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How to know you are dating a loser

Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

The term loser has been defined in various ways by so many people. Generally, a loser is one who loses or fails to win.

An interesting definition of a loser by the Urban Dictionary is someone who doesn’t know what they have and fucks it up by making bad choices that mess up their lives and others around them.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be associated with such. Everybody wants to be around a winner who can transform their lives positively.


1. Always violent:

A loser abuses everyone around them. They may try to hit or hurt you when they are upset. They pour out their anger on you and somehow see you as the enemy. They end up beating or abusing you at the slightest offense.

2. Easily provoked:

Nobody gets angry more easily than the loser. Everything, down to the commonest joke makes them upset. They have very low self-esteem and feel that everyone is trying to put them down. One has to always be on their toes and excessively watch your behavior around them.

3. Constantly brings you down:

A loser will try to drag you down to their level. They constantly complain about everything. Whenever you are happy, they always have a spoiler ready to ruin your mood. They also body shame and constantly compare you to others just to make you feel less of yourself. They can also go as far as humiliating you publicly in the guise of joking with you.

4.Control freak:

A loser monitors and controls your every move. A loser always feels you are trying to replace them and never trust you. They may also try to cut you off from friends and family. They just want you to pay all your attention to them.

5.Unbalanced Emotions:

A loser always displays mixed feelings. The person may be sweet today and mean tomorrow. They are always switching feelings and usually do this when they sense you are about to leave them.

6.They hardly get along with your friends and family:

If your partner has an issue with almost all your friends and family members, you have to pay close attention.

These signs are not the only ways to identify a loser. Many other signs abound. After identifying a loser, how do you exit the relationship?

Exiting the relationship will not always be easy. A loser will never allow you to walk away except they do so themselves. You may also be stuck because they may have succeeded in separating you from your support system. You could start by gradually withdrawing yourself from the relationship. This may mean cutting down the time spent with them and seeing them less often.

Do not try to get into another relationship as this may upset them. Remind them about your actions lately and try to convince them that you do not feel like being in a relationship with anyone at the moment. Try to make it look like it would be best for them if you quit.

After you quit, they may start disturbing you with calls and try to offer more attention to get you back. Be firm in your decision. Also, do not give them any hope of anything occurring again in the future. Go not also agree to meet them physically to discuss it. Let all contact and communication be very short and straightforward.

You can seek help from a counselor or talk to someone if it makes you better. Try to cut off any contact from them while you heal. Find hobbies that make you happy and try them out to make you feel better.

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Originally posted 2020-07-09 13:58:36.

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