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How To Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife



How to take care of your pregnant wife

Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Taking care of a pregnant woman is usually a huge and challenging task for men generally. Marriage is the joining together of two different persons to become one flesh. This means that from the first day of marriage, partners are both responsible for each other.

Helping your wife during pregnancy is very important because it shows that you’re a responsible father to be and also a loving and caring husband.
Having children is always a desire for most couples. But when it comes to pregnancy, many people do not understand that it’s actually a shared responsibility.

To some women, pregnancy is one of the most challenging physical and emotional stages in their life. They display a lot of character that may get you angry at times. The only thing that will make you scale through in taking care of your pregnant wife would be “being a gentleman” and taking care of her seeing that you made the baby together.


1.Remind her to drink plenty of water

There is always a difference between a pregnant woman and a non-pregnant woman. The difference is that pregnant women pee a lot due to the plenty of intake of water.

As a Gentleman, it’s always nice to remind her to take lots of water because studies have shown that pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infection (UTIs). This is usually harmful to both the woman and the unborn baby. While encouraging her to take water, please avoid contaminated water.

2. Make her Feel Special

Making someone feel special is one of the best feelings a person can ever get. As the pregnancy progresses, a lot of changes may occur within her sphere. You might see changes such as weight gain, she becomes fat sometimes or even dis-figured.

Keep reminding her that she’s the same beautiful lady you married. You should have it in mind that being pregnant is not forever, it’s just a 9 months program and it’ll be off.

When she has given birth and you want her to get back to shape, you can as well register her in a gym center. All she wants from you here is to make her feel special. Always tell her how much you love and care for her.
While she’s pregnant, you may take her on a maternity photo-shoot to make her feel special.

3. Educate Yourself

There’s an adage that says “you don’t stop learning until you die”. Learning about pregnancy is very important because when you know a lot about pregnancy, you would be prepared and know how to help. There are thousands of pregnancy books to read on foods to eat and not to eat. And lots more.

4. Do what she asks You to Do

This may sound authoritative to you when she sends you an errand. But it’s nothing because you guys are married and at this critical point, she needs your help more than ever. It’s one of the things that may make you occupied and even add to your schedules, even if you choose to go the errand for her, do it!!!. It is very important to obey her.

5. Accompany her to prenatal appointments with her

Allowing her to go to meet the doctor alone shouldn’t be adopted except you’re not available. Taking her to prenatal care is one of the best ways to take care of a pregnant woman. And one importance of going there with her is to be acquainted with the latest health status so you will be able to help her.

6. Make sure she eats nutritious fruits and vegetables each day

If you want your child and wife to remain healthy then this measure should be executed. Fruits and vegetables are in minerals and vitamins which is necessary for the development of the baby.

7. Cook with her

One way to show care for your pregnant wife is by cooking with her. When you get involved in the kitchen with her it would save her a lot of stress and she’ll really appreciate it. When you’re in the kitchen, you can help her do the tedious job.

8. Plan with her

When your wife is pregnant, it’s very necessary to discuss the future of the baby and other things before the baby arrives. Any parents that fail to plan, plans to fail. Before the childbirth you can discuss stuff like the baby names, school, style of parenting.

9. Be a good listener and don’t ignore

Pregnancy can be quite frustrating and so, you don’t need to add to that frustration. Always give her a listening ear whenever she talks. Listen to her complaint she might be passing through some discomfort, pains, and other cravings. When you lend her a listening ear she would have peace.

10. Prepare for the Delivery

Preparing for the delivery involves both mentally and financially aspect. Getting a baby is a whole new task. When she’s close to having the baby you’d have to get all the resources she needs.

11. Lend a Hand in Household Chores

When a woman is pregnant, there would be a certain stage that she’ll get and she would become very lazy to do any house chores. Helping her out would be nice, before going to work you can help her my moping the house, washing the toilet & bathroom. If you’re a very busy man you can hire a domestic cleaning service.

12. Help If She Struggles With Morning Sickness

Anytime your partner is having morning sickness, all you need to do is to stand by her and encourage her.

13. Be sensitive ( know how to react when she talks)

Pregnancy is one of the periods when you experience some weird character possessed by your partner. It is a time when she experiences a mood swing, all you need to do is to be sensitive and know when, how, and manner to approach her.

14. Ensure she decease from her bad habits

There are women who are addicted to smoking and drinking. It is very important to help your wife with those habits especially when she’s pregnant. Smoking and drinking have a lot of negativity to play in child development and also the health of the mother.

15. Give her prebiotics and probiotics with her doctor’s recommendation

Pregnancy is a life-altering experience not only for mothers but also for fathers. You witness your wife’s strength, making you appreciate and love her more. As a husband, you can show your support by helping her overcome the challenges that come with pregnancy.

Indigestion is common among pregnant women. It causes chest pain, belching, and a burning feeling in the throat, contributing to extreme discomfort. Fortunately, you can help manage your wife’s indigestion by feeding her nutritious food and keeping her physically active. You can also give her prebiotics and probiotics made especially for women.

The chances of vaginal infections increase during pregnancy and taking best probiotics for women can help them prevent such infections.

The chances of vaginal infections increase during pregnancy and taking best probiotics for women can help them prevent such infections.

Prebiotics and probiotics are healthy for pregnant and lactating women! They promote gut health and support the immune system. Plus, prebiotics and probiotics are beneficial for the unborn baby. They can lessen the risk of preterm birth and infantile atopic dermatitis. Of course, always consult your wife’s healthcare provider about dietary supplements and drugs safe for pregnant women.

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