

Why You should forgive her?

Forgiving a cheating partner is not an easy task. To some men, before they’ll forgive, they’ll run a history check to know if she deserves to be forgiven.  Here are some of the reasons why you need to forgive your cheating wife.

She confessed it…

it takes a whole lot from someone to have an open confession about cheating on their partner. For a lady to come up boldly and say “ Honey, I’ve been cheating on you for the past 4months now,… “ when she comes clean and pops out the answer to you, even when you don’t have a clue about her infidelity, then, she becomes a little qualified to be forgiven. It takes a lot to admit such as sin, although forgiveness is not easy she should be considered.

When she becomes remorseful and tries to fix the marriage

Not all women who cheat are remorseful, some may want to act like they are doing payback to the man.

-A marriage that is associated with infidelity, is very close to becoming a broken marriage.- Joshua Isibor

When she’s remorseful knowing fully well that she has disappointed the husband and the kids, she’d try to do all she can to get the marriage back on track. Then, considering her will not be a bad option.

Does she deserve it?

Most men go to their early graves because they accepted their wives back without running an analysis about her. Before forgiving a wife who cheats, you must first think about how good is she to you and the family, and also if she’s a better spouse. This is usually a personal question that should be answered.


How long Does it take to forgive a cheating wife?

The duration takes to forgive a cheating partner differs, some men rarely forgive. It takes a Man Who’s a True Christian to forgive his cheating wife easily. Experts say that it takes 2years to forgive a cheating wife for an average Man. Here are some of the factors that may make the man forgive quickly.

  • History tracking of infidelity
  • The emotional connection you share
  • How serious your wife is to repair the damage she had done
  • Your willingness to walk out things with her
  • This total time she has been cheating.

If she has been cheating for 3 years per se, then it may take extra 6years for the man to fully forgive the woman.

8 Proven ways to forgive your Cheating Wife

Before you’ll think of forgiving your partner, you should make up your mind. Men who are not really grounded in their decision may want to forgive their spouse because of the people or family around them.  Some men may say..  let me just forgive her because of the children…  I’m only doing this because of the children because I don’t want to have a broken home… the endpoint of the whole thing should be, getting your inner peace.

Mark Epstein, A New York psychiatrist told web-MD that the concept of a faithless wife sends many husbands over the EDGE.

if you’ve ever experienced a partner cheating while dating him/her you could attest that whipping those memories and images is very hard to do.

1. Walkthrough your Pain:

walking through your pain

Here, you need to stop talking about it. What has happened, has happened! So, there is no going back to change the past. Bringing back the sands of time will only hurt you to the core. You’ll never MOVE ON Walking through your pains may take time.. the best is to reframe your teaching! Though it may be difficult constant reframing will make you heal fast…

2. Seek A Therapy Session with a counselor

It’s not all cases that may warrant you to see a counselor but when it’s beyond your limits, then visiting a counselor or a therapist would.  Or rather if you’ve anyone particularly in this shoe that is going crazy about the whole situation, then the ball is in your court to play the role.

3. Be Open to Each Other

Being open to your partner after cheating is not easy at all, it may take months or years for things to start getting back.

4. Rebuild trust

To successfully Reconcile with a wife’s infidelity, you need to rebuild the broken trust.  Rebuilding trust entails you being vulnerable to believe and accept her again. When you allow “yourself” to trust her, then rebuilding trust becomes easy You can rebuild trust through the following such as… open communication, self-work, leaving the old habits behind, willingness to work, and putting your best foot forward.

5. Start Afresh

start afresh--

If you’ve given her a second chance, then you need to tell her that you want to start the relationship all over again. You need to be confident in your decision. Starting over isn’t easy because it is like getting to know her again, making things brand new!!

6. Work as a Team

Working as a team would create a new bond between you guys.. when you work as a team, you’d be able to know answers to some questions like

What did the affair give that our relationship didn’t?

What’s the difference between him and me?

What prompted you to go that far?

What are the chances that your wife will cheat again?

There’s a popular phrase that says “once a cheater, is always a cheater,” Most time is not true because once people feel the guilt of cheating, they’d change.

A recent study published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that people who cheated in a relationship are 3 times more likely to cheat again in future relationships. This study doesn’t mean that the partner is not pitiful for what she has done. But the study is showing the odds that people who cheat before may have the capacity to cheat again

A Word From Relationship Seeds

If your wife cheats on you, the best thing not to do is to revenge by sleeping with another Woman. Doing this, it may ruin your marriage. Although many men may see this as an option as the only way to calm their nerves.

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