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How to tell if a married woman is flirting with you




Learning how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you might be very difficult if you don’t pay attention. In our world today, everyone tends to hide their feelings without expressing them verbally. When it comes to married women they may not expose it to you fully but with some signs that she shows, you’ll definitely know that she’s flirting with you. While trying to decode if she’s actually flirting with you, you need to be wise so that you don’t get the wrong signal.
This article is an eye-opener that will make you know how she’ll express her feelings to you.


1. Eye Contact;
This is a very important part that you need to pay attention to. Eyes can speak a lot of things. It is very clear and plain that someone who loves you and wants to flirt with you cannot escape looking at your eyes. Looking at you means a lot to them.

When a married woman is flirting with you, you may not even be aware except you pay attention. she might be keeping an eye on you secretly, you might be at home washing the car or clearing the yard.
When a married lady who is flirting with you is talking to you, the eye contact rate is usually very high. She won’t look at you and remove her face, but she’d be staring at you and also looking at you in a romantic way. The reason for all of this is that she is interested in you.

If you notice that the rate at which she gives you attention from the onset is very high, it means she likes you and also wants to flirt with you. When she is giving you that attention she becomes freer with you than anyone else. Always watch if she’s giving you a different style of attention.

3. Biting and Licking Her Lips
When a lady is really interested in you, when talking to you, you’ll observe that she is biting and licking her lips. Most times, this is always as result of their imagination when they imagine that they are kissing your lips.

4. Trying to spend more time with you.
It is very normal and natural that when you like someone, you’d want to spend quality time with the person. This comes into play for a married woman who is interested in another man.
She might make every possible means to close early from work just to spend time with you before her husband come.

5. She’ll begin to ask you personal questions
When you notice that she asks you questions that should be private, then it could be a sign that she is flirting with you. A married woman would never ask you a personal question if she’s not interested in you..
She may ask deep questions about your sexuality or family.

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6. She dresses up for you
The moment you start talking to a married woman and you see tremendous changes in her dressing then it means she’s so interested in you.
The part that is really surprising is that whenever she dresses in such a sexy outfit she’d do everything possible for you guys to meet even it means you seeing her for a second. Her goal is to make sure that you see her in a different way so as to impress you.

7. Desire to touch you
There is always a desire to touch when a woman is flirting with you. why? So that you could feel something for her too. The hunger is always there especially when she’s becoming very close to you, then it becomes easier for her to touch you.

8. Smile every time she’s around you:
There’s this Joy rising from her heart whenever she’s around you. this gives her no other option than to smile.
Even from a far distance she’ll put on a smiling face or even wink at you even when she’s with her husband.
She may even laugh at the slightest joke you make.

9.She gives you an unusual seductive look
When a woman wants to grab a man’s attention, being seductive has a big role in getting the man’s attention. She looks seductively in order to grab his attention.
Apart from looking at you that way she may always want to express her seductive nature through her voice while talking with you.

10. She gives you A Pet name
Not every married lady does that but those that normally do this, are those whose husbands are far off from where they are staying. For example, if your name is Joshua she may want to be calling you “Joshy” or “Josh”. She may even decide to call you a different name entirely.

11. She’ll start Saying something jealous
You can notice it when she’s talking and maybe she’d say something like.
“Please don’t tell your girlfriend/wife”,
“Please, Don’t tell him, I really don’t want him to be jealous”.
She automatically becomes deceptive in her conversation.

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