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7 Ways to Stop A Divorce from Happening



how to stop a divorce

Last Updated on May 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Marriages are blissful; they’re one of the greatest things on earth, for they mark the start of a journey with that special person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. But what happens when a divorce is involved? How do you stop a divorce?

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. A lot of things can lead to a divorce. Even when it gets to a point where it has already filed

Most counselors would always say there are lots of ways to stop a divorce, but there is only one way to stop a divorce. Stopping a divorce involves talking it out and over. Talking it out and over means you both talk about it as a couple and get over it. So the main question is what are the steps to take?

Steps to stopping a divorce

1: Talking it out

This is when both parties tell themselves why they want a divorce. They are both mature adults and both adults should be able to talk things out amicably. This could be done before or after filing a divorce

2: Working against the root of the problem

After talking about it, you both know the root of the problem, so both parties must work against it. Working against the problem requires both parties to work together. Stopping a divorce cannot be done with a one-sided love.

If it’s one-sided, you’re just getting yourself ready to be hurt again In the future.

3: Daily Assurance

This involves a continuous conversation between both parties. They both agree daily. Do things together that remind you of how you started.

Something that your partner likes. This way the thoughts of divorce would be long gone.

4: The role of a counselor

A good marriage counselor is advisable. The counselor works to bring the couple together, and sessions with that counselor might become a ritual.

That way, things are done together, becoming a reminder to both man and spouse. A Counselor creates an atmosphere of peace and quietness between them.

5: Role of the in-laws

In-laws on both sides should always be involved in all of these. If they allowed the marriage, they should have a hand in fixing it. Both parties should talk to their children individually and vice versa. This promotes unity in the marriage and the family at large.


What Keeps A Marriage And Stops A Divorce?

1: Praying together

praying together

In a marriage, being closer to your God keeps the bond. Praying together can become a tradition or ritual you both engage in. This way there is at least one thing that keeps you together

2: Keeping the basis of the relationship

Remembering what brought you together should be at the top of your priorities. Remember that even before the marriage, you were partners, and even before you became partners, you guys were friends, and before becoming friends, you both made a choice. So, a choice must keep you both together. Got it?

3: Commitment

Both parties must be committed to each other. Remember your roots of being true friends and having solid communication. That way, love, trust, and commitment would not be a problem. Daily communication enhances daily assurance.


4: Submission and Respect

Submission is mainly on the part of the woman, while respect is on the part of the man.

This way, there is a knowledge of hierarchy. Since the man is the head of the house, both man and wife can create a synergy between couples and their children.

5: Sacrifice

Giving up things for each other creates a mindset in your partner’s mind, letting him or her know that he or she has someone who will be there between thick and thin, for better or for worse.

6: Forgiveness

The saying goes “Let bygones be bygones” In a marriage, there is no thorough perfection. Mistakes are bound to be made, humans are made to err, and things are bound to go wrong, so you both do yourselves a favor and forgive each other.

7: Romance

Sex, cuddling, spooning, and making out, bring the couple together. It creates a form of oneness, a sense of togetherness. The ropes of procreation bind both parties. Sex!

In conclusion

Marriage is not something you go into and come out, it’s not a normal dating relationship where you can break up and say “he is my ex.”

Marriage was made to bring two people together, people who have made a decision to be together for the rest of their lives.

Remember, a marriage is not courtship; it is a lifelong decision with that special person. A marriage requires True Friendship and Good communication, Love, Respect, Submission, commitment, sacrifices, and, most importantly, sex.

Remember, you made vows. Keep them, do everything to work for them, and work against anything that would cause a strain. Most importantly, let love lead!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Clement Abrahams

    January 24, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    If you happen to choose the correct partner, if it was the persons choice.

    With respect to finalise the divorce and allow parties time to heal separately and then together hopefully. Hopefully healing traumas and feeling complete, they will be able and ready to improve their partners’ experience.

    Being a divorce attorney, having seen the abuse, both non – physical and physical, the long term effects violence has on children, not to mention emotional manipulation and the blinding lens emotions can have on the ignorant and/or foolish.

    Whilst I respect others and their marriages, I will definitely marry and even have kids…Will be a big GAY wedding.

    Positive and Negative energy (Feminine and Masculine). We have both in us and must balance them accordingly.

    To not give the person a divorce as requested, merely invalidates their emotions and feelings.

    After all, they can get married again…the kids and extended family would definitely be in need of a good party and happy times after the DESTRUCTIBLE DIVORCE.

    Which often allows foundations to be built again. Better and stronger. But never invalidate or dismiss or devalue your partner’s feelings.

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