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How To Know If a Girl Likes You



How To Know If a Girl Likes You

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

The signs that a girl likes you it’s helpful especially when you are attracted to her. Are you attracted to someone and you are wondering if she likes you the way you like her?

Have you found someone and you really want to court her but you are scared if she likes you enough to accept your proposal? Knowing that a girl you like also likes you back is a “green light sign” to  woo her.

If a girl likes you, you can tell from how she behaves towards you. As a guy who is interested in her you just have to observe and take note of the signs and body languages to clear your doubts.

I know it can be pretty difficult to go close to a lady but with these signs, it’s gonna be easy. I remember a friend of mine (a guy) who was  attracted to a colleague of mine in my place of work, he really liked her, she is everything he wants. She is tall, light skinned, nice and intelligent and above all she is well mannered, she is the full definition of a man’s “Spec”. But he found it so difficult to approach her.

When he told me about his feelings, I shared with him some signs to look out for, he followed my instructions and eventually discovered she likes him too, they are now a couple, and they are happy together.

So whether you are crushing on a girl or you just want to know if she likes you, or you are finding it difficult to woo her. You need not to worry below are some signs to look out for, to know if she likes you.

How To Know If a Girl Likes You

1.She mirrors you

If she mirrors you, it means that her posture, body language, or probably what she says shows what you said or did. If you love to touch your jaw when talking if she mirrors you, she will also touch her jaw Or if you stamp your feet she will likely do it, that is an example of mirroring.

Mirroring someone is a subconscious act, if she has a good relationship with you. But it can also be done knowingly, if she actually wants you to be impressed or want to get close to you. This is a clear sign.

2.She adds you on social media

If she adds you on social media it simply means she wants to keep you close and she is interested in you too. It will also help you to know her better.

3.She writes you a long texts

Text messages is another sign she wants to communicate with you which shows she Is interested in you. If she sends you short text it means she just wants to keep you as a friend but if she sends you long text messages consistently it’s a surefire sign she likes you.

So if her text messages are of the same length with yours or is longer, it’s a good sign it’s even better it’s longer.

If you are sending long messages and she sends short replies it shows you are too impetuous. In this situation you should take a break and try to observe her. Just give her some space so she will show interest in you without mounting pressure on her.

4.She bits her lip

Biting lips is a flirty and cute act. Its actually sexy and is done when a girl is attracted to you. Biting lips signifies “Sexy signal.” If she is always biting her lips when you guys are communicating it’s a great sign of attraction.

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5.She smiles often towards you

Does she smile at you often? It’s a clear sign she is alluring you, or she is flirting with you. If she smiles towards you when you guys are discussing, it means she likes you; especially when you are saying something that is not funny.

6. She licks her lips or teeth

Is she always licking her lips or teeth? This is almost the same with biting her lips do this a lot if am attracted to guy, most times it’s a subconscious act. This sign is a little bit more subtle and not that flirty. Its also a good sign she likes you.

7.She blinks her eyes more than normal

If she blinks her eyes more than normal it’s a great sign, blinking of the eyes is a signal that someone is attracted to you. This is because they are constantly looking at you just to attract you and get your attention.

8.Are her pupils larger than normal?

If her pupils are bigger than the way it ought to be when communicating. This is quite obvious this is because the size of a pupil is originally limited by the level of light that reflects on it, although attraction can also increase it’s size.

9.She keeps regular eye contacts

Does she always keep regular eye contact longer than normal? If yes, then she is probably interested in you. This kind of eye contact is usually deep, and it can be strange a times or uncomfortable.

10.You communicate with ease

When you guys are together it’s never difficult to raise a conversation, the time you spend together is always worth it. The three hours you planned for eventually turns into nine hours and you don’t seem to notice it. So if this happens it means she likes you, this is an obvious sign you shouldn’t take for granted.

11.She mentions the event she wants you guys to attend

This is a dead give away sign, if she includes you in her future plans it means she wants you to be part of it. For example she might say “There is a birthday party coming up and i want us to attend together”. Or I have a dinner night to attend in a weeks time can you accompany me? This might seem a little too serious but it’s a tell-tale sign she likes you.

12.She wants you to meet her friends and roommates

Most ladies are likely not to date a man their friends have not approved of. So if she wants you to meet her friends, it means she has told her friends about you, she wants her friends to meet you, she wants their opinion of you. If this happens then she wants to keep you.

13.She is fully present when she is with you

If the woman you like is always checking her text messages, or her Facebook and Instagram whenever she is with you it indicates she’s not into you .

If she is really interested in you, she will be fully present, especially when you guys are together.

14.She does not hesitate to say yes when you ask her out

If a woman is into you, she will not hesitate to go out with you when you give her an invitation. This is also a great sign, because you only go out with someone you are proud of. So if she accepts your invitation she is clearly into you.

For example:

If you ask her “can you accompany me to a friend’s birthday party, she might say sure I will.

And if she can’t, she will say, “Am sorry I won’t be free to go with you maybe next time.

If she really likes you she will want to be with you always.


When it comes to discovering if a girl likes you or not, it’s very easy to spot, provided you observe her carefully. Once you are convinced she likes you, then you can go ahead to say your proposal.

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